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We Will Rock You Visuals/Graphics

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by Tigsy, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. Hi!

    For those who have done WWRY at school, does anyone have any animation, visuals, opening titles, graphics that they would be willing to share?

    many thanks!

  2. Hi Tigs

    We did WWRY a couple of years ago. For the Killer Queen's bits we recorded her (facemask and all) and timed what she said with what Kashoggi says. For the rest we kept it relatively simple, we adapted the initial powerpoint with the music facts to suit the school, we also had a hospital picture, a moving image of a road for Headlong reprise. The most complicated bit (to me ) was the ga Ga kids songs and the Another One Bites the Dust but we had an amazing techy person who devised it all based very much on the images from the West End. Get yourself someone who's a whizz on techie stuff and you'll be fine.

    Have you had thoughts about the motorbike? We were lucky and a member of staff at our school knew someone who ran a bike place so we borrowed one and the tank was emptied and it was kept safely away from students.

    Its a great show - this year we're doing Hairspray (in less than 2 weeks) - enjoy it!!!!!

    Nicky xxxx
  3. hey hon!! nice to hear from you, how the devil are you doing?? I forgot you did WWRY.... I've been playing about with an animation programme I have and creating stuff to the sound track but as we are having a full band and timing might differ each night, I might stick to power point instead.... I have a guy from an audio visual company coming to talk to me about projection possibilities before I get carried away. As for the bike, I dont know...hubby might try to make one from scrap (hes mean with a welder) or we'll ask about. Its just that 3 kids are sitting on this so it needs to be on a fixed stand. I take it your still down south? drop us a line :) xx
  4. Hi. I dont know if you can help me at all but I am trying to apply for a WWRY licence for my school. I dont seem to be getting any response from my application and i wondered if you could advise me on the following; did you apply online? how long did it take to get a response? do you have a contact number for the company at all?

    Any advice would be great as we have to make a decision whether to wait any longer for a response.

    Thanks in advance,

  5. encava

    encava New commenter

    I can send you what I have if you still need it. Let me know
  6. otis31

    otis31 New commenter

    Hi there,

    I know this post is from last year, however, I am currently doing schools WWRY in my school and was wondering if you had any of the graphics we could use for it?

    It would be must appreciated if you could send any resources to this email: otis.gardner@chhs.stockport.sch.uk


  7. Tinyfairy

    Tinyfairy New commenter

    Hi Otis,

    We are also doing WWRY and I have some stuff frrom our tech guy that I can send you. What are you doing for the set? We had grand plans but the DT department (who normally do the set are refusing) so I'd be grateful for any advice/ suggestions.

  8. APhillips16

    APhillips16 New commenter

    I am hoping to do WWRY this year, any resources or tech stuff is hugely appreciated! Could anyone send anything they may have to amy_kate_phillips@hotmail.co.uk
    Thank you so so much!
  9. jliddle02

    jliddle02 New commenter

    I am doing WWRY this year
    Can anyone please send me any tech stuff or animations. I could be very hugely appreciated and grateful. Could anyone please send them to showbizz11@outlook.com
    Thank you so much!
  10. lisahanson1

    lisahanson1 New commenter

    Anyone still have access to wwry tech resources that they would be willing to send me? Especially radio gaga visual but anything would be appreciated. I'm at a bit of a loss.
    Many thanks
  11. LongLivePinter

    LongLivePinter New commenter

    lisahanson1 are you still doing WWRY?
    Just came across this post and have some visuals on PowerPoint that I can share with you, although the file is quite large, but might work to upload it here. Have since left the school I did this with, but sure it will be fine to share it!
    Let me know if you still need this.
  12. bunny5233

    bunny5233 New commenter

    Hi there
    Can I be really cheeky and ask if I could please use your powerpoint for our WWRY production? I have looked everywhere. We did it a couple years ago and I cannot remember where we got the visuals.

    my email is jade.dalrymple@gmail.com if you are able to share.

    Many thanks!
  13. cgiles93

    cgiles93 New commenter

    I am doing Schools Will Rock You this summer and would really appreciate any graphics that any one has!


    Many thanks in advance!
  14. meluttley

    meluttley New commenter

  15. meluttley

    meluttley New commenter

    Hi, I am putting on School's Will Rock You in April, and wonder if you still have the graphics/visuals you mention in an earlier message. I need a bit of help with this! Would be very grateful!
  16. Hi, For those about to Rock... my school is putting on WWRY this summer! So many schools have managed this with great success and we hope to do the same but none of our productions up until now we has made use of projected graphics. I'd be so grateful to receive any tips on staging and any resources for the graphics on which this production relies.
    harkin221 likes this.
  17. Hi, We are doing WWRY as a 48hr Production. We would love any backdrops, videos. etc. If anyone can email me or google drive furnessdanny@gmail.com

    Thanks so much and happy to repay one day!

  18. bryants

    bryants New commenter

    Would be eternally grateful if anyone that has done it. Would send meany visuals they have used for wwry.


    Cheers in advance
  19. ktosulls

    ktosulls New commenter

    Does anyone have any resources to share at all?

    An email to k.fletcher:barrowford.lancs.sch.uk would be greatly appreciated we are doing this as a christmas production for one night only. Thanks
  20. michellebell1008

    michellebell1008 New commenter

    Hello everyone! We are doing WWRY at the end of March - and like so many other people have posted already are at a real loss for the graphics for the production - we don't have any whizzy techies to help so if anyone has anything that they could hare i would be forever grateful!

    email - mbe@stbernards.southend.sch.uk

    Thank you :)

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