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Washing machines - buy in store or online?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gorgybaby, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. I really need a new machine, have narrowed the search down to just a couple, now. Is there any advantage in going into Currys or shall I just buy online?
    Compliments of the season, and thanks, would appreciate your thoughts.
  2. If you have already poked and prodded in Real Life and online is cheaper or easier.... I'd go online!
  3. kittylion

    kittylion Established commenter

    I bought one online a few years ago because it was definitely a lot cheaper - although it was a bit less of a bargain once I had added on delivery and the charge for removing the old machine. I think you could have free delivery if you were able to wait a few weeks, but I couldn't. I haven't had any problems - just make sure you use somewhere reputable. Having said that when I bought a fridge this year it worked out quicker and about the same to get it from Comet or Currys (can't remember which). You just do your sums I suppose.
  4. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    We bought a new cooker a couple of weeks ago from here:
    Ordered at 4 pm on a Sunday, delivered for free 9.30 am the next morning (!) and £150 less than the only shop in town that sells cookers.
    I'd certainly use them again. Their extended warranties are particlarly over-priced however if you go for that sort of thing.
  5. Empire Direct Appliances - part of Richer Sounds - cheap, good delivery and great customer service.
  6. Crowbob

    Crowbob Senior commenter

    Your rights are much stronger if you purchase online.
    For example, a freezer ordered IN an Argos store is exempt from the "change your mind" returns policy. So, if you get it home and it doesn't fit or doesn't "go" with your kitchen, tough luck. Order the same freezer from the Argos website and you are covered by the DSR and, as such, can send it back if you don't like it/it doesn't fit/you change your mind.
  7. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    I would say that it depends on the delivery arrangements.
    If you have to take a day of unpaid leave to wait in for a delivery, the £150 saving may not look quite so clever - but do not underestimate the capacity of bricks and mortar stores to give you the delivery runaround as well.
    This is one reason why we supported our local store last time we bought a washing machine.
    Enjoy the clean clothes.
    One thing we hate about our current washing machine is the way it bleeps really loudly when the cycle has finished (especially if we've put on a load at bedtime).
  8. We recently bought a washer-dryer from amazon, got a great deal (over £200 cheaper than currys or comet).
  9. bumblingbee

    bumblingbee New commenter

    We bought a Beko online from Currys on Christmas Day (I know - a bit sad but we moved house three days before Christmas and I was getting desperate) and it was delivered today. £179, no delivery charge and a A++ energy rating. Done a wash already and it seems to be fine.
  10. Cestrian

    Cestrian New commenter

    Depending on your financial situation, you can get "Manager's Special Offers" in-store which aren't available online, if they are trying to shift older stock - we got a huge fridge-freezer at half price as it was the last one (and the display one). Appliancesonline have also been good on prices for us too - we moved in 2 weeks before Christmas.
  11. Online.
    Have used Comet (washing machine delivered 0800 next day, first wash in at 0815).
    Appliances direct for cooker and hood. Marvellous service, very helpful, returned first item as it didn't fit through difficult access, no problem at all arranging another delivery of (2cm) smaller item.

  12. Thanks, all. Ordered a Bosch on;ine in the end - it is due to arrive tomorrow. Like an idiot, I didn;t measure before I put the order through, so would appreciate positive thoughts about it fitting. It is only 1/2 cm larger than my existing one but it is a tight fit...
  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I ordered an AEG on 26th online and it was delivered today at 3pm. I didn't even measure the gap as I thought they are all the same size. It fits and I hope yours will too.
  14. Hurrah! it fits! Positive thoughts obviously worked, thank you! I checked online last night to see when it was to arrive and they said between 06.37 and 10.37. they phoned at 8ish and delivered at 8.30. One of the blokes was dreadfully smelly, you know that really rank smell of unwashed and 80 fags a day? As he was dismantling the old one and I was standing there he said "It stinks". Well blow me - stagnant water sitting in a machine that hasn't worked properly for several weeks - really? And you think it stinks worse than you?? I said "Oh dear, I am sorry about that", and I went up the wall outside the room, Mr Gorgy ushered me out and read me the riot act about workmen doing a job for you and making sure that you are nice to them. I think I should have phoned the company and told them what was what. I am just about to do a lovely wash though, in my spangly new machine, so I won't. Hope it all smells nice.

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