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Weekly feedback quizzes

Discussion in 'History' started by highelf04, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. highelf04

    highelf04 New commenter

    For my GCSE year 11 class next year (and for future classes), I'm creating some weekly bingo card style quizzes.
    A 3x4 grid, some general content recap on 3 topics we have covered so far in GCSE to do at the start of the lesson (take 10 minutes or so to complete them).

    I was thinking about the best way to feed back these quizzes.
    Initially I'd consider marking them myself, but for 30 students it would probably be quite time consuming.
    Has anyone got any ideas on an efficient way to feedback to the whole class?

    Perhaps getting students to peer mark them?
    Put the answers up on the whiteboard for them to check and mark themselves in purple pen (thats my schools feedback colour).

    Any ideas for feedback would be appreciated.
  2. bookeater

    bookeater Occasional commenter

    I do a quick quiz often at the start of the lesson. My pupils know I don't collect the marks, it's more for fun/ reinforcement and works well.
    They mark it themselves because it's one word or 2-word answers I go round the class for the answers.
    Then its hands up
    • who got full marks
    • who is pleased with their result
    • who thinks could be better

    My school has a positive approach to those who get full marks usually with clapping...
    they know I'm not after full marks just the" pleased" part.

    In the next quiz, I often give the same questions reworded, and hopefully, they get it right this time.

    I do not do it every lesson as it loses its appeal.

    Get them to mark it themselves and if you think the whiteboard works use it.

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