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watching you tube clips in school

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by May2, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. May2

    May2 Occasional commenter

    Hi, like most schools I suspect, we are not able to access You Tube in school. I am sure some time on here I read a way round it by copying in to some other programme. Can anyone tell me a (very) simple way of watching these in school.

  2. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

  3. I've used this before...

    Go to the YouTube video you want to save. Type the word save into the URL just after www. and before youtube.
    So it will read www.saveyoutube........
  4. www.keepvid.com

    Type in the URL of the vid and it will generate a file for you to save and play on media player in school.
  5. So sad because there are some excellent clips on YouTube. I just based my 'Alphabet' assembly performance on something from YouTube. What about TeacherTube?
  6. Like I posted previously, www.keepvid.com will turn a youtube clip into a file you can play through Mediaplayer in school. Schools blocking Youtube is entirely understandable. There are many unsuitable clips on there that are appear suitable until played. There was a well-publicised incident of an anti-censorship group posting pornography but giving it titles that children might look for, such as Hannah Montana and High School Musical. Personally would not allow children to have access to Youtube. Millions of videos are posted every day and it is impossible for each to be vetted. Those removed are only done so following complaints, ie, someone, maybe a child, has seen them and notified youtube.
  7. The old road safety videos are available on youtube- the ones about the hedgehogs. Our IT chap saved them onto my area on the school computer for me.
  8. emilystrange

    emilystrange Star commenter

    www.zamzar.com - input the url of the clip on youtube and it will email you the clip in a useable format. it's great! and free.
  9. mumbobumbo

    mumbobumbo New commenter

    Hi. YouTube Downloader also works. It's free to download.
  10. 24601 - agreed there are some very suspect clips on YouTube. The point is YOU have to preview before using. Isn't that what planning is all about? Tere are some very suspect images on Google too. We, as teachers, need to be discerning by previewing and selecting suitability.
  11. After hours of searching last week, I discovered that if you download real player onto your computer (its free, unless you want the updated version) you can then choose a clip on Youtube and if you hover over the right hand side of the video a box comes up for you to press download; click on the icon and then choose from the drop down menu, download to real player. The barefoot animated songs are excellent on Youtube and our Nursery children are really enjoying them; as I can now play the clips that I have downloaded to Realplayer in school without going on Youtube. Once you have downloaded them open up Realplayer and go to the library section and the list of all the videos you have downloaded will appear. Apparently you can also download the clips to your pendrive but haven't worked out how to do that yet!
    Good Luck.

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