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Weeks worked to pay off maternity

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by MLT, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. MLT


    Im being asked lots about returning to work, so this has been on my mind. A few questions
    How many weeks do you need to go back, before yo have to pay off your maternity pay? I thought it was 13, but might be wrong.

    And, although not really considering this one, can the "maternity pay back weeks", be part of notice period?

    And is it 29 days notice you have to give your school to return?

    I love the fact that I'm wondering about this, but don' thave any solid plans about returning or anything else to do with school!
  2. emmamc252

    emmamc252 New commenter

    I know it is 13 weeks to complete when you return to keep your occupational maternity entitlement. If you drop to part time after the baby then it is however long it will take you to work the equivalent of 13 full weeks on your new time table, so I would think if you were full time and drop to 0.5 then it would go to 26 weeks? not sure about this but something like that. If you are going back full time then this won't matter anyway.
    I think the 13 weeks can be part of your notice period but you would have to be careful about working to the end of term or something incase it made you even a couple of days short, i would be tempted to go a bit over just ot be on the safe side.
    Would you conside dropping to part time?
  3. MLT


    I'm not discounting the option and I do have a really nice head. However there is a tend in our borough to no longer agree part time. That has not happened at our school, and about maternity leave and babies, my head is a little angle, but I should keep it in mind. His hands might be tied - especially as there is currently 10 of us on maternity leave.
    Also, the idea of doing full time work in half the time does not appeal. (AND yes, this is beginning to become a worrying trend with my part time collegues.)
    Thanks for the advice.

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