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wanting to leave at christmas

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by aubinwales, Dec 11, 2009.

  1. A friend had this in Cambodia, but I told him to tell them up front, that he want be returning. They then did not pay him his last months wage! I suppose fair is fair, tell them and bite the bullet.
  2. mousethew

    mousethew New commenter

    First: I've not broken my contract. I'm a member of SMT. And I'm a parent of school-aged children. If things are so bad you feel you cannot continue then I suspect you've felt like that a while. Leaving it to the start of next term to let the school know seems very mercenary. It's very hard to replace people with short notice and, although people feel it's the school they're 'punishing', ultimately it's the class who suffer - and they only get one chance of a successful year. Letting the school know now will undoubtably cost you - at least financially - but as aubinwales wrote: sometimes you just have to bite the bullet and accept that. It's probably cost the school a fair bit in terms of visas, flights, medical insurance, accommodation already paid etc and assuming this is the first year of your contract that's a considerable hit for some schools. However, I'm thinking of the schools I've worked in, all of which have been at least bearable. If the school have honoured their side of the contract (and it's other things that have stressed you) then I do think you owe them reasonable notice.
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  3. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    A remarkably temperate post from mousethew. Agree with everything therein.
    The people who employed 'imitation1' will be kicking themselves when they read the 'I-want-out' mail that they will eventually receive once s/he has finished deciding just how far up Shoot Creek to leave them.
    They'll bemoan, "We are responsible to the students and parents for going out to the busy marketplace and hiring decent folk, of whom there are dozens out there. Why-oh-why did we pick on this one? How did we fail to detect the shallowness, gutlessness and selfishness at interview?"
    They'll also be angry with 'imitation1', but s/he won't be giving a monkey's about that.
    Shame upon you and all those who act like you, 'imitation1'
    May your flight home be delayed 36 hours and your baggage irrecoverably lost and your Christmas ruined by family feuds, cashflow problems, miserable weather and headbursting hangovers.
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  4. PuRe

    PuRe Occasional commenter

    say it as you mean it, dont leave anything out.....lol
  5. Headbursting hangovers are the sign of having had a great time, yes? And cashflow problems would lessen those possibilities. Strange wishes Dude? However, as much as I agree with Dude's principals, we all know there are schools out there that are so dreadful that people have just upped and left (and the schools deserved that?). It could be that Imitation1's health is being affected, too. In fact, stress caused me some terrible problems sometime back.
    I'm quite surprised at you Dude - you don't normally go 'on one' like that!
    In your position Imitation, I would tell them and hope they are understanding about it.
  6. brigelle

    brigelle New commenter

    I am also surprised at SMT dude's rant.
    I am really glad I dont work at your school.......if that is how you behave ....
  7. A job isn't supposed to be a prison sentence. If you're unhappy for any reason being where you are then it's not worth staying.
    It is a shame though imatation1 that you left it so late in the game to ask this. Tell them you're leaving and enjoy your flight home.
    Have a good Christmas :)
  8. oops, that was meant to be imitation1
  9. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    Well, let's try to be fair.On the one hand it does indeed create a lot of problems for a school when a member of staff does not come back after Christmas. After all, they did sign a contract and put their name to a written agreement and they were hired on that basis.
    On the other hand, some "international" schools do not seem to do a good job of looking after their new staff and in some cases they seem to go out of their way to mislead you. If you are a young teacher, how are you supposed to know whether or not you will actually enjoy living and working in a foreign country that you have never been to before? The Head might accidentally / on purpose forget to mention that you flat will be opposite a brothel. (Yes, it happened to a friend in Bucharest.) The loudest mosque in the Middle East might have its loudspeakers right outside your apartment, but for some strange reason no one mentioned this to you at your interview. A common comment made to new teachers might be, "Oh, the order for new resources does not go out until March and then they will not arrive until next year." That's a fat lot of use when you need some resources for your lessons in September. And what about being waking up in the middle of the night to discover that the apartment block next door is on fire, but your block has no fire alarms and no fire escape? (It happened to some of my colleagues in Doha.)
    Perhaps older and wiser members of the profession should not be in too much of a hurry to condemn younger colleagues who break their contracts. Yes, in an ideal world it should not happen, but in some cases the schools have only themselves to blame.
  10. Also in the interest of balance, it is a nightmare when teachers just leave, but some schools really do make life unbearable for some staff.Experiences from friends (and some of my own) Include:
    Misleading information about benefits for dependants, putting teachers in difficult situations when they find that they have to shell out money for all sorts of extras for kids in the school
    Misleading information about salaries/local taxes etc., leaving teachers hundreds of pounds down on the original offer
    Misleading information about accomodation/transport
    Misleading information about medical cover
    Hideous owner/headteacher screeching at staff in corridors
    Any combination of the above can make life intolerable. The teacher leaves: the school survives and the children will get through their education. The teacher stays, becomes stressed, depressed etc..why?
    There are reasons why teachers walk out, and they are not all to do with the teacher being self serving and unprofessional. There are some hellholes out there. And some nasty SMT folk who seem to enjoy making the lives of others miserable.
    I'm pleased to say that I'm working in a pleasant environment with good colleagues and although I'm tired at this point in the term, I'm looking forward to not just the rest of this year, but the next few school years in the same place. Having said that, one of our new teachers is off after just one term, so it's not the right place for everyone.

