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Was that implantation? Any experiences please.

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by freesia1982, Jul 22, 2011.

  1. Hi ladies, I'm going to apologise for TMI in advance.
    OH and I have been TTC for 4 months, I'm currently on CD23, 10DPO. On Wed (8DPO) I had a single tiny spot of brown blood on my underwear. It was so small (like a pin *****) and there was no more blood when I wiped. Is that what implantation bleeding is like?
    During some of my previous cycles I have had some spotting for a day or so about 3 days after DTD but this was nothing like that. This cycle was much later and just the single spot of brown rather than red tinted CM. Any symptoms I have are easily explained. I've been shattered (but I am quite sure that was end end of term exhaustion). Been quite bloated and gassy [​IMG] but have not had the best diet with leaving meals and school trip treats. I thought my boobs felt bigger but stupid as it may sound, because I don't have conclusive proof I think I am probably imagining it - wishful thinking most likely!
    I know it's way too early to POAS and I'm not sure I want to before AF is due but this is driving me nuts. Has anyone else had this experience, what was it like for you?

  2. Hey freesia just sharing my experience hope it helps x
    I'm currently 23 weeks PG and had something very similar on Exactly CD23 9/10DPO. Checked my diary and wrote : sharp twinges and tiny amount of brown spotting on underwear. I was also extremely tired that following week. I took a test 11DPO and got a faint line on a first response test. Is AF due soon? Good luck sending you lots of positive thoughts x
  3. Oops it must have actually been more like 8DPO I had spotting - thats going off due date calculations etc! Do remember couldn't resist any longer and tested very early though. Your a stronger girl than me I couldnt have waited for AF patience is not one of my virtues :) x
  4. Thanks Julesk,
    That sounds exactly like I had. I hope so, but only time will tell!
    I'm so tempted, but really don't want to see the wrong answer on the stick... To be honest, I'm being a chicken.
    Thanks again and good luck with the rest of your pregnancy x
  5. Totally understand that I think I may have actually got a +OPK first as was a little dubious about actually taking a pregnancy test!
    Good luck let me know how you get on x
  6. Lol Julesk! I caved and without reading this, oddly enough did the exact same thing. Did OPK and got +ve result so went and got a test.Got 2 tests so will do one on AF day as well. OMG its a BFP (1-2 weeks)!!!! I'm so happy and scared at the same time. Just hope it sticks.
    Thanks for sharing x
  7. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Congratulations Freesia! Glad it's good news for you. Truck loads of Baby glue coming your way!
  8. Congratulations Freesia. How exciting! Hoping its a sticky one and you have a healthy 9 months.[​IMG]
  9. Yey did a little shriek out loud and OH thinks I'm mental! My goodness that's brilliant news x take it easy ( that should be simple it's the holidays) I bet your thrilled x x
  10. Thanks so much ladies.
    Toeinwater and Sleepyme, I appreciate your well wishes more than you can imagine. I truly hope that karma comes back around and I am congratulating you very soon.
    Julesk, thanks for sharing your experience and giving me the guts to do a test.
    You're right, I'm so glad it's in the holidays so I really can relax and take it easy when I feel washed out... Although I feel so thankful that this is the reason I feel washed out!
    Bags of luck to you all. X
  11. Congratulations Freesia. Brilliant news, really pleased for you.
  12. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    Thank you Freesia! Much appreciated and I hope so too!
  13. Congratulations Freesia!
    You'll have to join us on the Spring babies 2012 thread!
    Lots of love xxx
  14. Thanks Jellybean and Emilee [​IMG].
    I will soon - once it has sunk in properly. I still can't believe it, everytime I think about it I feel completely overwhelmed. It feels so strange to think I'm pregnant! [​IMG] x
  15. Yay, congratulations!!
  16. That's so lovely :) Congrats :) xxxx

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