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Ways to get through content when no time left? Ideas welcome please

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by Angek, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hi again
    As my Year 10s do not have enough time to actually compete the course I find myself in unacceptable waters. Every year it is tight but we make it...this year we have lost time to all sorts and as a result we can not squeze it all in. I am already using homework as a way to get through new topics and try to close the gap but it will not be closed enough. Apart from asking for an RE day off timetable - which would be seen as unfair by other subjects - I just cant see clever ways around this and would really love to hear what you have tried, or could suggest please :)

    Thanks again everyone
  2. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    How keen are they and how far away do they live? Can you do an after-school or Saturday extra group? Otherwise you could prepare an outline of two topics and give them to different groups in class to turn into a mind-map and then share with the whole class.

    One kind of mind map that I have used requires sequencing of information in a circle so each item of information (a brief sentence, phrase or key words from each paragraph of the outline provided, for example) is positioned next to something it is related to. In this way, for example, you can link in religious texts, contemporary information from the news, different views on a topic - and draw connections between aspects of the topic by drawing lines across the centre of the circle. They can write along the lines to say what the connection is, too.. Making connections and moving the information in a spatial way is a good way of aiding memory.

    That way you can facilitate learning of two topics for half the lesson - in smaller groups where hopefully they can take the information in quite quickly - then as it is shared they reinforce that knowledge and pass enough over to those who did not work on that topic to begin to think about it. Everyone will at least have heard of the two topics in the lesson.

    For homework, provide the notes that both groups had - with an exam question related to each topic. They have to answer the one from the topic that they didn't prepare.

    I've done this as a way of introducing a topic, but not with two. However if I were in your shoes it's the kind of exercise I might try and it would certainly be better than missing out a topic completely.
  3. If they are top end pupils I would just give them the notes on handouts and then work through GCSE questions with them in class so they are having to work with the info. Or you can actually condense 2 lessons into one as I have done this with top up class and taught second paper Religion & Society from Sep - May on one hour a week - if it's that paper you are welcome to lesson plans that do exactly that!
    Lower ability I wouldn't worry too much about religious content unless it is key issues like attitudes towards other religions - I would just hammer in as much practice on b and d questions on the new topics as you can as that's where there c grades will come from.
    Or as durga says see if you can get them back after school or for a Saturday morning.
    Alternatively, do you have PHSE/ study periods you can use?
    Is worth asking SLT for time just in case - in our school Humanities get 2 hours a week to do the course compared to 3 in many schools - could use that as an argument?
    Also, would they consider a day swap? We are doing this at the end of term - we have missed loads of Fridays due to holidays, Insets, exams etc. If you can show it is not your fault - and possibly other departments have been affected too this might be a goer?
  4. waitingforthepost

    waitingforthepost New commenter

    Hello - I have been in this position before and made a booklet for students to work through with model answers and activities for them to break them down in the eyes of an examiner for marks, key points to build answers up and predicted questions for students to practice formulating answers using key points. It was belts and braces but worked! If this is for Edexcel Relion & Life, let me know and I can send you my booklet!
  5. rubysoho79

    rubysoho79 New commenter

    I was going to ask a very similar question, I am struggling to get through the course in time for the exams in May. I have year 11 going in for the Religion & Life Paper and a year 10 class going in the Religion & Society one, and have started giving them whole lessons as homework,

    Leviosa - could I be cheeky and ask for a copy of your lesson plans?
    Waiting - would I be able to get a copy of your booklet too?

  6. Lev - you are a legend in your own righ! :) Thanks for all this - I will give it all a shot! :) I have toyed with PSHEE day and would really love to get some PSHEE time, but SLT are keen that all subjects are seen to be equal and I know this could be a battle - one worth having though, so I am on it :)
    Have sent you a message and a thank you for the resources offer :)
    I would also happily have a whole Saturday with them, or after school or lunch sessions but these would npt be obligatory and I cannot teach new learning in session not all students can access - wish I could make them all come! :)
    Thanks again - you rock! xxx

  7. Evening - the same sentiments got to you as Lev! And I would appreciate the resource offer, thank you! I have sent you a friend request - hope that's ok!

  8. Of course a big thank you for ALL your ideas and time - this is a lovely place to come to! x
  9. I'm led in bed worrying about the same thing for religion and life,and society. Would it be possible to get a copy of the booklets too? Rockgrrl
  10. fpno@another.com

    fpno@another.com New commenter

    Hi all,
    I took my students for a weekend away at Kingswood. I linked up with the Science department, found some funding and took my whole full course group. Did a mixture of fun, RS, Science and combined lessons.

    Lots of fun for the students, got the content of almost two units done and got the difficult Science units taught by a Science AST. Definitely worthwhile!

  11. waitingforthepost

    waitingforthepost New commenter

    Hello again - not being brilliant with technology - could whoever wants my guide leave an email address and I will send on!

    Am updating this week so will probably send it thursday/friday for takers!

    All the best
  12. Thank u! Have sent you a friend request and messgae - just have a look in your inbo at thetop where you log out :)
    A x

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