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Warm up's for rowdy kids

Discussion in 'Drama and performing arts' started by SpinningTop, Mar 9, 2010.

  1. Hello,

    Has anyone got any good warm up's they think work well with rowdy year 9 boys?
    I have them last thing on a Weds and need something to hook them in. They often come in late, in dribs and drabs. They can be very chatty, very hard to focus and very silly and immature. I have tried focus games with them, but often I get half joining in and half talking through it or laughing-not doing a great deal to improve focus! I have tried high energy exercises to try and then calm them down but I find although they enjoy these more, they can sometimes lead to feeling like they are going a bit silly and out of control. They don't stop easily to let me remind them of their safety, so usually I have to stop them early before they reach that stage.

    Any ideas really appreciated!

    Thank you!
  2. DaisysLot

    DaisysLot Senior commenter

    A two mile jog around the field should calm them down a bit.... tell them it's a physical warm up....
  3. ive had this problem with nutty year 9 boys - how are they ay doing actual drama activities, not just warm up games? I found that it worked (sometimes) to have a starter activity in pairs/threes written on the board as they came in (in dribs and drabs is so annoying) the starter activty was something tied in to the theme of the lesson, not just a starter for starters sake. if they do all come in at different times, you dont have to keep interrupting the lesson, just point thier attention to the activity on the board. Then you can get some of the to show what they have done and explain the link to the rest of the lesson. Like I said, SOMETIMES this worked for me!
  4. Try some concentration exercises like Masters and servants ( in a circle half on chairs other half stood behind them. masters are stood up, servants sat down. You need one empty seat with a master, make that you to start with. the idea is to steal a servant by winking at someone sat down. their master must try to keep them by tappin (make sure it's not a slap) them on the shoulder. it sounds complicated but can really focus a group.)
    I would also try adding a bit of competition in the form of tableaux Get a few volunteers (you will def have one or two) and get them to create a simple tableaux that the rest of the class have to guess what it is....like a hospital, fight, cinema, playstation etc-really simple stuff but may get them back on track. then split them into groups in a couple of weeks and give harder tableaux that then build in weeks to come to little scenes.
    I know it all sounds very year 7 but at least you may start to gain control and vbuild their confidence, Really hop that helps and good luck.
  5. Hello!
    The best warm up game I've ever one to focus a class is the court of the holy. I have no idea who taught me this game and it's been awhile since I taught rowdy boys but I think it's the best in my bag of tricks so I'll share...apologies if you've already tried it!
    Sit in circle teacher as grandmaster, pupil to direct right is 'deputy' and other pupils number brother #1, brother #2 etc... in centre of circle is an object, the more ridiculous the better. We did it with empty toilet rolls so it became the court of the holy toilet roll. Pupils all sit in mark of respect cross legged with arms folded and maintain a position of stillness and composure. If any member of the court sees another one move, twitch, laugh etc they raise their hand and tell the grandmaster of the offense 'e.g. i saw brother number 3 scratch his leg' the grandmaster usually asks the offender if it is true and then punishes them with a dare - or they can nominate their deputy to think of a dare. If any other members laugh during the dare they have to join in. I usually offer a house point and/or sweet to anyone who makes it through a game without breaking their focus. The kids LOVE it and no-one wants to do a dare if you make them embarrassing enough. I got SLT in on it and made one particularly cocky boy sing a love song to our deputy head. At any rate, you can usually make them do things like chicken impressions, or crazy dances and you get a good laugh!

    Let me know if it works!

  6. Retro Bates

    Retro Bates New commenter

    Stand in a circle. Eyes closed, hands behind back.
    Raise your hand when you think one minute has passed.

    That's a minute of your lesson sorted!
  7. Loving all of these games.
    The 2 mile jog is seriously tempting.... hahahahahahaha.
  8. This is an awesome starter activity!
    I have found it works so very well, especially with tyrant boys in Years 8 & 9.
    I use an empty Evian bottle and call my game "The Holy Court of Lady Evian" - kids (Especially the troublesome ones) are mezmorised by the prospect of having to face a forfeit.
    It turns them from loud-mouthed oiks to zen Buddist monks in seconds - the perfect game!
    Try it - it will change your life for the better!
  9. Fantastic idea! What other dare ideas did you use?

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