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Weaning advice

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by missimpatient, Feb 22, 2012.

  1. In theory I do like the idea of BLW and if it works for your LO that is great. However, for us we went down the puree route and it is working really well (baby is 28 weeks and we started at 24 weeks). I have tried to give LO finger foods but very little, if any, seems to end up being swallowed! I know I should try harder but being quite a busy mum I did not want it to be a battle. I know that people say it doesn't matter at this age whether they eat or not and it's all about exploring foods but for me I want at least some food to end up in his stomach! I am going to introduce finger foods more and offer them with his purees so he is getting both. That way, I feel like I am giving him the best of both worlds really. I think you have to see how it goes and see how your baby is. I do know someone who went down the BLW route but after a month switched to purees as she was not getting anywhere. Equally I have spoken to a nursery nurse and HV at the local clinic who say BLW is the recommendation.
    Good luck with whatever you decide x
  2. We did BLW with lo and it is FANTASTIC. It worked really really well for us. I am quite lazy [​IMG] and it was great to just plonk the same food as us onto her tray and she could eat it or not. I didn't have any special preparation to do and she chose herself whether she wanted to eat it.
    I think you need to accept that for a couple of months at least it is very much about the texture and taste of foods, and not worry about the volume or the calorie content. Milk is the most important thing for a baby under one. It is fantastic if you are quite a relaxed person in general, but if you want things to go a certain way I can see how it would be frustrating. It's also really hard to believe you are doing the right thing when you see so many other babies eating quite big pots of puree (like a whole mashed banana at 6 months) while yours is still picking up lumps of food and mushing it into her hair. I do think it was worth it though.
    Don't expect a massive improvement in sleeping either, as they don't fill themselves up as much as we would fill them up with spoonfeeding.
  3. Can't recommend BLW highly enough. My mum was very wary of it at first too and wouldn't even watch LO eat as she was so nervous, but she's totally converted now! It's definitely worth reading the Gill Rapley book so you can answer any questions people may have. But I've absolutely loved BLW and would do it again in a heartbeat! :)
  4. Hi! Did pure blw with my now 2 year old daughter- worked brilliantly and we all loved it. Didnt start til about 5.5 months and she was fine on breadtmilk plus one formula feed a day so didnt need to eat much. However her little brother is a hungry chap and it turns out that he needs more in his tummy so we're starting with purees and ehen he's sitting a bit more strongly will give him more in the way of finger food with his purees. Just keep an open mind as every baby is different.
  5. Oh and I'll also say- You know your baby best so trust your instincts as to what is right for her!
  6. Thanks for sharing.

    I've just ordered blw book to read up on it a bit more. Very wise advice Clematis. I guess I'm trying to understand the whole weaning business before we get there and I was a bit confused.

    When she's ready I guess it will depend if this is before 6 months or not as to what we will do and like u say it will depend on what she's like.

    Thanks everyone
  7. Like Clematis, I had a v hungry baby and was bfeeding so was desperate to try and fill her up with something other than my milk! She was a v hungry baby so we did purees from about 4 months and then purees plus finger foods from 6 months. It' takes a bit of effort but you soon get into a pattern, a couple of hours of cooking one morning a month used to be enough to make food to last 4 or 5 weeks. Now at 17 months she is a very good eater and eats whatever we are having, and then some! If you want an improvement in sleep and reduced milk feeds I'd go down the puree route. Good luck!
  8. My advice is to relax about it and give the baby as far as possible what you eat. I gave purees and finger foods from the start but the mix is up to you. By 6 months they can eat pretty much anything pureed but obviously with only 2 teeth finger foods are a bit limited which is why I found it easier to do both to start with.
  9. Just to offer a flipside - we started BLW with no teeth! and she seemed to cope fine - just gummed things into submission. Still only has 4 teeth at 14 months...she's a slow burner!
  10. My lo didn't get her first tooth til 11 months and always managed everything I gave her when doing BLW. Meat was a bit of a chore for her and she would literally suck the juices out then spit out the meat, but to be fair she still does that at nearly 2 with a full mouth of teeth.
    This is the latest advice about signs of readiness if anyone is interested
  11. It was things like fruit with significant texture (ie mango, pear etc) that I found my daughter really struggled with and spat out. At the end of the day there is no right or wrong way with weaning. My daughter still doesnt like chewing meat and she is nearly 3! We eat a lot of casseroles....
  12. Just to steal this thread a bit. How many bowls and spoons etc will I need. If I do the puree route is it best to just freeze things in ice cube holders? How many will I need? Any other equipment? Blender? Chipper?

    Thanks I don't know if I will do BLW or the puree route, maybe a bit of both, need to speak to my HV really as I don't have a clue :)
  13. Hello seriouslikecrazy steal away.......good questions.

    I've just bought a cup....HV recommended one to us think it called a doddy cup.
  14. We use a doidy cup Ann- have found it the best way to get her drinking water!
    SLC we have loads of spoons but only one bowl has been necessary. lots of bibs are useful too.I use a mini blender to blend.
    Personally am not die hard puree person or BLW, we do a bit of both and she has a great time. As long as baby is happy and eating a bit i would try hard not to worry and enjoy the new experience!


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