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war at form time due to new seating plan

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by ScienceGuy, Apr 26, 2012.

  1. ScienceGuy

    ScienceGuy Established commenter

    I always sit my classes boy girl where possible (some groups don't have balanced numbers) but I say that if I can completely trust a class to work and behave I will allow them to sit where they like. Only one class in the last 6 years has managed this (slightly surprisingly a bottom set!)
    You are probably having difficulties because you are trying to do the changes mid-year. That said, it is now a test of wills between you and the class. You need to punish any student who does not co-operate (even if they are nice ones) and continue to do so until they sit were they are told.
  2. I agree with the last posting - all you can do is punish those who refuse to sit where you say they must. They are just getting uppity and you have no choice but to force them to accept that you are in charge not them - regardless of the fact that they don't like it.
    Having a new seating plan seems to really upset *many* children - I'm not sure why it's such a big deal but I accept that for some of them it genuinely is some kind of personal disaster. But once they've actually got over it and sat down somewhere else it's seems to be all forgotten in about 2 mins. Weird.
    If they're really digging their heels in as a group I guess you have to send them to the Head of Year etc. and warn him to expect them.
  3. They HAVE to sit where you tell them, otherwise you have lost all control.
    If they don't, then they can't be in your lesson & they go to the deputy head (or wherever). You need to get him / her on your side. How abut him / her starting the next lesson & putting the pupils into your seating plan? Any pupil who moves places, goes out sees the DH & stays out since the pupil clearly does not want to learn...... Then letter or phone call to parent saying concerned that ..xxxx... is not making any progress since he refuses to follow the teacher's instructions and is not even attending lessons at the moment.
    To fix this problem once and for all, next term, you start the year off with a seating plan for every class. Never let the pupils choose where they sit. In addition, you change ithe plan from time to time (every half term, on your birthday, when it's raining, on your mum's birthday) whenever you like, and you tell them at the start of the year not to get emotionally attached to their seat. They soon get used to it & will not make a fuss.
    I change the seating plan for every class every half term. A big effort sometimes but, actually they get quite excited on the first day back to discover who they will be sitting next to! They know there is no point asking for any changes - and if they did I would just remind them that they will have a new neighbour in 6 weeks time.

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