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Warwick Primary PGCE 2011/12

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by chiltoni, Jan 12, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    I have been looking to see if anybody has also been offered a provisional place at Warwick for Primary or Early Primary in 2011/12?

    I went for my interview on 14/12/2010 and got my offer via email on 21/12/2010.

    Be good to make some contacts before starting!

    Ian :O)
  2. Hi,

    I have been looking to see if anybody has also been offered a provisional place at Warwick for Primary or Early Primary in 2011/12?

    I went for my interview on 14/12/2010 and got my offer via email on 21/12/2010.

    Be good to make some contacts before starting!

    Ian :O)
  3. Hey, I have also been offered a provisional place! Had my interview on the 2/12/10 and found out on the 8/12/10. Been a bit of a nervous wait to find out about funding etc. to see if we get confirmed conditional offers! Louise :)

  4. Hi Louise - hope to see you there then...that is if the Government ever decide to put a course on!

  5. Hi Ian, I have the exact same offer, i think i may have even met you on the interview day my name is Garry. I still havens heard back from Warwick with a confirmed "solid" place yet but i know the dfe have released the number of primary places for the next academic year.
  6. Hi Garry...yes we did meet at our interviews...good to know you got the same offer! It looks like Warwick have been awarded the same number of places as last year, so we ought to have our offers confirmed as unconditional pretty soon (I hope).

    Drop me an email if you like to @ mac dot com and fingers crossed for a speedy offer ;0)
  7. Hi, I was at interview on 14th Dec too, but was in a different group to both of you.
    I had my email with the offer conditional of a place but on GTTR track it still says "Your application has been sent for consideration".
    Is this the same for everyone?
    I've got my degree already (long ago!!) so just waiting on confirmation of places/funding.
    Hoping we all hear soon and can start planning for September, I have to give 3 months notice for the current job!
  8. Hi Karen,

    I have the exact same status on the GTTR, i think it is because of the unusual circumstances of government funding that it says "Your application has been sent for consideration". I have heard that the place allocations for Warwick Primary hasn't changed so hopefully we will all get unconditional offers very soon as I too already have my degree.

  9. Hi Garry, I too am waiting to hear from Warwick as I received a provisional offer on the Primary course back in December. Where did you hear about the place allocations? If this is right and they have not changed then perhaps we can relax a little. Very nervous now things seem to be moving! Good luck everyone! Louise
  10. Hi,

    I had my interview on 9th Nov but didnt get offered a conditional place until December. My GTTR says exactly the same thing as yours. I hope we all get to hear soon. It's just really really annoying that they are scrapping the primary bursary.

    Lian :)
  11. The number of places was posted in another thread...but the url is this:


    Has anybody had a firm offer yet from Warwick? I wonder if they send letters, or just email?

    Good luck to everybody too!

  12. Karen...think all our GTTR statuses are the same at the moment - hopefully they might change pretty soon!

  13. Hopefully!!
  14. Hi

    I've just applied, and I was wondering how look it took for the university to let you know whether you had an interview or not? Thanks!
  15. Hi all,

    I got an email today offering me a place too. Coming over from Ireland so its a big move. Cant wait! Did my interview 8th February. Is it just subject to CRB check now?
  16. Yep, the CRB check, that health form , and for me my final degree result :)
  17. Excellent, maybe we should start a Facebook group?
  18. Helloooo
    I've also been offered a place on the early years PGCE at Warwick, I wonder if we'll have much to prepare before September?! Does anyone know? I'll be working full time til the course so won't have much time! I'm looking forward to it but also terrified!!! It would be good to hear from others on this course, yes starting a group sounds like a good idea! xx
  19. I also had my interview on the 8th Feb michael, so maybe we met, though there were a lot of us there!
  20. Hi Anna, yea its possible that we did meet but as you said there were a lot of people there. I was one of the two Irish lads!
    I'll be working full time until September too. Am trying to sort out my CRB thing at the minute and thinking about accomodation. Emailed the accomodation office but its really difficult to know where to live as I dont know the area at all.
    Anna, I am nominating you to start the Facebook page!

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