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wanting to teach maths in oxfordshire

Discussion in 'Overseas trained teachers' started by assalk, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. assalk

    assalk New commenter

    good morning,
    i am a french math teacher and i am going to move in oxforshire this next summer. I have submitted the QTS but it isn't so easy... lot of document ( and certified translation) are request .....
    I have worked in France for 13 years, currently I teach students preparing the baccalaureate, and i am looking for a similar position in the sixth forms (A-level) if it is possible.....
    I can teach easily, maths, physic, chemistry, IT science and french.
    i would like some help from somebody who already has been trough this situation. Thank you
  2. assalk

    assalk New commenter

    Hi everyone,
    I have finally been awarded QTS. could you provide me some advice. I can teach maths/physics and computer science in a secondary or higher school but i think i need one year (or less) to be confident, and to be more fluent in english ( I am french, and my englis level is B2). Do you advice me to teach french first or to apply to a math assistant position or to teach directly even if my last research did not succeed?
  3. chocolateinuk

    chocolateinuk New commenter

    Hi there. I am French as well but trained in UK and only taught in England.
    I will only look for maths position if I was youas they are definitely in need of them. You can look at secondary school as well as sixth form college or even so FE college.
    Not so long ago the FE college in Oxford was looking for an A level maths teacher it’s worth a look.
    All the best.

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