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We are buying a tent!!

Discussion in 'Personal' started by magmac, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Are we mad?? Any campers out there? Now that we are both retired no more expensive holidays in school holidays. We are going to France for a month later in the year but during the Summer we thought we would give camping a go.

    Can anyone offer advice? We would like to just up and go when the weather is good. Is this possible or do you have to book?

    Thank you for any help!
  2. I would reccommend the Quechua Seconds Base 4.2 tent. We bought one last year - it is a pop-up which you can stand up in, sleeps 4 comfortably and goes up and down in minutes! A friend of our goes camping for 5 weeks in the summer and swears by hers! We also love ours, and have slept in it in all kinds of weather.
  3. Thanks Wildmillie will take a look at that!
  4. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    Definitely recommend down sleeping bags. Go for zipped though - slithering out of a coccoon in the middle of the night when dying for a widdle is so ...........<strike>diastrous</strike> .....<strike>undignified</strike>.......difficult!
    Stick to wine - doesn't fill the bladder as much as beer[​IMG]
    I love camping. Don't do enough of it. Like the Khyams too.
  5. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    Oh, something I learned early on...have a set place to keep the torch. On our first camping trip I spent ages fumbling about for mine in the middle of the night. And I always take my crocs- can be hosed off when muddy.
  6. More good tips! Thank you sooooooooooooooo much!
  7. Top Tip
    Check out Scout Campsites in the area you're looking to stay.
    Non scouters accomodated for a small fee.
    Loads of fab people to help if needed,will make you welcome and you'll often get an invite to campfire, evening get together.
    Accessible facilities. Some are good others adequate. But that's same with all campsites.
    And my fave is having your own fire at night to sit around enjoying a chat and a glass or two.
    Most campsites don't allow this.
  8. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    Oh- one of those wee LED torches- the teeny ones on a keyring, attached to your sleeping bag zip or something else easily finable, is good too.
  9. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    We bought a tent when we retired and used it a few times for short trips away last year. Practised putting it up three times before we actually used it. Once June came we set up the old wallpapering trestle table in the garage and laid all our clobber out on/under it. Then we kept an eye on the weather. When we decided the forecast was good enough we could pack the car in 20mins flat. Best site last year was Appletreewick - firepits to rent, pub down the road. We also used it for going to Latitude festival - totally unforgettable, going again this year. We were frozen at night so have invested in new sleeping bags. We went for camp beds and found the space underneath really useful

    Ours is similar to this - a space tall enough to stand up in at the front and a separate bedroom.packs up pretty small. Our friends looked at us as if we were mad but we plan to use it again this year.

  10. I had no desire at all to cam and then I watched some of the videos on the Quechua website ... looks great

    Well looks great until you need a poo ... I think this is what puts me off [​IMG]
  11. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    B&M bargains have camping equipment including beds, cookers, tents, sleeping bags etc. Tescos also do some bargains.
  12. Yes most of our friends think we are mad but we are looking forward to it!!

    Thanks to all for more tips and links!
  13. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Bin bags always come in handy when camping - be sure to pack a few.
  14. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    PS, possibly mentioned above, but Trangia spirit burners are generally a whole lot better for cooking on than those fiddly gas cartridge thingies, and safer too.
  15. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    PPS: If you're looking for cheap and cheerful camping spots, this one at Newgale in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park is a personal favourite. It's &pound;5 a head per night, with shower block, pub next door, bus stops for regular coastal bus service, lovely beach a mere pebble's throw away, and stunning coastal path walks. Sorted.
  16. NellyFUF

    NellyFUF Lead commenter

    St Bees Cumbria. Nice spot.
    In addition to the basic equipment list
    you might need a camper van. Ahh, the dream, a Toyota Townace with the mini fridge, the little curtains.
    what about a caravan project? Something vintage from ebay for restoration. Ahh the dreams.
  17. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    Please don't buy the god awful enamelled camping gear,

    plastic is far better, lighter, easy to clean!

    something like [​IMG] from poundland etc will do the best job in keeping your brew hot and warm for longer!
  18. Oh no! Do NOT go down the camper/caravan route. Why try to travel with your own home? Stick to proper camping and mix it with B&B if you need the occasional luxury (like I do!).

  19. http://www.alpkit.com/ The sleeping mats from here are amazing. Much more comfortable and warmer than an air bed. My top tip is to buy some plastic storage boxes and keep packed with camping equipment so it's easy to pack up and go at short notice. I have cooking equipment, lanterns, batteries, washing up stuff etc ready!
  20. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Given that they've only just bought a tent I doubt whether the camper or caravan will be considered for quite some time.

    Having done just about every form of canvas camping at some point in my life, there is definitely something to be said for pulling up in your camper, switching the fridge to gas, opening the wine, then supping it in comfort whilst watching some other poor sods trying to put their tent up in a gale ;-)

    But fair's fair, you have to pay your dues under canvas for many years in order to fully appreciate such frippery. Never forget that the verb 'camp' is derived from two sources - cramp and damp.

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