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Warhammer as a teaching tool?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Doitforfree, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    I think my boys would have enjoyed this approach but I wouldn't have liked it at all, as a girl. However, teaching can be awfully girly these days so I'd say definitely yes.
  2. my son has seriously got into it in a big way this year through a club at school. I think he spends too much time focusing on it. if I could think of a way to use it in my teaching of science it might be very good. it might be able to draw in some of those boys who are switched off.
  3. teachur

    teachur New commenter

    Great idea! Why not suggest it to your school as a whole-school themed week or day or something, particulalry for motivating boys!
  4. Hi Pooky!
    That shouldnt be a problem!
    The basic gun used in the game is a 'lasgun' just an abreviation of Laser gun. The powered armour already used by many forces already has a precursor: the powered exosceleton. A quick trawl through youtube will reveal footage, which opens the door on many mechanical, computer control, materials and robotics issues. Firearms weapons of all sorts are great models for various newtonian principles (all recoil is is the 'equal and opposite force' to the bullet leaving tha barrel. The propelant burning is pure chemistry, and then the projectile in flight is ballistics, and opens the door to drag, gravity and aerodynamics.
    If you can read up on 'tyranids' the biological scope is huge.
    I realise that using guns as examples in a classroom could be politicly touchy, but they are a virtualy guarunteed attention getter for boys.
    The possibility for links to other subjects, eg history and citizenship to emphasise guns downside could be a mitigation.
    The fantacy version has great historical paralels and themes that couyld be explored. It also has thing like cannons, which could be used for the gun related stuff but less related to present day issues.
    Have a dig! You never know!

    I dont know about a whole school thing, unfortunatly it can have a bit of a geeky image, and the fucus of the game is rather violent, but there are elements that could be of use school wide.
  5. What an interesting idea. I, too, have been a big fan of Warhammer 40K for years, but hadn't thought about its teaching potential. I teach French, so might see if I can get hold of a rulebook in this language!
  6. Interesting....i'm looking for ways to use Warhammer in my primary (Stage 3) classroom. Really it's for 1 boy in particular who is behaviourally challenged and needs an individual program to keep him on track. I like the idea of using different tactics- I could perhaps tie that in with our current theme of China. Does anyone have any more bright ideas that I could use?

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