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we art teachers are being slagged off!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by oldtimer 2, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Well this may be your opinion. All i will say is it is clear you have no experience of teaching art so your view is clearly one sided and subsequently flawed. Same with me, i do not teach English so cannot comment about English workload.

    It is easy to base opinion on typical assumptions as i did previously. I would say all subjects are hard work within their own rights.
  2. As I say, It's all just so unfair!!!!
  3. Oh come on, let's let him in on the secret: we never plan, we only ever carry on ad infinitum, resourcing is picking up a leaf on the way to school or collecting fag ends and bottle tops to make a sculpture and marking is a quick glance before awarding everyone an 'A'. The rest of the time, we spend looking cool, talking **** and drinking absinthe. You've got us.
  4. dammit Joli, did you have to tell the world our secret? Now I must go and finish off that masterpiece i've been painting in my endless hours of free time i have each week....
  5. Notes down user joli, seek out and destroy. Secret is out now.

    Time to pack up the white spirit and hide the tea.
  6. Pick up leaves? Collect fag ends? White spirit? You've got to be joking...all that effort?
    How about: "Come in everybody, here's the A5 paper - lets make up a pattern" 8 weeks work there - top tip... if they finish, they can do it again in coloured pencil crayon (if you can be bothered to get them out that is).
    Loads of time for tea, cake and chat with that one!
    It's great, £33 grand a year!
    Again, it's all just so unfair!!!
  7. God texteach - you have it so easy - expectations in my school are obviously much higher. S'not fair.
  8. Wonder where Manc is today...? Knee deep in marking I suspect...not to worry, keep wading through it...it will be done by midnight I'm sure.
    Poor thing.
  9. manc

    manc New commenter

    Unlike the art teachers who are probably watching the football, and getting the same pay.
  10. Poor manc, a diary is always helpful mind.

    Come on fellow art teachers, we are always supportive, let us write a list of tips to help manc become more organised and efficient so that marking load can be done in school time.

    Think people think.
  11. Take Weetabix in so you can have breakfast in the staffroom while marking before eight!

  12. Now admit it manc, you really get a little thrill from believing you can rile us, don't you? I have to admit, it *is* entertaining to see you het up for nothing.
  13. manc

    manc New commenter

    Darkness, if f-t English marking could be done in school-time it would be. That's not possible.

    But you wouldn't know about that because you've never experienced it.

    It is nothing to do with efficency or inefficiency.
  14. Might be who knows. This is just my view of it even though i have no experience teaching English. Good luck, and get back to the marking will you.
  15. jono1701

    jono1701 New commenter

    Get into work early + work through lunch + stay back till 4:30 ish every night = no marking at home
  16. Hi, Im art teachet from Poland. Tell me , please . What are you doing on yours arts lesson in England?
    I will be very greatfull.
  17. manc

    manc New commenter

    Hey, jono, that's great. Thanks.

    I never realised how simple it was.
  18. "But you wouldn't know about that because you've never experienced it."

    Right back at you manc

  19. Maybe it's all symptomatic of the low importance placed on creativity in schools. On the other hand it may even be the cause. So long as Art and other creative subjects are the object of snide remarks a culture will exist that rates creativity as unimportant.

    This has however been picked up by HM Gov in a report by MPs - read more:


    This being the case, it is those who seek to bolster their own inadequacy by slighting creative subjects that will find themselves out of step with the future.

    Check out the links on this page to see the true value of creativity:


  20. With regard to Art being the easy option, there I have to disagree.

    I always warn candidates I interview that lots of students take art because they think it is easy, and then find out that in fact (apart from perhaps engineering) it is the hardest subject in the college.

    The reason is simple. Art requires that learners develop in more areas than other subjects. What other subject requires that students master ALL of the following:

    * Advanced motor skills (e.g. drawing, sketching, painting, visualising, animation etc.)
    * Analytical skills (e.g. evaluation, analysis, compare, contrast, deconstruct, then use results to inform own development etc.)
    * Technical skills (e.g. Resolution, CMYK/RGB, Lighting, Protocols, bandwidth, exposure etc.)
    * Logical skills (e.g. programming [Actionscript, javascript], information structure design, parent-child bject linking [3d modelling] etc.)
    * Aesthetic skills (e.g. Form, composition, tone, texture, colour, etc.)
    * Visual Communication skills (e.g. Semiotics, narrative, layout, typography etc.)
    * Creative thinking (e.g. Ideas development, refining, modifying, developing etc.)


    I could go on, but hey this is only a forum post.

    The fact is that art & design is in many ways so much more demanding than other areas. Where some subjects have only a few of the above, art & design has it all (and more).


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