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Wasp question

Discussion in 'Personal' started by hazeymazey, May 4, 2011.

  1. hazeymazey

    hazeymazey New commenter

    I have noticed a few wasps going in and out of a tiny hole in our brickwork by our back door.. Its a very small hole and I haven't seen loads of the little critters - do you think its ok to just block up the hole? Will this just shift the problem - will they hunt me down????

  2. JTL

    JTL Occasional commenter

    We have had wasps about 4 times in the last 20 years. Each time we called Environmental Health and had to pay up front before they would come out. The last time, the day after the chap had been, we noticed another area of activity so we called again. The chap advised us to use ant powder which we did and the problem went away. I wish we had known that in the first 4 instances. Would have saved us some money!
    Mind you, perhaps we spotted the problem in good time, before the wasps had time to make a huge nest.
    Hope your problem has gone away now.
  3. One summer, my father had a hornets nest on his roof, but he was managing a well known pest control company at the time and refused to pay someone when he could wait till their 'busy' season was over and get a guy out from the nearest branch for nothing.
    By the end of the 6 weeks we waited, the nest had reached epic proportions, was joined by 2 wasps nests at the other end of the house and we had to keep doors and windows shut all day (heatwave of 2003, I seem to remember) and the dog had managed to ingest at least 4 of the little critters while escaping the heat of the house!
    Moral of the story is....act now! Good luck!
  4. I really really really wish I hadn't read this thread. I should have known better, given the title. I will go home this afternoon and be on wasp-watch for about a week. [​IMG]
  5. Don't worry, mossop. If you have got wasps , they'll find you first. :¬))

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