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Weaning questions!!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by shellybelly65, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. Hi there,
    Max is 22 weeks now and ive been weaning his since 17 weeks because he was taking up to 12oz milk per feed and then throwing it all back up and crying for more!! The HV refused to give me any advice other than "its 6 months" Helpful!!
    Our routine
    6-6.30 - 7oz milk
    9 - breakfast e.g. porridge and fruit, baby rice and fruit etc, water and 7oz bottle
    1 - lunch e.g. pureed veg and a pudding, water and 7oz bottle
    5 - tea same as above but no bottle
    6 - 7-10oz bedtime bottle (depending no how hungry he is!!)
    He then goes to bed at 6.30
    Not sure how helpful this is but it works for us x
  2. My LO is the same, can not fill him up! He is 28 weeks [I think] and on 3 meals with puddings and 5 BFs in 24 hours. I do give him big portions but I kind of gauge how much I think is enough. What I do is when he has finished, clap your hands and shout yay, clever boy. This distracts him and gets him excited so he forgets about the food. I sometimes ofer him a bit of finger food too to chomp on to distract him from the bowl, that usually works well. he loves thos organix cheese puff things.
    Our routine is pretty much the same as wormburgers, feels like we are constantly feeding him!
  3. Hi thanks for the replies, it's helpful to know what others are doing.
    I am still a bit perplexed as to whether I should be trying to give him more milk or more solids though! If I give him the milk first he will have that but less solid, whereas if I give him the solids first he won't take as much milk. Should I be encouraging more milk or solids at 23 weeks do you think? If the aim is to drop milk feeds I could def drop the lunchtime one easily as he's not bothered about that at all, but is the aim to drop them yet or should I still try to get all his milk down him and accept that he will then take less solids??
    If he doesn't have milk with lunch he's having about 25oz a day (5 with breakfast, 6 in afternoon, 7 at bed and 7 at dream) is this enough as he's having three meals a day too- often followed by a banana!
  4. If he is fully weaned ie eating meat, dairy and carbs then that is probably enough. They need about 500-600ml a day when fully weaned.
    I would try to space out the milk feeds and solids so you can see what he really wants. For example he will have his bottle at 7am. I would then offer breakfast at 8am. Milk at 11, lunch at 1 ect. You will probably find the mid morning feed is first to go, you can then introduce a drink and a small snack. Does that help?
  5. Hi, when I was weaning I was told by a very helpful health visitor (had been doing it for decades and followed 'common sense' rather than 'government sense') that the rule of thumb for weaning for the first 6 to 8 weeks was that food was supplementary to milk and was designed only as a first taste/first experience rather than as a dietary requirement. Once you had moved through the first 6 to 8 weeks and most things had been introduced it was then that the quantity should increase and the milk should drop in favour of that. I echo what someone else said, that spacing milk out between meals is a good way to gauge what is being consumed/needed. And as soon as you can offer finger foods that's the way to go, rice cakes, carrot sticks, the organix big chunky crisp things, all these things help to develop the chewing muscles needed for bigger and heartier meals which will fill a baby up rather than simply tickle their taste buds! If you are worried about iron/calcium intake reducing then making up powdered food with milk is a great way to boost the amount of milk in a baby's diet (and they don't smell too bad either), as well as yoghurt. Basically, I think what I'm trying to say is that food at the moment is experience rather than nutrition and milk still needs to come first, this is until six months old. Hope that helps and makes sense - with four kids round my ankles and tutoring for three hours this afternoon my brain is a bit spongy!

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