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wanting to leave at christmas

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by aubinwales, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    All of the above post was ironically intended, Brigelle.
    But only mildly so.
    You can despise someone's attitude and actions, and fervently hope you don't have the misfortune to recruit someone like that - and still wish them well.
    It's ... 'cool' -- as you used to repeat in your heyday here.

  2. Personally, I couldn't do it unless I was actually physically asaulted or hospitalised (or my family was) and I couldn't work. My professional and personal honour would not allow me to run out on a contract.
    Having been on the receiving end of teachers doing a runner with NO notice, literally until the first day of the new term, I have no respect for anyone that would do this. It leaves a ridiculous amount of work - and added stress - for those left to pick up the pieces.
    Whilst I understand that there might be circumstances that mean you could not stay, someone that does leave without notice disgusts me. It shows the lack of what I consider to be professional respect for yourself, your colleagues and your students.
    Even providing notice for the holiday period would be better than just leaving, unless your life or health was actually endangered.
    I know teachers that have left mid-contract and given notice. They don't get the best reception, but the school HAS paid out a great deal of money to 'import' them so I can understand the frustration. I don't condone SMT bullying in this instance but am aware that it does happen.
    So, the big boss gets stroppy with you, big deal. Can't say I blame them to be honest and they are unlikely to be the only one. Your other colleagues will also be less than impressed, to be honest. They know that your leaving lands them with a larger workload that they didn't sign up for.
    Okay, rant over.

  3. Hello
    stopwatch - just because I haven't been replying lots, does not mean to say that I have not been reading.
    maja - Professional honour? This could be making an unnecessary victim of oneself - what, encourage people to serve out a 6, 9, 12 month notice period for some artificial nobility? Teaching is just a -job-
    Now, trust me, I am more 'professional' than many more of my colleagues; wanting to leave does not diminish that. The school will find a replacement, life will go on.
    I quite like the idea of a nice month off in January, a true rest :)
    Merry Christmas

  4. Should have figured it out from the username I suppose.
    Merry Christmas Troll! [​IMG]
  5. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    My comment wasn't necessarily a criticism of you not responding, I was stating that it was difficult to comment further on which 'camp' you were in as you hadnt responded to any requests to do this.
    It can be a little frustrating when a number of people contribute to a thread and the OP then doesnt contribute or respond to questions.
    Have to agree with you regards your comment to Maja. I understand in principle the idea of professionalism, and that this should apply if at all possible. However, health is more important than that and a blinkered approach to professionalism at the expense of mental health is not appropriate.
    From what you say, it doesnt sound like you are at this extreme though.
    Where is your school? what is it about working there which makes you want to leave?

  6. mousethew

    mousethew New commenter

    I'm... confused. After my initial post, I started to feel a little bad, after most people seemed to be quite sympathetic to imitation1. However, She/he has very quickly lost that sympathy. I might be wrong; she/he has yet to explain, but it sounds like imitation1 is in a reasonably decent school, probably in the first year of contract, possibly in the first post abroad and has become fed-up with the whole thing. Generally, imitation1 comes across as someone difficult to work with - 'it's just a job', 'much more professional than all her/his colleagues', 'the school's got plenty of money so it's not a problem replacing him/her'. Prove me wrong - explain why you can't risk giving reasonable notice.
  7. I only got my job because a teacher did a runner.
    Wish I could shake her hand; best move she ever made.
  8. I have this mental image of Dude scribbling on a piece of paper 'left the post at the end of the first term, looking to get back into teaching around February time, CV says 'very professional', no referees from previous school'.....oops alarm bells.
  9. I also got a job because of a last minute vacancy. No-one ever heard of the guy I replaced again, so maybe he didn't do a runner, maybe he was kidnapped
  10. That was the point of my post : SMT dude was being far too harsh on the original poster and I would hate to work with someone like that. Imitation1 probably does work with people he deems will be less than understanding and that's probably why he's thinking of doing a runner.

    However, SMT dude's post about British Airways had me laughing out loud!

  11. I think someone in Imitation's position has to inform the school. There are Heads and Principals out there who will 'hunt the runner down'. For a start they would inform every international agency about the 'absconder'.
    I have to say that if I ever reach the dreamy heights of SMT (I won't, don't worry), I would be inclined to do that.
  12. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Hey, I may be a diabolical ranter but I'm far too nice (no, far too lazy) to do any 'hunting down'.
    Unless the absconder were a threat to anyone, I'd stay my hand from 'informing every international agency.' Though recent research on FOBISSEA, COBIS and BSME has shown me that it would only be a vindictive half hour's work to assemble a block e-mail to every school in those august bodies.
    No, I'm more into 'easing off'' than 'hunting down'. But the circuit is small, and the following phone call is not implausible.
    VOICE FROM THE PAST: Hey, Dude, how's Ruritania anyway? Recognise my voice? Yes, got it in one you old cockchafer, bet it takes you back to that night at the Boite Placeres del Infierno in Santa Marta del Carajo? In '86 or '87? No, well. perhaps there are things you'd rather not remember these days, so to the point. I've got an applicant called imitation who claims to have worked with you for a while. Says things didn't work out, contract terminated early by mutual consent and so on. Is that so?"
    DUDE: (depending on the circumstances)
    EITHER: Yes, dear boy, that's how it was. Poor old imitation had a rough time here with a head of department who betweeen ourselves was unsupportive, problems with the landlord we couldn't sort out, unfortunately got mugged a couple of times down town, had a terrible week with the swine flu, and on top of that, all was not well back at home in the UK, with boyfriend walking away, father losing his job, mother having a stroke...imitation was very upfront and open about it, just one of those things, an excellent professional as far as I could see, well worth interviewing.
    OR: Bloody 'ell I wish I had imitation here for just one sharp kick. Don't know what s/he was expecting, but never made the slightest effort to settle down, despised the local teachers, couldn't establish much rapport with the kids, always tired and out of sorts, told us twice a day about how the last school had better resources, finally kept banging on about stress. Wherever the stress was coming from, it wasn't overwork let me tell you. Last straw was, s/he did the foxtrot-oscar at Christmas, and we were scraping around for a teacher on Jan 3rd. Parents and board were not happy at all - you know how they always think these things are the head's fault. Of course in the long run we were well out of that one, but I reckon you're in serious trouble if you don't have better candidates than imitation...

