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Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Goff, May 15, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I have been teaching welding technology for the past eight years. During this time technology has moved on in the form of welding equipment becoming smaller and lighter using inverter and rectifier technology.
    I much prefared the old fashioned welding sets, which were mainly oil cooled transformers, I believe that they are more reliable than the new type of welding equipment and on the rare occasions when they broke down repairs were cheap and easy.
    I find that teaching my specialist subject using the new equipment is becoming bogged down by spending too much time talking about these new and complicated welding sets. I think that this time would be better spent actually welding.
    Are there any other welders out there who feel the same or is there a welder who can change my opinions?
  2. that intreasting do all "Welders" teach outside london? I work in FE but have adapted to these
    new invertors only because of " standards from the awarding body !!
  3. welder

    welder New commenter

    anyone teaching unit 27 or 23 btec - welding - I have learning resources to swap!
  4. Hi just in my 3rd year of teaching Welding and Fabrication, also carrying out Cert Ed and all of the other courses that we have to do. Any materials that you have would be greatfully received as I seem to still have my Tradesmans head on. I will swop materials powerpoints etc as this is most helpfull.
  5. Hi teaching welding and fabrication at all levels learning resources would be usefull I also have Power points etc to swop !

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