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Ways to Stand out

Discussion in 'Geography' started by scottjw, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. I am starting in my NQT role in September. I am extremely excited about the prospect, and I am an ambitious person. I want to stand out as not only a good teacher, but someone who brings that bit extra to the department. With this in mind, I was wondering if anyone knew of anything I could do? I am already planning on applying for Eco school, and also for the Geography Quality Mark. Is there anything else people know about which I could do?
    Geography is in a pretty dire state at the moment in my new school, and there is another colleague along with me who have been brought in to change this. He has the experience, and I have the fresh ideas and enthusiasm. I am optimistic, both of my own ability, but more importantly I know Geography has the ability to be an influential subject.
    Your help is appreciated.
  2. I remember the feeling well! It was a long time ago for me. It is great to have someone with such enthusiasm and passion for the subject - that in itself will make you stand out. Try not to over commit yourself too early on though. You will have so much to learn in your first year and you need time to be able to do things for your own development as a teacher like observing other teachers when you can.
    When you have settled then may be the time to look at what else you could bring. You could possibly run a trip or a lunchtime club. Eco-schools is great and needs a co-ordinator but should be run by the students as much as possible.
    Your colleagues will be encouraged by your freshness and different approach to things. Tasks such as differentiating resources and lessons would be most welcome.
    Really it's in the second year of teaching that you should think about taking on extra responsibility as you need to focus on passing your NQT year.
    Good luck!
  3. Hi
    You might like to have a look at the resources and courses offered by the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG)
    The Geography Teaching Today websites contains loads of KS3 resources and fieldwork resources- well worth a look.
    Also- Young Geographer of the Year competition http://www.rgs.org/OurWork/Schools/Young+Geographer+2011.htm Linked to an award for PGCE students and NQTs- something to look good on your CV!

  4. ejz

    ejz New commenter

    I agree with Jane. Just concentrate on your NQT year, it's hard enough. I'm glad you've got someone to work through it with you, as for me picking up the pieces is something I've done twice over . It takes dedication and many late hours reconstructing a department into something you can be proud of. The children take precedence, get your lessons right and collegues onside then expand out into headline grabbing accolades.
    Good Luck!
  5. How about getting some outside speakers in to create a bit of a buzz?

    Charities like the one I work for (www.soschildren.org) offers free assemblies and workshops on issues related to Human Geography.

  6. Try setting up a weather station in the school grounds. Give each year a term when they take the readings (under your supervision). Teach them how to save the data, plot it and analyse it. If you make this data available to IT, they can teach the students how to use EXCEL to graph it, and the science department will also have uses for it. Nothing excites the students as much as making use of something they have done themselves. It also helps cement interdepartmental relations, which will get you noticed (and appreciated).
    GIS is another activity you can try. A GIS club can get sponsorship from industry - money is always helpful and will put your students above the rest of the crowd.

    Good luck

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