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Weaning advice!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by cherub2635, May 8, 2011.

  1. Planning to start weaning my little one this week at 16weeks old.
    At the moment she normally takes her last 6/7oz bottle between 8pm and 10pm then sleeps through in her cot until between 7 and 9am. On holiday last week she watched her 6month old cousin eat his food with interest and tried some fruit herself (by licking and sucking with great interest). She is able to hold her head up well and shows lots of interest in our foods, she often wakes from naps when we eat dinner (ghe smell maybe). She was born with a tooth and is now teething fiercely. She does enjoy her bottles and drinks water daily.
    We have bought a variety of jar food (all savoury) and powderes rice meal that require water. We have decided to introduce a lunchtime meal to start, as her mornings are3 very settled, and she often has long afternoon naps which can go into dinnertime. I was just after some advice/examples on bottles, when do you give bottles? with meal? An hour before? adter? or instead of? My idea was to introduce a small sippy cup for water with her meal (using a teat to start with).
    Any tips, advice or examples of your weaning experiences would be greatly recieved
    Thanx Cherub
  2. To be honest I'm only a week into the whole weaning thing and what I do is tend to her baby rice and a bit of fruit puree at about 12.30, followed by a bottle at 1pm - and usually giving her her 'meal' takes me up to 1pm anyway. I'm not sure if this is right but it seems to work at the moment. I've not introduced sippy cup yet - well I tried it once but she can't quite cope with how fast it comes out just yet so I want to try and crack the solids a bit more before the sippy cup.
    Sorry I can't be more help!
  3. I dont mean to be really annoying but it sounds like she is a really contented baby who is happy with her routine. While that is the case I would leave changing anything for a few weeks. 16 weeks really is very young to start weaning. Obviously its up to you!
  4. hi cherub! Wow, imagine seeing a little tooth in that brand new mouth, that must have been a surprise!
    I began weaning at 18 weeks as HV said not to start any earlier than 17 weeks as little tummies can't handle anything other than milk. Have you spoken to your HV?
    My boy was guzzling 8 oz bottles 5 times a day and then started crying when milk was gone or about an hour after feeds which made us think he was ready. I started with plain baby rice, a couple of spoonfuls mixed with his formula - it was very runny. I gave it to him on the spoon and he took it fine. Babies have a tongue thrust reflex and I think I remember reading that if they stop the spoon going in, then leave it a week before trying again.
    I stuck with the baby rice for a few weeks then went onto a couple of plain fruit / veg purees I made - they eat so little at the start you could end up wasting your little jars. He ate the equivalent of a couple of ice cubes worth.
    We went quite slowly, just lunch for a few weeks, just pear or carrot. I was still giving him his normal amount of milk and he would have a bottle straight after lunch.
    After a few months we settled into a routine of
    7.30 8 oz bottle
    9.30 breakfast
    12.30 lunch
    3.30 8 oz bottle
    5.30 tea
    7.00 8 oz bottle.
    It took him aaaaaaages to get to grips with a sippy cup, and he drank v little water to start, but they get a lot of liquid in their milk, so don;t worry about that.
    There's a greta thread on here about baby led weaning, if you fancy going down that route - sounds like she'd like it if she's nicking food! BLW tends to start later though, round 6 months, the thread is well worth a read.

    Good luck, and enjoy it, it's great fun seeing your baby feed themselves (however messily!) and enjoy their grub.
  5. EBC