    ...As everyone has pointed out, imitation hasn't deigned to fill us in on the circumstances, and if as one poster suggests, its just a piece of trollery, then we've had a few jibes and laughs but have royally wasted our time.
    Well, 'tis the season to be trolly'...
  13. Not a waste of time, more of a 'what would you do if...' sort of thing.
    If there are people out there thinikng of doing a runner, a few of the postings will/might change their mind. In fact there are bound to be some out there now pondering their next career move.
    Well, 'tis the season to be trolly'...
    Don't you mean trollied?
  14. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter

    I've worked for a HT who delighted in telling staff about the large numbers of CVs from excellent, experienced and well qualified teachers that kept arriving on the desk, with the implied threat that teachers were dispensible could lose their jobs at any time.
    In that situation I wouldn't give the notice period and the guilt a second thought.
  15. lunarita

    lunarita Senior commenter

    I've worked for a HT who delighted in telling staff about the large numbers of CVs from excellent, experienced and well qualified teachers that kept arriving on the desk, with the implied threat that teachers were dispensible could lose their jobs at any time.
    In that situation I wouldn't give the notice period and the guilt a second thought.

  16. Is that why you've posted twice? [​IMG]
  17. No, Robbie. Lunarita was trollied (double vision).
    However,another good point about smug SMT's waving CVs as a threat. What a tw4t.

  18. To stopwatch and imitation ...
    As this asked for PERSONAL responses, I gave mine. MY PERSONAL professional honour/integrity would not allow me to run out. IF the stress was indeed that bad - and to be honest I cannot imagine how it could be short of assault or debilitating illness - I would give notice (which wouldn't need to be as long as 6 months) and deal with the fall out. I would not simply run off. Perhaps I am lucky in that my mental health is already so compromised that a little more isn't an issue ...
    As to teaching just being a job, I feel sorry for you. For me, it is a vocation. Something I thoroughly enjoy, with the odd hiccup. I am lucky to have worked in other fields as well so am equally aware of the issue elsewhere and I much prefer teaching. Should my love for my job ever decrease, I would look to another profession, not continue in a profession where I PERSONALLY believe that being dedicated comes from sheer enjoyment. I would hate to become someone who thought of this as simply a job - to pay bills etc. I know I am lucky in that I have the resources and opportunities to do something else and not HAVE to remain in something I thought of as a 'job'.
    To be honest, my view is that someone that claims to be professional would not contemplate running off. The school MIGHT find a replacement, it isn't a guarantee and in the meantime colleagues suffer when a little notice might alleviate that.
    Of course, you can now feel free to suggest that I am unrealistic, that no-one thinks of teaching as a vocation, that I must live in cloud cuckoo land to think that way and so on.

  19. TheoGriff

    TheoGriff Star commenter

    Posting from the other end - the UK end - jobs for teachers are not that easy to come by at present. My experience hosting the TES JobSeekers Forum shows that.
    I once as a Head received an application for a post from a candidate who was available immediately, she said, having left an overseas school at Christmas. I was on the phone immediately to sunny Spain to find out why. It was version 2 of Dude's scenario.
    I also once received an application from a candidate who had left a school in the UK in the summer, and claimed to have been "travelling" for 2 terms. Again a call to the last UK school elicited the information that the candidate had gone to an overseas school and then left after 2 terms, but failed to include this period of employment in his CV.
    No bargepoles were available and I did not touch either candidate.
    Mean old Head, ringing up to ferret out information? No, we are actually required by the 127 pages of the Safeguarding Children and Safer Recruitment document to do just this.
    So all you runners, just bear in mind that finding another post in the UK may not always be as easy as you hope.
    Merry Christmas to you all.
  20. You don't say in what way the job is stressful and you might just find that it's the adjusting to your new environment that makes it all seem to impossible. You could well feel differently after Christmas. On the other hand, if you can't cope because, objectively, are treating you badly, then you only owe them the legal minimum. The pupils will soon get used to a new teacher, the situation would have been the same had you been ill!
    Joyeux Noëll!


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