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Weird interview presentation....

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by FluffyKat, May 12, 2011.

  1. Prepare your thoughts by listing why a year is SOMETIMES lost.
    Small school to huge school means a feeling of being lost, less valued = less motivation.
    Going from room to room, often in different sets for different lessons, means disorientation.
    The statisics are also a bit skewed. They look at NC levels, using the KS2 SATs as a baseline. But the pupils have been boosted to get those and then they face a much wider curriculum (more topics), and so they have to learn that breadth (e.g. in Maths) and they 'waste' a year doing that wehere their levels often do not seem to move.
    New friends, lost friends.
    and so on.
    So, what can you do to overcome these?
    Does the school have Summer Term Year 6 to Year 7 induction days?
    Do you meet all the Year 6s in early Summer term before they come to find out about them and to work at friendship groups that could transition to your school?
    Would you organise an early social event (like bowling)?
    Would you talk to the Primary teachers to get a hit list of those that will need attention right from the start? By the time they get to Year 8, your own staff will have discovered this, but that's a year lost.
    Will you have an action plan for early poor attenders?
    Do the Year 6 parents get to have a parents evening in the Summer before they arrive?
    Have you got a Parents pack guiding them on how to help their offspring manage life at the big school?
    and so on ...

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