  11. Do you suppose if SMTdude gets promoted then he'd call himself 'Head Dude'?
  12. I agree with SMT dude, as professionals we should see out the contract.I have worked in a number of schools overseas, they didn't live up to my expectations, but the students I teach, are the most important thing..
    i personally put up with **** in my current job, but I think about my coleagues, and the students,, and I won't do a runner, thats my point of view
  13. smtdude, you are being very harsh! If the school were perfect, I wouldn't be going. As it is, there are a lot of faults, and as the school is definitely not short of money, I don't feel bad for recruitment costs or the like. Recruits such as myself could reasonably 'bemoan' how mediocre people get into management by virtue of the international sector enabling them to go much further then they would back home!
    Thanks everyone else for your messages.
  14. A contract works both ways - if your employer does not fully live up to his side of the bargain (including treating you in a reasonable manner) then it is not unprofessional to walk away.
    The word professional seems to be thrown at teachers by SMT (and SMT wannabees) whenever they want somebody to endure ****.
  15. Yes **** is thrown at us as teachers, but I still believe we owe it to stay for the students, its not their fault we are treated like ****.
    Unfortunately we are in a profession that has a responsibility, yes to peoples lifes, I am in a school that teachers did a runnner, IB students had no teacher for a term, I have no respect for teachers that do a runner,, ir ur health is at risk, yes leave, but do the school a favour and tell them
  16. Unfortunately sometimes senior management rely on this goodwill from their staff too much and you're correct it is not the students fault but nor is it the fault of someone if they are being treated unreasonably. Respect and professionalism should come from the top first. If anything is owed to the students then it is owed by those in charge, that's why they get paid more (as professionals).
    Yes that's true also however this responsibility only extends so far and don't forget that SMT have a responsibility towards the staff as well as the students.
    Already said that in post 8 of this thread.
    I understand where your coming from (having experience of picking up extraclasse because somebody has suddenly left) - however sometimes it is better to do without teachers rather that put up with reluctant ones.
    BTW my school is wonderful and we are treated well, wonder why all international school can't do that.
  17. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Thanks to those who fondly imagined the rant was uncharacteristic.
    <font size="3"> </font> But: always ready to chicken out if I&rsquo;ve over egged the mixed-metaphorical pudding, on his one I&rsquo;m unrepentant.
    <font size="3"> </font> All we saw in the OP was a claim that the school is stressful so s/he is getting&rsquo; outa there. Giving no further details, s/he asks whether it would be prudent to show management the parachute now or later.
    <font size="3"> </font> It was chiefoyibo who magnanimously (to the OP) wrote a catalogue of possible justifications for running.
    <font size="3"> </font> When OP came back in &ndash; even after being reminded, by people nicer than me, that the students&rsquo; education is at stake and other staff will have to cover - s/he merely said, with the selfish insouciance of the first post, that s/he&rsquo;s unworried because the school has money. Which confirms my original impression.
    <font size="3"> </font> Naturally readers here will always divide unequally between:
    <font size="3"> </font> those who instinctively think that when anyone does the &lsquo;Foxtrot-Oscar&rsquo; in mid contract they must have good cause in the form of dodgy owners/managers/bullies/basterds, who stupidly or deviously mislead the unwitting;
    <font size="3"> </font> and those who automatically assume that &lsquo;runners&rsquo; are soft-centred, self-centred people who stroll off when things don&rsquo;t really suit them, in a pick-it-up-then-toss-it-away fashion which is ugly enough even in a supermarket.
    <font size="3"> </font> I tend to belong in the second camp, and &lsquo;imitation1&rsquo; has written nothing to shift me out of it in this case.
    <font size="3"> </font><font size="3"> </font>
  18. Good points.
    Maybe it would help if the OP expanded a little on 'stressful'
  19. True. None of us apart from 'Imitation' has the full story.
    Dude, if you were to wish me headbursting hangovers over Christmas, I would blow you a kiss...
  20. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    Phoneypharaoh, you are right about 'imitation': we need to know more if we are to reach balanced judgement.
    For the nearly-blown kiss - thanks, but my Rugby days are over and tho' there was a time long ago when my teeth savaged the mouths, ears and posteriors of fellow muddied oafs in sweatsoaked rucks and mauls on the playing fields of Eden, my interest in the game is now confined to cathartic 80-minute sessions in front of the TV hating everyone from the southern hemisphere, except of course the Argies..
    And as for the hangovers, you are right again. A blessing, not a curse, as this Christmas will prove for so many of us.

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