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water area

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by martydog, Jan 27, 2015.

  1. martydog

    martydog New commenter

    I am trying to revamp my water area. Any suggestions what I can have in there for something different.
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Hard to suggest different things if you don't tell us what you've already got!
  3. martydog

    martydog New commenter

    Sorry at the moment we have buckets, funnels, water wheels, animals, tea pot, cups, conkers, shells, plastic people. The children tend to just fill up the water tray with everything. The head suggested I rethink about what is there and why? So I just wondered what others had for ideas.
  4. May2

    May2 Established commenter

    Plumbers piping cut to different lengths and double and three way connectors used with funnels and jugs are very popular.

    You didn't mention boats, if you haven't got any the children like making them from plastic pots and seeing them float. They can be blown across tray using straws to have a race to see which goes the fastest. How many men does it take to sink the boat.

    Buy little fishing nets from pet shop to fish out magnetic letters or numbers. Challenge to spell their name etc.

    Collect lots of mini shampoo bottles like you get in hotels, the girls especially liked filling tiny bottles.

    Bubbles and sponges and towels for bathing dolls.

    You can get a lot of number and colour matching toys for water trays. We had penguins that colour matched their rubber rings.

    A selection of objects for them to test whether they float or sink and make laminated charts with pictures and words of objects for them to tick if float or sink.

    We had a set of small stacked plastic crates and encouraged them to select what they wanted in the tray and they were encouraged to put them back in the correct crate afterwards so hopefully they didn't put everything in at once.

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