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Web hosting for students

Discussion in 'Computing and ICT' started by olivero, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. I want my GCSE students starting next year to build their own revision websites as they go through the course. Ideally if the sites could be hosted online then they can edit their sites from school in lessons or from home for homework.
    I have Serif WebPlus X4, but the education pricing doesn't include their free hosting.
    I have Fronter which would work but is not really webdesign.
    I also have dreamweaver CS3.
    I would like to use WebPlus (or dreamweaver) because I want them to learn some real web design skills, but I'm not sure about how to host the sites so that students can edit them from 2 places. Ideally the hosting would be free.
    Anyone had similar thoughts or got a neat solution?
  2. johncollinswork

    johncollinswork New commenter

    There are many forum postings about hosting, so have a good search back,
    but generally http://www.000webhost.com/ is recommended by most.

    I have used it before, I recal the sites expiring if they were not visited within a 30day
    period or something. But providing your LEA firewall is set to allow this type of traffic
    through (i.e test this out under a pupil login before investing any time in it) you'll be fine.
  3. nathanielbrown

    nathanielbrown New commenter

    If you are willing to pay for hosting you can use a provider like http://www.site5.com/

    For $8.95 you can get shared hosting with multiple sites. You can then create a seperate ftp user for each student.

    Depending on what you want you can either give each student a domain (expensive) or a subdomain (free apart from the inital domain).

    There are other providers that will let you host multiple accounts using aaccount.
  4. http://x10hosting.com/ is the best free one I have found so far :)

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