    EBC New commenter

    Hi, We've just started weaning- My little girl is 18 weeks. Its only Day 2 of baby rice and I think I'm going to do as glittekid said. Very slowly, a week or two of baby rice.
    Its just that my LO has had runny poos on Day 1 and Day 2 of Baby rice...Is this normal?
  6. I would second that. If she is content with what she's getting at the moment then I would carry on with that. Health professionals wouldn't normally recommend weaning before 17 weeks without a real medical problem. I would recommend waiting a bit longer, the current guidance recommends that the signs for weaning are being able to sit with very little support (that's different to holding head up, which my lo was able to do at birth), grabbing things and getting them to their mouth without help.
    Aside from nagging about the guidelines (and I do realise I nag, sorry about that) It is acually MUCH easier to just deal with milk. By now I would imagine you have yourself sortes with knowing exactly what you need to take with you when you go out, and roughly when she will need feeding etc, so why would you want to add something else to worry/stress about into the mix? Obviously it's up to you when you wean but I personally would wait a few more weeks if you can.
  7. I did wean my enormous baby early (17 weeks) but to be honest it didn't really take off until around 20/21 weeks so I think I could have waited longer. However, if you're going to go for it, this is what I did for the first two weeks: 6.30- milk, 9.30- milk, 12.00- baby rice. 12.30- milk, 3.30- milk, 6.30 milk.
    Now gradually over time our routine has changed as she goes longer between feeds and has 3 meals, so now it is more like this: 6.30- milk, 7.30- breakfast (porridge), 10.00- milk, 12.30- lunch (veg purees + pudding), 1.30- milk, 4.30-milk, 5.00- tea (veg or fruit purees), milk at bedtime. At the moment all I do is feed her and out her down for naps! But her mid morning and mid afternoon feeds are getting smaller so I think she will drop these soon. She can go longer than 3.5 hours between milk feeds but seems to get hungry in the night when she only has 4 so I am reluctant to drop one although I know I wil have to eventually!
  8. I weaned my LO at 20+4. He has always fed at short intervals - every 2/3 hours (breast fed) however from about 16 weeks he was feeding every hour for half an hour - through the night too. I held off as I wanted to wait until he was 6 months. However, this particular morning, I went to a group and in 2 hours LO was feeding 6 times for about 15 mins each time. (not comfort either) we got home and he wanted more! fed him for 45 mins - he was still screaming for food - I gave him a banana - becauase it was the fastest thing to prepare - he wolfed it and I have never looked back.
    Started on 1 meal a day - fruit/veg bulked out with baby rice/milk - quickly moved on to 2/3 meals. Now he is 27 weeks and has: (ish)
    7am milk
    8am fruity porridge/toast
    10 milk
    12.30 lunch - tuna pasta bake/casserole/curry (mild obviously) finger foods
    2 milk
    4 milk
    5 dinner - semolina and fruit
    6.30 milk
    7/7.30 bed - however last night he messed us up completely - wouldn't eat in the day and was ridiculously hungry at night - needed to give him supper at 8! My LO is a gannet! He is still having loads of milk feeds (usually one/maybe two through the night!)
    Hope this helps

  9. I know it's all a bit controversial what with current guidelines talking about 6 months, but my Penelope Leach (that my mum used with us) says all babies will need extra food when they get to about 12lb or at about 3 months. It's crazy that within a generation advice can have changed so much. I'm at a similar stage (18ish weeks) and my daughter is fine with just her milk - but it seems to me that this is a good time to start trying new foods, ie before she actually needs them. This way, if it takes her a while to get the hang of it, it won't matter. She loves banana, can't stand yoghurt/cottage cheese, tolerates beetroot and stewing apple was a total waste of time! It's good fun for us both and I don't feel under any pressure for her to eat anything at all if she doesn't fancy it. So she has 4 7-8oz bottles (roughly 7.30, 11, 3, 6.30) and generally manages to sleep through 7pm - 7am on that (she's pretty small - about 13 1/2lb I should think), with recently a few nibbles of puree or something halfway through each of the middle two feeds. (This was recommended as they won't be ravenous and get frustrated, but equally won't be too full to bother trying the food.) Good luck and enjoy!!
  10. I thought you weren't supposed to introduce dairy until 6 months?! Seems like everyone is doing something different, lol! Well whatever suits you but I also agree that there's no rush to start weaning early if the child is content enough with milk.

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