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Weaning/baby cutting down on breastmilk.

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ladymarm, Feb 5, 2012.

  1. Interested to hear your advice as my health visiting team just seem to be not very clued up on breastfeeding beyond a few weeks.
    Our little girl is 8 months old and enjoying 3 meals a day. She has been enthusiatic about solids for the last month or so and as a result is not too bothered about most milk feeds. I just don't know if I should be 'letting her' cut so much breast milk out at this stage as she's still 4 months away from being given any cows milk as a drink? I keep offering milk and sometimes she'll have a really long feed but mainly now just quick ones.
    For example first thing in the morning I have always offered milk before her cereal but she really isn't that bothered and this morning I had a lie in and her dad gave her her breakfast so for the first time she started the day without a milk feed. Is that ok? is my milk going to dry up? I don't want it to as she will not drink from a bottle! i can get small amounts of water into her with a doidy cup but she isn't confident at this yet. she always has a breast feed before bed and i offer it throughout the day.
    Any advice?
  2. PSi am trying to up her dairy intake to make up for less breast milk with cream cheese, mild cheddar, full fat milk and yoghurt in her food.
  3. hhhh

    hhhh Star commenter

    Kids do 'wean' themselves, in my experience anyway. You could try to get someone else to feed her from a bottle, they tend to o it best for anyone but mum! I understand you don't want to use cow's milk yet, but you can get follow on milk from any supermarket or Boots, or Spar, pretty much anywhere really. I liked doing this when my brf one moved on, as they have loads of vits and tho it wasn't told to me at the time, I have since been told I should have been giving the brf one vit D. With my first wasn't even told to take vit D in pregnancy, but apparently they tell you this now, and to take it if you breastfeed? Dunno, if I decide to ever have a third may find out lol! It can take a while to make changessome kids seem quicker than others, and it sound like yours is happy to take loads of good things with calcium and vits in, so I wouldn't worry
  4. How often does she have bf now? Mine didn't have any during the day from 6 months when I went back to work (wouldn'ttake a bottle) but had quite a lot when I was around.
    If she's generally having 2 or 3 or more bf per day then that's probably enough. Your supply is well established by 8 months and can withstand quite a bit of variation. She may even go down to just one feed a day for a while, then ask for it more often for a while. I worried that mine would wean at about 9 months but she picked up again and is still going strong at 23 months. She will probably go back to feeding lots if she gets ill, and teething makes a lot of babies feed more. If you want to carry on then just keep offering and let her demand it too, she will take what she wants, more or less as she feels like it.
  5. Thanks for your replies. Jodidi she prob has 3 feeds in the day and a couple at night. all quite short or interrupted by her coming off to 'chat' to me in between, she's very distractable and not that 'interested' in bfeeding anymore! I feel i have to offer rather than she asks as before.
    when she is ill she feeds more and we have no sign of teeth yet.
  6. That sounds fine to me, seems about the same as mine was doing at that age. Also remember that she is probably quite a bit more efficient in getting the milk out than she was when she was younger, so she will be getting as much milk as she needs in a shorter space of time. If you are happy to keep offering then keep doing that and she'll take what she needs.
  7. I think breastmilk changes in properties as baby gets older- so the nutrients become more concentrated so your baby may be getting less but taking in enough nutrition. My daughter reduced her intake - but still put on weight, weed, pooed and did all the stuff babies should do so it made me feel I was doing something right, :)
  8. Have not read other posts so I apologise if I repeat. One of my friends LO's just dropped her milk feeds - was not interested and would not take it anymore. Neither would she have a bottle. her HV told her that as long as she is eating solids well - lots of dairy not to worry about it. Having said that i realise that this was against guidelines etc but you can't force your LO to feed.
    My little man was on 2 feeds a day by 8 months - he wouldn't have anymore in the day - so I was giving him lots of dairy snacks and just accepted it. I think he dropped down to 1 feed (night) at 11 months - I dropped the last feed at 14 months when he bit me and drew blood (I have my limits!)
    Good luck
  9. Hi Ladymarm - how are you doing?
    It's interesting reading your post as I'm wondering the same thing....although you're ahead of me. LO is just 6 months and we're struggling with night feeds. He wants to be fed every 2-3hrs during the night so HV said he needed solids. We've been giving him some solids now for almost 2 weeks but the sleep has not yet improved. Over the last 2 days he has not semmed to be drinking as much at his breastfeeds and I've noticed that my boobs don't feel that full anymore. Think maybe I'm giving him too much real food so he doesn't want as much milk. And only over the last few days have I thought that he nay be feeding in the night as a comfort - as he doesn't seem to be on that long anymore (up to 10mins whereas before it could be 30). Your situation sounds pretty normal to me as she is 8 months now. I think you can expect her to not want as many milk feeds now - as long as she's having some then she is probably getting enough. I'm worried though as my LO is only 6 months and I know he should be having more. Like you say...the HV are not great about breastfeeding issues. I too am worried that my milk is drying up! Let us know how you get on xx
    (PS. I've noticed a BIG change in nappies - he has gone 3 days without having a poo since starting solids. He's not constipated though as when he did go it wasn't hard...but like an adult poo - is this normal?)
  10. Hi Lohman,
    How fab that you are still breastfeeding. i know it's been tough. i hope you feel less sore now the feeds are shorter and less frequent?
    I found that solids did not improve sleep until she was having 3 meals and that was well established so don't panic if you don't notice a differnece yet. I think it is a bit of a myth that solids improve sleep significantly. It is better with us but still have our bad nights and so do all the women I mix with who still breast feed. I agree with the comfort thing!
    Yes i found poo totally changed when weaning began and that some days there was none! Guess main thing is to offer water with a meal and offer breast milk throughout the day too.
    Remember as someone said prevoiusly-sorry can't look back to see who- they get much more efficient at feeding and it speeds up so feeds will be quicker but not necessarily less ingested.
    After finding bf a bit of a struggle from the beginning i have enjoyed throwing myself into weaning with gusto and hope you will too, it is so rewarding!
  11. StarbabyCat

    StarbabyCat New commenter

    As long as you're still feeding your LO your milk won't dry up. My LO is 12.5 months now and sometimes she nurses a lot and other days less so.....my milk remains! And she was on 3 meals from around 7 months. And yes, the poo thing; I found solids made her constipated to begin with, its not a problem now though. And what stinky poos! When you're used to exclusive breastfed poos solid poos reek!!

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