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Weighting of KS2 science strands?!?!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by vmarsden, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. Does anyone know the exact weighting of science strands? Is it something like 50% for SC1? I'm really unsure and have tried looking in the NC but nothing there!
    Thanks - Vix
  2. A quick and easy google search reveals all:
    The science attainment targets are weighted as follows:
    ?? scientific enquiry (Sc1) 2
    ?? life processes and living things (Sc2) 1
    ??materials and their properties (Sc3) 1
    ??physical processes (Sc4) 1
    The following example shows how to use these weightings to calculate a pupil’s overall
    subject level for science.
    To calculate the subject level for this pupil, add up column (c) and divide the total by the
    total of column (b), ie 23 ÷ 5 = 4.6. Round to the nearest whole number for the overall
    subject level. This pupil has attained level 5 for science.
    Attainment target
    (c) Level x
    Scientific enquiry (Sc1) 5 2 10
    Life processes and living things (Sc2) 5 1 5
    Materials and their properties (Sc3) 4 1 4
    Physical processes (Sc4) 4 1 4
    Total 5 23
    taken from: http://www.qcda.gov.uk/resources/assets/Key_Stage_2_Assessment_and_Reporting_Arrangements.pdf p19
  3. Thank you - I tried many google searches, but I only got the elements that need to be taught everytime!
    I'm taking that as:
    40% SC1
    20% for each of SC2, SC3 and SC4.

    Thanks again! Vix
  4. It is clearer to read if you go to link and look at doc - couldn't maintain formatting when pasting!
    [and weighting is not same as percentages - there is a worked example in the doc]

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