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We are loving our mini-beasts topic!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by louisea, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. It is really inspiring some of my children. I bought the caterpillar kit (that somebody suggested on here) and the children keep asking to look at them everyday. They are getting really big now.
    The kids keep drawing and making spiders out of all sorts of things in the classroom, after our Spider Week. This week its caterpillar/butterfly week, so we've read the Very Hungry Caterpillar of course!
    We've been in our forest area looking for mini-beasts! Now they are looking for them everywhere armed with magnfying glasses!
    Just loving it (and so are the kids)
  2. Have you thought of getting a visitor in for your Minibeast topic? WildWorkshops (www.wildworkshops.co.uk) is based in the North-West and bring a range of British Garden creatures in for the children to explore and investigate.
  3. I am doing minibeasts too with my nursery and we went to the park yesterday, hunting for minibeasts, armed with our magnifying glasses.

    We have booked 'animals in tuition' to come and bring some minibeasts into our school

    my kids r loving it too
  4. Hi Louise,
    my nursery children have shown great interest in minibeasts in our growing topic as we've come across them whilst planting vegetables. we are thinking about doing minibeasts next, we would love to go out on a minibeast hunt but we dont have much on the school grounds. what other things have you been doing? ive thought of good indoor activities like making spiders etc in creative, hunting bugs in the sand ttray etc. what else have your kids really liked?
  5. We are also doing mini beasts and are having a visit from Zoolab who are brill. They come in with land snails, milipedes, spiders, corn snakes etc and the children can touch them.


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