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WARNING: you will NOT get a Tier 2 visa as a (non-math/science) teacher!

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by Cecily52579, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. Cecily52579

    Cecily52579 New commenter

    In the interests of saving anybody else the heartbreak I've experienced, I'd like to warn overseas teachers that right now, Tier 2 visas are only being awarded to people who have job offers that are at least 60k pounds per year. This means that unless you are a math/science/computer science teacher (those are on the shortage lists), you might very well receive a job offer to teach in the UK, but you will be denied the visa. You will not have the salary needed to achieve the points for a Tier 2 visa.

    It happened to me :(
  2. teachntravel

    teachntravel New commenter

    Not always true, I am currently on a tier 2 general visa as a primary teacher, which I got in 2014, mine is due to be extended in December and I don't think there will be a problem, neither does the school. Was this recent and are you sure it was the salary that did it?
  3. Cecily52579

    Cecily52579 New commenter

    It isn't recent: every month since December 2017, there have been many more applicants than the cap/quota allows. Since December, nobody making less than 50k has been granted sponsorship certificate for the visa. This means that lower earners like teachers are refused every month. You should look at the TES #LetThemTeach articles, which explains this more. The visa situation is a crisis for non-EE teachers in the UK.

    And look here, for the monthly allocations: https://www.gov.uk/government/publi...ons-of-restricted-certificates-of-sponsorship

    A few weeks ago, the government removed NHS doctors and nurses from the visa cap system, but this probably won't make a huge difference to lower salary earners like yourself.

    Sorry, but you are a little misinformed if your work told you that there won't be a problem. Nobody on your salary band has been OKed since November.
  4. Cecily52579

    Cecily52579 New commenter

    Also, yes, it is the salary. They are awarded on a points system, and the points are calculated mainly by salary.

    You can google the point allocation system for RCOS and check your salary band. You'll see that you have a much lower number of points than what has been required since November.
  5. teachntravel

    teachntravel New commenter

    Sorry, I think because I am only extending, not applying for a new visa, that it is slightly more straight forward. Because I am already here doing the job, there is no labour market test either.
    I have read the articles, and I don't believe I am misinformed.
    I really hope they have a solution soon, because a 60,000£ salary is outrageous as a starting point.
  6. Cecily52579

    Cecily52579 New commenter

    If you read the articles, you'll see that many of the examples are of teachers who are already at work in the UK on the Tier 2 visa, and then discover that their schools are not able to renew the visa.

    It might be a really good idea to talk to an immigration expert who is not associated with your school.
  7. teachntravel

    teachntravel New commenter

    The articles I have read seem to have a focus on teachers who were on Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visas, and then wanted to switch to Tier 2. I have not seen any examples of people who wanted to extend on their Tier 2 and were denied. Please provide the link if you have one, as it would be good to read it.
    I have contacted an outside agency for immigration and was given the same information as my school gave me, because they are extending, not applying for a new one, they are exempt from the RCOS rulse and they are therefore exempt from the salary threshold fluctuating.
  8. oscillator

    oscillator Occasional commenter

    Extending a Tier 2 General does NOT fall under the cap. Most instances I have read about teachers being denied while already in post were switching from Tier 5 to Tier 2, where a Restricted certificate of sponsorship was required (these are the CoS under the cap - unrestricted CoS do NOT fall under the cap).
    sabrinakat and teachntravel like this.
  9. ed717

    ed717 New commenter

    Sorry you've had to go through this. Its absolutely ridiculous... teachers are leaving in droves, they should be welcoming those interested in coming to teach with open arms!
    teachntravel likes this.
  10. teachntravel

    teachntravel New commenter

    Thank you @oscillator for clearing that up.
    I agree with @ed717 , it is terrible and I really hope a solution is found soon, it isn't fair on people like yourself who want to do it!
  11. heidig791

    heidig791 New commenter

    @teachntravel was it renewed? Any advice or help for someone who wants to come teach now?
  12. teachntravel

    teachntravel New commenter

    I applied not long ago and it can be up to 8 weeks so I do not have an answer yet. I will ensure I update when I do. Process for renewal was very straightforward. Please PM if you want specific details :)
  13. jenhwanchan

    jenhwanchan New commenter

    Hi , i am a PGCE secondary mathematics student who just obtained my QTS . I knew that secondary math is a shortage position in uk . I tried to find a job with a visa sponspor but my visa due on 15 th august. Has anyone got any idea will i get the visas ? or is there any agent that can help me to find a school that sponsor visa ?
  14. andymakie

    andymakie New commenter

    Hey @jenhwanchan
    I’m about to start my PGCE in September.
    I’ve checked the tier 2 sponsor list from the home office and found there are about 500 schools that are allowed to sponsor Tier 2 visa. Have u applied to any of them? Kindly let me know if this works. Thanks
  15. Timheritage

    Timheritage New commenter

    Hello everyone, Please is it possible for someone on Tier 2 dependent visa to train to teach in UK on School Direct Salaried route for science subject?
  16. f_d_zarate

    f_d_zarate New commenter

    Hello everyone. I'm a QTS holder in Maths Key Stage 3 and 4. I'm currently teaching in the US but not a US permanent resident. Do I qualify for a tier 2 teacher visa? Thanks.
  17. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    What is your nationality?
  18. f_d_zarate

    f_d_zarate New commenter

    Thank you for responding. My home country is the Philippines. My US visa will expire on July 2020.
  19. Srivas102

    Srivas102 New commenter

    Hi did u find job
  20. Skeoch

    Skeoch Lead commenter

    Maths is a Tier 2 shortage occupation. However the big hurdle you face is finding a sponsor employer.
    sabrinakat likes this.

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