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Web based drama (WJEC - GCSE)??????

Discussion in 'Media studies' started by princesscorrie, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. Hello! Funnily enough we were talking about this today. I thought it might mean web spin offs, like E20 is a web version of Eastenders? Complete stab in the dark though - I'll contact WJEC and find out. Seems like a very specialised area to me...
  2. It seems a bit thin on the ground, to say the least! This thread comes up 5th on the google search...

    Our dept is thinking of ditching the Welsh board (we've only recently switched from AQA)- are there any exam boards that anyone would recmnd?
  3. I'm confused about how they are going to make this a creative task, usually section B is designing something. I'm trying to make a mock paper for my year 10 and haven't really a clue where to start!
  4. Have a look at 'The Confession' starring Kiefer Sutherland. This is a good example of a web based drama. I think that the creative task will be centred around generating ideas for your own web based drama and the tasks will be things like step outlines and storyboards, maybe even advertising campaigns for it.
    I must admit that I am nervous about teaching this for the first time too. We need a bit more guidance from the board on this one.
  5. Don't ditch the Welsh board.
    The best thing about them is their casual attitude! There are few panics over what to cover and how. They are not restrictive at all. Whatever you feel like doing is ok by them as they give centres a great deal of autonomy. If you compare the restrictions of the English courses or the AQA Media course, you are very much left to your own devices. This can be a slight struggle at times (such as answering the question, What is web based drama?) but this results in much more freedom and more interesting, personalised lessons.
    The CPD courses are very informative: ask the presenter about it there. We did and discovered that it IS about things such as E20 and its different target audience.
  6. There are lots of examples - you can find some pages promoting web based drama on facebook. I am trying to keep away from crime genres as the specification specifies that we should cover all types of drama EXCLUDING crime (next year's focus will be specifically crime drama).
    I am finding terminology and key concepts difficult, as it is a new and unfamiliar area with little literature supporting it?

  7. Help. I have just seen this forum and echo everything being written. I am very unsure of what thi will be covering.
  8. agreed. I would welcome any input from those more knowledgeble and confident than i am.
  9. Here are some of the things I have done with my Year 11 class in connection with Web Dramas.
    1. I showed pupils the first 2 episodes of 'Blood and Bone China'. It is on Youtube if you want to find it.
    2. I discussed with the class why web dramas are becoming more popular. Small budgets and new technologies etc..
    3. Pupils came up with a synopsis for their own web drama. They wrote this out in their exercise books. It was a few paragraphs long.
    4.Character Profiles. Pupils wrote two character profiles and included some discussion about Proppian and 'Stock' characters.
    5. Storyboards. Pupils storyboarded the opening minutes of their own web drama.
    6. Script. Pupils wrote their own script for the first episode.
    7. Web site. Pupils designed their own website for the drama.
    8. Magazine feature. Pupils created a double page magazine feature that was intended for a publication like the 'Radio Times'.
    I attended the WJEC course back in October and the tasks listed above were some that were suggested.
    If anyone has any further ideas, I'd really like to hear them.
  10. Tangalle

    Tangalle New commenter

    I went on the same course and have got my class to do about the same as above, both for a new web drama of their own and a new spin off. I think this should be all the preparation they need. There was an examin January and this asked them to storyboard the opening to their own web drama. This was my favoured topic for the summer, so not sure what it will be now! A storyboard with a different focus? A web page?
  11. Thank you so much for this information it has been really helpful.[​IMG]
  12. Ever tried MediaEdu? The site has this topic well covered and the resources were developed by a WJEC GCSE Media Studies examiner.
  13. This has been really helpful as I was floundering too. Davet123, the ideas you have come up with are great and have really helped but they are more geared towards Section B of the exam. As this is such a new area and the examples of Web based drama (E20, Blood and Bone China, Lonelygirl15) are so different, what about the questions in Section A about genre and representation?


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