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weaning - yawn!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by singing readhead, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. does anyone know if you can overfeed a baby when you start on purees? my lo is 4.5 months and for the past week has chomped on all the baby rice and fruit purees I have given her. I am taking a very relaxed approach to this as I don't want to create any food anxiety or anything - and every adult I know knows how to eat! thanks in advance SR
  2. I think the only issue when weaning at thus age is to introduce a nice variety of fruit and veg sobyour baby doesn't turn into a fussy ***... Quantity is nOt a problem!
  3. I think they're meant to be able to self regulate until they are 2, or something similar so in theory you can't overfeed them - as long as it's all good stuff I wouldn't worry.
    My LO was exactly the same to begin with and at about 5 months would eat a whole Ella's Kitchen pouch followed by a banana and I was a bit alarmed at the quantities! However, once you start introducing protein and carbs, it fills them up much more and she almost seems to eat less now. Altho, it's much more varied and nutrient dense. If we just ate fruit and veg, it would take loads to fill us up!
  4. I think they go through phases of eating loads and not much- just keep going until they lose interest, blow bubbles, clamp their mouth shut, move their face away... or you get bored or need to go out!!
  5. thanks for the advice so far - don;t want to turn her into obese pre-schooler, but I would love it if she loved food as much as me and OH, but wasn't a fussy eater like him :)
  6. My aim is exactly the same as yours! She'll let you know when she doesn't want any more.
  7. I'm having to teach myself to like things as I'm rubbish with most fruit and salad-y stuff so that LO doesn't end up fussy! Handed her cucumber today to munch on but couldn't bring myself to let her munch on lettuce [​IMG] I've developed quite the liking for avocado though! I'm sure whatever they're having will be perfectly fine.
  8. Babies have suprisingly large appetites so will be fine- some will vomit any excess anyway! You do become so much more conscious of your own diet when you start weaning and introduce some odd things which you will probably never have again once the babies turn into children!
  9. thanks again ladies for your support. Another question- when do we change to the next formula milk? It says 6 months but is that really true or is that what they have to write because of the breastfeed/weaning mafia?
  10. I think the follow on milks are designed for 6 months though shouldn't think it would matter too much if you introduce it earlier or later.... They aren't allowed to advertise formula for under 6 months so not sure if it would matter if it was a bit earlier or later when it was introduced.
    don't really know much about the science or anything.
  11. The ingredients are slightly different. I don't think follow on milk is necessary, I think you can just stick with stage 1. We swapped just after 6 months because we had loads of vouchers and that made it cheaper! It seems to be slightly more filling, LO is happy with less.
  12. [​IMG]
    AFAIA, follow-on milk was invented by formula companies to circumvent the laws against formula advertising. They can offer promotions on follow-on which they're not allowed to do on 'first stage' milk. If your LO is happy on the milk they're on, I don't think there'd be any reason to change but your HV can advise (mine said follow-on milk is a con!)
  13. Same here
  14. We changed purely because you can often get offers on it and you can buy it with Boots points which you can't with Stage 1 cos of breastfeeding Nazis. It isn't that different if you look at the ingredients, just a bit more iron. My LO is 8 months and been having it for a couple of weeks and there has been no change in her. :)
  15. I might start referring to formula feeders as Formula Nazis. Nowt like comparing mothers to mass murdering f*ckheads.
  16. Eeek, I'm not sure what to say to this really.... Ummm, yes- breastfeeding nazis seems, ummm, a little mean spirited and unfair.
    The companies that produce formula aren't particularly ethical and it is a whole lot more complex than 'breastfeeding nazis'.
    I'm not attacking formula feeding at all but not over keen on the terminology used to describe breastfeeders.

  17. Just a general plea to keep it nice on this forum please ladies... if you want to do the whole breast v. formula thing there are other places to go!
    My understanding is that formula milk is not allowed to be sold at a cut price to support the 'breast is best' message. My own feeling is that this legislation probably makes no difference. Follow-on milk is not, as I said up thread, necessary- it just contains less whey and more iron.
  18. If I could "like" this post I would! Bloody breastfeeding Nazis.... gets on my nerves. Breast is best.... fact. If you can't breastfeed you can feed your baby perfectly well on formula.... fact. Follow on milk is a marketing ploy, and babies can remain on stage 1 until weaning onto cows' milk.... also a fact.
  19. Sorry ladybug- crossed posts! Just had to comment on bunique's post. Will shut up now! ;-)
  20. Indeed - it's not mumsnet! Breastfeeding 'nazis' (yes, bad choice of word!) isn't attacking brestfeeders as I understand it but the pressure from certain quarterswhich isn't handled well always. Women need support and encouragement to breastfeed - but fir example my friend who has just had twins was made to feel shed suggested a crackpipe by the health visitor when she said she was going to use aformula top up... Surely mixed feeding (twins! Just to repeat it!) was worthy of applause?!

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