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Weaver's bottom and such other work- related infirmities

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Lascarina, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    When an old friend phoned last night and I asked how she was, she told me she had been diagnosed with Weaver's Bottom. I had never heard of such a thing, which is apparently a bursa on the bum that weavers and other folk get, it seems, from sitting on hard chairs for too long. It got me to thinking how I have heard of Housemaid's Knee, Policeman's Heel and Hatter's Madness. I wondered if you could think of any other such afflictions. I myself suffer from chronic Nursery Teacher's Shoulder caused by sitting on those tiny nursery chairs for years and years.

    This weaver's bottom should be a warning to people who spend a lot of time on TES to ensure they are sitting on nice soft cushions all the time!
  2. xena-warrior

    xena-warrior Star commenter

    I can't win. Am awaiting a referral to get a diagnosis of this ongoing (YEH GOING ON FOR YEARS) knee problems. So far, sitting down all day at work makes it hurt, as does walking more than 25 yds, as does attempting anything resembling exercise. The only thing that is OK is Advanced Pottering. If I just mooch quietly about all day avoiding two-hour ironing blitzes, digging and running up and down stairs a lot, it's bearable. Everything else hurts.
    I have Dynamic Person's knee.
  3. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter

    Tennis Elbow.

    Weaver's Bottom. (Are you sure it isn't an excuse for the doc to have a quick grope?) Mind you, they've never suggested I have it. Could be a reason for that.

  4. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    Oh dear:( :eek:You really must ensure you are using full cushioning when you sit down a lot at work.
  5. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    Phos(s)y Jaw.
  6. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    Angler's Teeth.
  7. xena-warrior

    xena-warrior Star commenter

    Pickler's Rot. Throat cancer caused by the acid fumes from the "pickling" process at the steel works. My great-grandfather died of it in 1922, though I daresay the amount he drank and then got nasty after didn't help either.
  8. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    Do matchmakers still get that? I have heard that women who have been prescribed long term Fosamax for osteoarthritis are getting it.
  9. Flere-Imsaho

    Flere-Imsaho Star commenter

    poachers' bottom
  10. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    What are angler's teeth and poacher's bottom?
  11. nomad

    nomad Star commenter

    Other types of industrial bursitis include Billingsgate hump, tailors' ankle, hod-carrier's shoulder and housemaid's knee. Not sure if cauliflower ear is a form of bursitis or not.

    Others? A whole raft of 'em. Diver's bends, Brass founder's fever, miner's phthisis, grinder's consumption, wood sorter's disease (a.k.a. Maladie de Bradford), mule spinner's cancer, stoker's cramp, hop-picker's gout and arc welder's eye.
  12. xena-warrior

    xena-warrior Star commenter

    Teachers' WRS?
  13. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    I don't know. If a medicine is causing it then people should sue. Maybe sufferers shouldn't be sucking or chewing the tablets.

    Breakages, erosions and grooves caused by using teeth to bite through line or to squeeze lead shot onto lines.

    I will resist temptation.
    Lascarina likes this.
  14. Lascarina

    Lascarina Star commenter

    Years ago I spent time in Kalymnos when I was island -hopping in the Aegean. All the waiters were retired sponge divers and all had severe deformities as a result of diving too deep.
  15. racroesus

    racroesus Star commenter

    Do you mean wool sorters' disease, aka anthrax, or have you dredged up another rarity?
  16. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    P ornstar's member?
    racroesus likes this.
  17. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Writers' cramp?
    xena-warrior and Lascarina like this.
  18. grumpydogwoman

    grumpydogwoman Star commenter


    Grotesque rugby ear.
  19. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Jogger's n ipple.
    xena-warrior likes this.
  20. Duke of York

    Duke of York Star commenter

    Self-abuser's wrist.
    xena-warrior likes this.

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