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Warwick Primary PGCE 2011/12

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by chiltoni, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Hi Michael, I have lived in Coventry most of my life so if you need any advice about the area just give me a shout :)
  2. Ech11 - My application finally got to them on the 24th January. I've not heard from them specifically yet, but I emailed them. I think they have a very limited amount of places remaining. they have told me that I will be offered for an interview if there are still spaces. But it seemed like there were a few interview dates before I would get mine. They said they would know more after 14th March. I think you may be waiting for a while to hear from them. It's pretty stressful because you can;t apply to anywhere else whilst you are waiting. Hopefully it wont take too long though!
  3. hi Michael,

    I live in Leamington and a lot of people who go to Warwick Uni live here, it's just a 20 min bus journey to Uni. Not ideal, but it's a nice area. Buses are really regular too. In leamington, a lot of students live near the bottom of town around the Parish church area and near the trainstation. Sydenam, though cheaper, is not as nice an area to live in. But it depends on what you are used to, I don't think it's dangerous really!

    Hope you find somewhere!
  4. Has anyone been offered an interview at Warwick over the next couple of weeks? Just wondered when they had been scheduled for. Thanks!
  5. Hi Holly, the same thing has happened to me, my application was
    forwarded to them on 25th Jan and I emailed a few days ago to ask what
    was going on, I didnt want them to hold onto my application for weeks
    and then reject me! But I was just told that they were hoping to ask me
    to interview and that they would let me know the date at least 2 weeks notice. When did they tell you about knowing after 14th March? Did you apply for general primary or early years?
  6. Hi, where abouts in Coventry do you live? I will be moving into my sister's house in Tile Hill so nice and close to the Uni!!!!!
  7. I applied for General Primary. They told me about a week ago. I know from other forums that people are still awaiting interviews. So I told them that. Then they said that they would know after the 14th March, which I guess is after their next interview day. If the last spaces go then, I don't think we'll be getting an interview.

    Where else are you thinking of applying? I'm from round here and would like to stay close, so I was going to apply for Brookes, but since I've been waiting they have ran out of spaces...

    this is soooo stressful and it's just the beginning!
  8. I know, the application process is so annoying! I've applied for early years but i expect its the same, if the spaces they have left go then I wont get an interview. They updated my GTTR status to STOP 2 days ago. I wanted to apply to ox brookes too if Warwick didnt work out, but now they're full I'm thinking of trying University of Bedfordshire or Leicester, they still have spaces for early years. I'm not sure now if I should just withdraw my application from Warwick or just wait? I want to find a space somewhere, and if they take a long time then other unis will fill up, but then I'd like to go to Warwick above the others. Ahhhhh!
  9. I'm just wondering, has anyone heard anything about upcoming interviews for Warwick? I just saw today on the GTTR site that they have no vacancies, but I'm still waiting to hear about an interview date. I wonder if they have just stopped accepting applications or if they have filled all their spaces, but surely they should let me know and not keep me hanging on for nothing!?
  10. I don't think they are full yet. I have just been told that I will be asked for an interview, but I'm not sure how many people they will be asking. If you email Lucy Ward at Warwick University, she seems to be dealing with it.
  11. Errm, sorry for the late reply, how do I start a facebook page?!
  12. Has anyone else received the pre-course pack from Warwick uni? All a bit daunting, I'm wondering which books to purchase as there are sooo many...
  13. There is a button on the left in the column underneath your profile pic which says create group :) Louise
  14. Hi! I've just recieved the pack, been reading through the reading list and have also been wondering which books to buy! What is also confusing me is which editions they want us to buy, as its not always the newest one. Is there already a Warwick Primary PGCE facebook page for 2011/12? I wouldnt mind creating one so we could all chat before the course starts.
  15. I had my interview on 4th May and found out that I've been given a place on 9th! Was anyone else at the interview that Wednesday and got in? Also, Madspanner please could you post the link when you set up the facebook page? Thanks!
  16. Stephi - I think I might have met you at the interview in our group task. What undergrad degree did you do?
  17. Hi Holly, it just occured to me after the interview that it could have been you I was in the group task with! I studied german and music! Congratulations on getting a place, I was accepted too :) Now just to sort everything out...
  18. Ive called Warwick to try and pay my CRB 4 times since I got home from
    work today and no answer yet, so I took the time to make a group for us all to
    chat on facebook. I hope no one has already created one, I didnt find one in the search. Heres the link - (or just search Warwick Early Years/Primary PGCE 2011/2012)


  19. Hey guys I have signed up to join the fb group I will be doing the Primary Pgce!

  20. Hi Stephi and all,
    Thanks for setting up the fbook group, I kept meaning to set one up but never got round to it!
    I have sent a request to join the group. I'm confused about the publication dates on the books as well, there are some really cheap ones on ebay but the cheapest ones are old publications! So far I've just bought the achieving QTS books for maths, english and science, as I'm sure that will keep me going for a while! I don't have much spare time at the mo though as working until the course starts.
    Am still trying to get the pre-course placement in a school, contacted a few schools a few weeks ago but still haven't heard back.


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