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We haven't had a cheese thread for a while.....

Discussion in 'Personal' started by lamaddalena, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. I bought decent wedges of Norfolk Dapple and Walsingham cheeses whilst on the last day of a holiday last Friday. They've just about lasted the weekend. The Dapple was the texture of cheddar with a very tangy flavour and made fab cheese on toast. The Walsingham was crumblier but equally as tangy. The heels of both will be used to make Simon Hopkinson's macaroni cheese tonight [​IMG]

    Also have Lincolnshire Poacher and Bosworth Field in the fridge, purchased from a National Trust shop on Sarurday.

    I'd happily have a cheese wedding cake, as long as there was a gluten free fruit one as well!

    "More cheese Gromit?"
  2. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese.........................
    Am so looking forward to resuming my cheese habit after the wedding. Just a few odd days of cheesy temptation have been enough to make me put weight on.
  3. On the topic of cheese stacked wedding cake, you assemble on the morning of the wedding and disassemble it for cutting. Friends of mine got married last year and had a cheese cake and a similar (un-iced) stack of fruit cakes to go with the cheese. Fab: cheese and fruit cake. V.v northern, I believe (and I'm from the south) but v v good. May I also suggest Shropshire Blue? Wonderful cheese I discovered by accident a few months ago in Sainsbury's. I'd also recommend Blue Wensleydale.

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