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we art teachers are being slagged off!

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by oldtimer 2, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Don't know if anybody else has read any of this but the thread in the English staffroom about "Should English teachers be paid more" is full of nasty remarks about how little work art teachers have to do.
    Read it and FUME!

    Someone called manc is particularly offensive but they are not the only one!
  2. Don't know if anybody else has read any of this but the thread in the English staffroom about "Should English teachers be paid more" is full of nasty remarks about how little work art teachers have to do.
    Read it and FUME!

    Someone called manc is particularly offensive but they are not the only one!
  3. maria_b

    maria_b New commenter


    I was reading that post, that is not fair from the English ppl slagging us off!!!! (or in this case, one particular person!!!)
  4. I read that post the other day - totally ludicris, not just slagging off art teachers, they are also suggesting the D&Ters have no work to do either. There're just bitter because they can't draw!

    Funnily enough there was a thread near it about visual language and how art can be used to help teach English - hope their not expecting help from the useless artie farties for that!
  5. Just wanted to give you art teachers my support, I'm a primary teacher but remember when I chose my A Levels being told Art is the easy option! These attitudes annoy be so much especially when the comments are made by people who have no experience of what you do.
  6. A lot of "low achievers" get shunted into art by their guidance teachers because of this attitude and struggle terribly with the subject. As we all know, there's more to it than drawing a crushed up coke can - critical activity, intellectual response, emotional maturity to name but a few.

    I guess it's up to us as Art and Design teachers to really big up our subject and make sure people know what it's about, hopefully changing some daft perceptions (no names mentioned or anything, manc..oops!)
  7. manc

    manc New commenter

    Gosh, the spelling and punctaution is very individualistic over here, isn't it?

    How's it hanging, chaps?

  8. once agian manc you pop up to slag us all off. ever crossed your mind spelling may just be type errors?
    I'd love to see you teach!
  9. whoops sorry type error I mean again not agian!
  10. maria_b

    maria_b New commenter

    If you think that marc is having a go at us with spelling error, you should have read the post from yesterday on unemployed teachers, where esperanza! was critising my spellings!!!!!


  11. maria_b

    maria_b New commenter

    lol........see another typing error MANC!!!!!
  12. manc brings this subject up regularly, but he's really not worth the argument. He thinks he knows, he believes it's true and I bet he's a 'know nothing about art but I know what I like' type as well and we know howimpossibly stuck in their ways they are.

    But... the spelling and punctuation *is* appalling chaps and will just give him more ammunition.
  13. Anyone notice "Manc" spelt punctuation as punctaution? Or was it deliberate?! lol
    All this "harmless banter" is what makes us art teachers better and more determined at our jobs, so bring it on.....
  14. Having looked at the thread on the English forum,I don't think that Manc can be an English teacher: surely an English teacher would know when to use "less" and when to use "fewer".

    I'm not an Art teacher, by the way.
    monkeyship likes this.
  15. if English teachers put as much effort into their SOW and lessons as Art and DT teachers do, then perhaps more pupils would enjoy their subject like they do ours. it would be an easy life as an English teacher, sit them in rows all lesson, 15 mins silent reading, doesn't sound too hard to me
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  16. Not many teachers stay behind every night with exam students, arrange to come in in the holidays etc. I have stayed until 8 o'clock on occasion so that my students can use my room to complete corsework. I spend an absolute fotrtune on resources for them, and I do it because I love my subject and want them to do well. It is very frustrating how people perceive our subject. I am very lucky that my school has respect for our departmnet and appreciates the work we do and standards we achieve. I suppose there will always be some ****** with this archaic opinion of our subject. It's a shame that there are still teachers out there who do not support the importance of a well rounded education, and do appreciate that art education is a vital part of a childs development. For someone who teaches Art and Design , its strange that I am accused of not having to do very much work as it's my car that is always the last one in the car park!
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  17. P.S. writng this as I have just finished school work for the evening, for the third night in a row. Am i working hard enough for you! Note the time!
  18. I totally agree with girl friday...

    It seems strange to me that come four o'clock on any given school day it is impossible to find any teachers from any of the core subjects still in my school, whereas the Art dept still has classes full of students and the PE dept is still working like mad out on the field. We hardly ever leave before 6 when the caretaker kicks us and our students out to lock up, and he is often begged for that extra 'five minutes'!

    How exactly do Art teachers work less when we're the ones who run the clubs during break, lunch and after school, coursework sessions on saturdays and during half term and Easter. I dont know what the inside of my staffroom looks like, certainly at lunchtime. It's filled with core subject teachers gossipping and munching. I remember what lunch is, but rarely have time to eat it, in between the classes and clubs that we run at those times.

    That's just the work we do in school... what about all the running around meeting local businesses to support and fund us, the linking with the local community for projects, and the endless hours of research and collecting of resources which regularly go on until the early hours of the morning.

    This all makes us sound like we have sad little lives with no time for a social life, but somehow we even manage to balance that too!

    We dont ask for sympathy or support for the extra work we do, we do it because we love our subject and we care about our students. In comparrison, the core subjects have very little that they can compare and contrast with that!

    I think they should take a leaf out of our book re. commitment, dedication and hard work and apply it to themselves before slating a subject and staff that they clearly know nothing about!

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  19. well said all of the above - perhaps others will now look beyond their own little self centred worlds and wise up to what others do for the same wage
    Sock it to them art teachers!
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  20. ...and DT teachers, I like the art rooms, they teach all sorts of things I would like to teach if I wasnt restricted by the NC, plus they get to do ceramics, jealous? yes and thats from a DT teacher, I expect the English teachers are too
    parents evening classic, "he cooks at home so he must be good at Food Tech" thats a bit like saying "he helped to creosote the fence so he must be good at art"

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