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Weight Watchers V Slimming World ?

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by ff392, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Has anyone any experience and success with either of these ?

  2. Has anyone any experience and success with either of these ?

  3. I found weigh****chers easy to understand and effective (as long as you have willpower) Also fairly cheap I joined when they were offering free registration - paid for the first class when we got all the stuff and never went back. Just photocopied the weekly log sheet and did it on my own.

    The secret is to eat stacks of fruit & veg.
  4. I've tried both. I preferred SW but found that it's a slower weight loss but it is meant to be better that way anyway. It is the easiest to get to grips with, though I haven't tried WW's since they introduced a similar 'free' eating plan.
    Am doing Slim fast for a week as an emergency situation has arisen!!!!
  5. Weigh****chers is the only way I can lose weight. Sensible, easy eating plan, no forbidden foods, no restriction of certain groups of food. Less in = weight loss, with exercise to help things along. Not rocket science! Did it five years ago, but need to go back! so not sure if that's a good advert.
  6. I started Slimming World 3 weeks ago upon recommendation from a friend. I lost 4 and a half pounds the second week and 2 and half pounds this week. So far I have found it easy to stick to, with some recipe books avaliable from the group meetings which have been helpful. I was unsure about going to the group but everyone has been really motivating and our consultant is really nice. Give it a go!
  7. i found slimming world more effective just because its basically a healthy eating plan not a diet. but i did put on weight really quickly when i stopped it so im back on it now and trying to do more effective exercise than just running that i used to do.

    i found on weight watchers i was eating their cakes and ready meals and things and eating more rubbish than i usually was and still staying within the points thing. didnt really work for me but my sister in law swears by it
  8. They are both good and bad in different ways!

    With SW you can eat as much as you want so you're much fuller, but I find it really hard when I'm eating out or at a friends. Even if you're out shopping its hard because you can't grab a sarnie or anything. (then again that could be a god thing!)

    I'm doing ww at the mo and it defintely works. You can eat where and what you like but I find I'm hungry a lot more than with SW. Watch this space!

    Someone please find us a diet where we can eat what we want and not be hungry!!!
  9. I'm a big fan of SW as you can eat as much as you like, but it was a bit complicated at first and they don't really give you eating out guides like WW. I did feel loads better while doing it though because it cut down the amount of processed foods I ate. I only stopped because my skinny as a rake husband lost weight too and he really can't afford to! With WW I became a bit obsessed with food and saw everything in terms of points that must be avoided, even fruit and vegetables! Good luck with whatever you choose!
  10. hello
    i found ww the best as with sw the whole eat as much of this as you like thing didnt work for me[cos im a greedy pig]the trick with ww is to fill up on lots of veg make sure half of your plate is filled with it,get one of the ww cookbooks and get the no points cookbook full of things uyou can snack on with no points,after the first 2 wks it becomes a way of thinking rather than a diet.

    i lost over 3 st with ww and if you use you points wisely you shouldnt be hungry.

  11. I've done both and to be honest I preferred WW. With SW I trained myself to eat huge portions - cos I could! And it meant if I had a bad week - the weight would go on really quickly because I'd eat lots of bad food!!

    To be honest I'm going choose a third one - Rosemary Conley! I started this just after Christmas and I've lost a stone. I lost it quite quickly but then stopped dieting - but haven't regained it at all despite not sticking to low fat foods or exercising. I do however, stick to mainly low GI foods though now - just because they make me feel better and I'm a much nicer person to live with if I'm eating low GI.

    So, out of ww or sw - I chose RC! Sorry to be a pain!
  12. I agree with NurseryNursey. Rosemary Conley is by far the best. She is really honest. If you want to loose weight cut the fat down. I've lost 2 stone with this eating plan. Calories mean more to me than points or sins. (I'm a scientist by training).

    Tried weight watchers and it messed up my body. Slimming world - couldn't get the hang of eating meat with out potatoes. A chinese without the noodles. Or an Indian without the rice.

  13. I'm Slimming World fan and would say if you're a pasta/potatoes/rice eater who likes a lot to eat then it's for you!! (And if you're vegetarian then it's perfect)
    I've been doing it for nearly 3 months after having done every other diet in the world and just been hungry, this one i'm not and too me that's the best sign in the world. (Another thing is that so far i just havn't got round to doing any exercise - just normal life and it's still working!!)
    Have lost more than i've ever achieved with any diet before, one thing i would say is stay for the meetings and if you're ever getting bored say so and listen to the suggestions - have discovered a whole new way of cooking.
    There are lots of things you can eat when you go out - which i do very regularly and once you've got the hang of it, it just becomes instinct.
  14. I did WW 17 years ago, lost 3 stone, put two back on after a couple of years or so, did WW again, lost 1 stone put it all back on as I became bored and lost enthusiasm while dieting. I am now 2 stone heavier than I was before I ever dieted. I blame teaching (seriously) for much of my weight gain - choccy biscuits after a stressful day and a glass or two over the week end.

    I am not teaching any more, so expect the weight to drop off.......

    Any way, in reality I think any diet like WW, you are inclined to put weight back on as soon as you start to eat normally again without counting the points etc. Havn't tried SW, sounds to complex and expensive. Used to work with a SW class leader, she just made me not want to try it.
  15. justkeepsmiling

    That sounds perfect! I'm a carboholic and hardly ever eat meat!

    Really though, what do you do when you're out shopping or at a restaurant? Can you buy eating out guides like ww?

    And can you REALLY eat as much as you like? I'm so scared if I switched from ww I would put on weight!

    Many thanks
  16. They do the guides for all major supermarkets so can just walk round with book in hand. When you start you get a book which has guide for when out and what are best choices for you. When i'm out in town i normally stick to baked potatoes, packed salads, or wraps.
    Yes, the eat as much as you like thing does work - i'm a serial pasta eater and have today eaten it for lunch, tea and dinner (and still lost 2lbs at my meeting this evening).
    I've found it really easy and simple to follow - probably helps that i love the 'free' food which i can just eat and eat.
    Good luck with whatever you end up doing (try and get friends involved so you can do it together!!)
  17. In our school we have both camps and have to say that SW folk ahve lost more weight and kept it off! Think it does definately depend on you and what you like. If you have a 'veggie-outlook' as I call it (ie can live with or without meat) then I can reccommend SW.
  18. So generally slimming world fairs better than WW. Unsure now. May still stick to Rosemary Conley for now. I find it easier.

    Good luck every-one.
  19. It's basically calorie counting and keeping a check on your fat levels. I prefer it because a) I know how much energy is in the food; b) how much fat is in the food. It also suits me because I've worked out my basal metabolic rate and now how many calories I need etc.

    It suits some people, but not others.
  20. PS but then again - ww is good because you don't have to work out the calories of vegetables.

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