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Weaning - off to a bad start :(

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ellesabe, May 17, 2011.

  1. We have been trying a few bits of baby rice and pureed veg over the past week and it's been a bit of a disaster!
    She is 5 1/2 months old and we were absolutely sure that she was ready as she was showing all the signs.
    We have followed all of the advice about mixing it with breastmilk so that it's a little familiar but she is not at all interested. She usually puts everything in her mouth and is happy to suck her spoon but as soon as there is food on it she blows raspberries and sprays it everywhere!
    I'm obviously not worried about it from a nutritional point of view as I am still giving the same quantity of breastfeeds but I'm a bit concerned that she will already be building up the wrong associations with food. It also doesn't help that everyone else I have spoken to about introducing solids has told me that their child guzzled it down.
    Unfortunately this week has also conincided with her first cold and I can see a tooth under the surface which may be causing discomfort. We have as a result been having some very disturbed nights (waking 10+ times a night after having slept through form 8 weeks old).
    Basically I'm not sure what to do. Should I carry on with the food? Stick to baby rice? Carry on introducing new foods until I find something that she's willing to eat?
    Please someone tell me that I'm not the only one who feels like they're failing at this :(
  2. I tried weaning at the same stage, purees were met with gagging, projectile vomit and refusal. Anything that went in, came back up. I gave up after a week, left it a couple of weeks and began again... this time with Baby led weaning. We gave her soft finger foods which she pops in her mouth and eats up.
    She is FAR happier feeding herself and WILL NOT be spoonfed but each baby is different. If you want to keep on with purees, keep plugging away, I am sure she will get there but I can't offer advice on that.
    If you want to take a different approach and try BLW - you can. Try soft foods like cooked carrot, brocolli, toast and let her play with them... It may take a whole for her to eat any, but she will in the end. As they learn, they gradually up their intake. Feed on demand if you can. My LO is eating all sorts of stuff now- chilli, home made pesto, fishy fish... It is messy, a lot ends on the floor but they look so proud of themselves as they start doing it and it is so easy, as (provided you don't add lots of salt) they eat the same meals as you eat.
    Try the Baby led weaning cookbook for ideas and a few more tips.
    Both puree weaning and BLW work but my LO would never be fed Purees so BLW was our only option. I know another baby girl who refused spoonfeeding and went straight to finger foods- she refused spoonfeeding for 8 weeks before her mum found out about BLW.

    Good luck! I started a similar thread when we started weaning.
    Don't compare yourself to other mothers, some babies are just more awkward than others! They all eat different amounts anyway.
  3. Sorry I had to laugh when I read that as my daughter was exactly the same with pure fruit abd veg purees. I think moomoon is right that giving them finger foods instead is helpful. I didnt do baby led weaning and found that once we just started whizzing up what we were eating (eg roast dinner spag bol etc) things got much better because they wete nicer. She also preferred it slightly thicker and lumpy rather than too runny. Any jar I ever tried was met with the 'raspberry' and a look of disgust also. Please dont worry she is now a really good eater. I think that with some babies getting into the habit of swallowing smooth purees causes issues with gagging later. Those who take purees immediately in terms of the babies I know weren't necessarily good eaters in the longer term! Relax :)
  4. Also if they are funny about being spoon fed it is surprising how quickly they can learn to put it in their mouth themsleves if you load it up. Also it is staggering what they can eat with their hands!
  5. i've been banging my head against a brick wall with weaning since LO was 17 weeks (family pressure - he's a big baby, you can wean from 4 months, get cracking etc). LO wouldn't take anything, call came straight back out, faces like we were trying to poison him....
    he's had baby rice, sweet potato, carrots, apples, pears, mangos, bananas, grapes, raspberries, strawberries, swede.... nothing would go down!
    the only thing he'd take was bounty (yes, i'm a terrible mother!) and malted milk biscuit which he stole from my hand and then gummed.
    this past week i've decided not to puree and just hand him some of whatever we're having. he's tried naan bread (enjoyed) tikka masala sauce and rice (went down ok) chips (rather shocked look on his face when he swallowed a big mouthful!) and his absolute favourite is mash & gravy (enjoyed so much i've actually frozen some into ice cubes). he hasn't liked cheese, muesli or porridge.
    i've been really stressed about this with the family pressure i've been under and we haven't seen our health visitor for over 2 months so not had any support there! but finally we're getting somewhere.... LO is now 23 weeks.
    good luck x
  6. undiwear

    undiwear New commenter

    Put your baby in a high chair. Bung bits of whatever you are having that she can hold, pieces of bread, toast, tortilla, roast potato, fat chips, broccoli and cauliflower trees, and let her reach for them at her own pace. What I did was to plonk them on my lap when I was eating at the table more out of so that they weren't whinging for me elsewhere or getting up to mischief and they just started reaching for what was on my plate. It works a treat. Best rule of thumbever, ignore what other peoples' babies are <strike>supposedly</strike> doing and enjoy your own.
  7. Thank you, it's so useful to hear other people's experiences. I think that it may in fact be the spoon she dislikes as opposed to the food as she was quite happy to suck some carrot off my finger this evening.
    I have read about baby led weaning and decided that I wanted to take a mixed approach but I suppose we could ditch the spoon if she doesn't get the hang of it soon. Do I have to wait until 6 months before I start blw? It's only a couple of weeks away.
    Thanks for all the advice.
  8. you can also buy net bags which attach onto a holder - thick puree can be sucked out by them - I had the spoon problem too and still do only now we need 3 spoons as he insists on having 2!!!
  9. Another fan of BLW here- we started at 5 and a half months. Re: spoons, we pre-loaded them and gave them to her if it was something like porridge or yoghurt- a lot ended up in her hair or up her nose but she soon worked it out- it's amazing how quickly they become independent when given the chance. From what I've seen, some babies just want to be independent early on and don't like being fed! She's now 15 months and can feed herself a whole meal with a spoon and fork with barely any mess, even tipping up the bowl to get to the dregs of yoghurt- maybe that's normal and she would have been doing it anyway by now, but I think a lot of the confidence and dexterity comes from BLW. Don't panic about it- food should be fun! As long as she's drinking milk she's getting everything she needs x
  10. This is total astra advice (ie take it it leave it!) but from the start I've sang this **** song 'yummy yummy yummy I've got xxxx in my tummy, and my name is Sasha Rita ' smiling away while I spoon it in - whatever initial distaste the association with the song is to smile, because I am smiling, and the broccoli goes down xx
  11. I totally agree. We listen to music, I sing, LO dances, the spoon/ rice cakes etc goes in!
  12. We tried all of that singing, dancing, peek-a-bo, she was giggling, smiling and happy. As soon as the spoon went anywhere near her, mouth closed, head away, grab spoon.
    We tried all the techniques and she still won't be spoonfed. It would make life easier with yogurt if she wasn't such a monkey!
    It will work one way or the other, just do what feels right and you will get there in the end... Both methods work fine, each baby needs something different so work with what your baby will or won't do and trust your own instinct. Sometimes I think we can get too overloaded with all of the books telling us what we should be doing, when our babies do not follow that pattern, we begin to feel we are failing them.
    I know a couple of babies who have refused spoonfeeding. Puree can be nice as you know how much they are getting I suppose.
    It won't do any harm to try a bit of finger food and see how she takes it, or use something like a scotch pancake as a dip to increase calorie intake...
    We were planning on doing a mixture but it wasn't to be- now I have the greediest baby in the world.


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