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We need to print on card and can't find a printer, any advice?

Discussion in 'Welcome lounge and forum help' started by SassyDXB, Sep 30, 2008.

  1. Help! My department is looking to buy a printer which can print A4 certificates on card, does anyone have any suggestins of a model?

    I've tried suggesting we enter the world of virtual certificates, which would be more environmentally friendly but they're not going for it.
  2. Batsheep

    Batsheep New commenter

    Unless you're going for amazingly thick card any standard printer should do.

  3. Just standard card for certificates but none of the printers we have tried seem to work...

    I'll see if I can find thinner card, if we luck out on printers. Thanks anyway.
  4. HP printers are usually quite generic and useful when it comes to everyday printing and more...cards, pictures etc.


    To get that extra emphasis on colour and graphics, when you do find a printer, go into preferences (this will show up when you click on print) and then make sure that you choose the paper style/print quality.

    If all fails, see the school 'techy'.

    Also, try your Art?Tech Dept, they usually print 'stuff' like this...
  5. Thanks, will pass on the info. Would love to pass on the job to another department but, well if you'd met them you'd understand.......
  6. Hi Sassy. I expect you've already solved your problem - but I've printed successfully on card using a big Canon photocopier and thin card bought from Viking. They both have websites. Canon will certainly be able to tell you which copier is appropriate - if they still make copiers. I bought mine a while ago.

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