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Ways to annoy your classes at the end of term...

Discussion in 'Personal' started by learningyoghurt, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Sir, are we doing someting fun today?
    ICT lesson: "yeh, we're going to learn about conditional formatting on spreadsheets!"
    Geography; "yeh, we're going to find out about the landforms created by differential erosion on the Dorset coast".
    Eh, you what?
    (but actually I do have a 'fun' lesson planned!)
    We don't finish until 23 July so still got a way to go.
  2. See, where I work, that would be a field trip, so def. a fun lesson.

    But I'm lucky.
  3. Well I am planning to get them all excited and hyper about going outside, then send them to line up outside so I can then get them to come in and sit an assessment...that'll teach'em...!
  4. MrsAThomas

    MrsAThomas New commenter

    Thanks for making me laugh out loud! Maybe now I can survive the next week or so without going totally insane
  5. Them "Are we having a fun lesson today?"
    Me: "all my lessons are fun- come in, sit down, shut up" (my normal meet and greet)

    Them: "Do we have to sit in our seating plans today?"
    Me: "As it's last lesson of the term... most certainly".

    Me: "Ok Ladies and gents... just to let you know that I have a job in a different school, so unfornately this will be our last lesson together"
    Them: Whoops and cheers. (I'm not exactly a friendly matey teacher)
    Me: Not really- but those who cheered, your names are duely noted...
  6. Assessmenst ? marking them? paper ? all sounds like hard work to me set them up on yaccapaca and let them do the online tests, marked for you :) no paper tp waste so there fore no soauth amarican indians made home less,. that means you can be evil and have a social conience at the same time

  7. I have a colleague who, when asked by students what they will be doing today, always answers "Press-ups."
    He is a drama teacher.

  8. I like to "annoy" them by pretending they have a theory lesson, then earn easy kudos for doing novel, fun, easyish science practicals and explosive demos in the final lesson instead of "iplayer" for an hour (which I truly find harder to cope with.....watching bored people is like the bad old days of summer invigilation, or watching Eastenders).
    Naturally, to make it even more exciting and to tie in with the School Improvement Plan, I write the learning objectives on the board, level each piece of work, feedback constructively, log it, evaluate the lesson........
  9. "Sorry your SATs papers were lost in the post...we're going to have to cancel the production year 6 so we can do them again" (a pile of paper at the front with an old paper on top is a good prop for this).
  10. Marking? what marking? if you want to be truely evil, give them a levelled assessment and then a mark scheme 13 minutes before the lesson ends. They'll absolutely love you then. ha ha ha

  11. Yes! My students always claim that I never told them about their homework, dictations and tests.
    They even acused me of losing their exercise books to shift the responsibility, and blamed on me!
    The fact was that I did write it on the board and asked them to jot it down in their handbooks, but
    they didn't. I can't ignore them as they would tell the other subject teachers, headteachers and
    parents and file complaints. They purpose was to get rid of the records of failed dictations and
    wrong exercises to avoid doing corrections and asking parents for signatures in dictation books!
    As a loving, forgiving and fragile female teacher, what could be done to prevent it next year?

  12. In primary tell them that the whole of the last day is yoy day and they can have the whole day playing with their friends with their favourite toys from home, forget to tell them that not DS type machines are allowed. then when they come in with DS's confiscate them. But best of all. Tip all the wet play toys they have abused all year into a giant heap in the middle of the classroom and tell them the whole thing has to be sorted, organised and boxed before any playing can be done! It is really annoying for them and you can see them all thinking of ways to steal back the maltesers or bubble bath thye have just lovingly presented you with. Nice!

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