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Wanting to get married next year

Discussion in 'Personal' started by I_like_food, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. But no job guaranteed in September :-(

    It's making me feel generally c***

    Good ideas for weddings on a budget (that don't look like it?)

  2. But no job guaranteed in September :-(

    It's making me feel generally c***

    Good ideas for weddings on a budget (that don't look like it?)

  3. doomzebra

    doomzebra Occasional commenter

    Focus on the marriage rather than the wedding
  4. you and your wedding website - loads of tips and ideas!
  5. I got married in registry office - dead cheap - then back to Mum's and Dad's for a picnic on the lawn with only people who had known me and other half for years and would be genuinely pleased that we were getting hitched - no hangers on allowed - we got some stick for that but just dug our heels in - so about 40 people for reception. We sat on rugs etc and had good grub from picnic hampers. Mum and Dad paid for small marquee -just as well as it drizzled. All over by early evening and we went off to local hotel for 'honeymoon'.
    Best wedding I've ever been to!
  6. We were wed in a church so we did have some costs but a cold buffet and disco upstairs in the local pub was not expensive ... had everyone that we love there and had a brilliant day ... costs were sensible [​IMG]
  7. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    Apply for 'don't tell the bride'? [​IMG] (love that programme)
    Whats cheap? Some hotels do exclusive use which can work out at good value (especially if guest pay for their rooms)
    You could hire a venue such as barn/hall etc to decorate yourself, with some creativity it could still look stunning. Catering - buy some £10 slow cookers and put in lamb with passata, port, lamb stock, garlic and redcurrant jelly. Serve with mash and veg (better than £50 odd a head!)
    Get me to do your wedding invites [​IMG] x
  8. Table decorations were plain drinking glasses half filled with gravel sprayed gold with a single cream gerbera and some foliage snipped out of the garden, looked lovely.
    I bought some cream and gold ribbon and made decorations from pics printed off t'internet and strung up.

    We had a couple of tin buckets filled with branches of blossom, looked gorgeous.
    did our own invites.

    was a beautiful day and all enjoyed including me and my husband. very low key
  9. I got married just after finishing teacher training. ( With no job on the horizon ) We had very little money and the whole thing cost around £1000 and that was flights to Scotland from London, car hire, b&b, dress ( shoes, jewellery) suit and his ring, pub meal and drinks, Bridesmaid's train fare from South, registrar's fee- Sister took pics and make cake- Only 10 guests, but wouldn't have had it any other way. ( Had a party for friends back home later.)You could aslo have a Jacob's Join for food ( like my sister did in local village hall.)Wedding do not have to cost the earth. If you want to get married, don't put it off for financial reasons.
  10. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    What's the big deal about marriage? You'll only choose to stay together if you want to, and you can do that just as easilly without all the tedium. Why not have a bottle party instead to celebrate your devotion to each other?
  11. Getting married doesn't have to cost much money. It's the surrounding theatre and party that cost.
    Decide what's important, the marriage or the wedding day, then either go for it cheaply this year or wait until you can afford the whole shebang.
  12. landaise

    landaise Occasional commenter

    I'll echo previous posts. It's interesting that the people that pay a fortune for their wedding don't always stay married very long.
    The most expensive part of our wedding was getting all the relevant paperwork and having it translated by an assermonted translator.
    Just the two of us, two family members as witnesses, a civil ceremony and no reception ( who wants a load of hangers on out for free food and booze ?)
    This suited us, getting married was a formality as we'd been living together for seven years and had two children. The big dress, flowers and chuch ceremony would have been a total farce.
    Just to say, it's what you make it and you'll always remember the day whatever happens !
    PS been married 17 years soon !
  13. Mr C and I also had a very small wedding - 10 people. I cooked all the food and made the cake, gathered swathes of daffodils from the park under cover of darkness (!) to decorate our tiny house, my father kindly paid for the bubbly but I bought the wine, bottle by bottle over the course of several weeks and got married in a very smart suit I found in Oxfam. It was a wonderful day and I have never missed the big dress and all that hoo ha.

  14. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    The nicest wedding i have ever been to was a registry office with a second hand dress and bride and groom transported by a friend. The reception was a quite a nice do in a hotel as her Dad forked out for that but she would have been a picnic on lawn kinda girl otherwise. It is the atmosphere of a wedding which people remember not how flash it all was.
  15. bnm


    The marriage is the important bit.
    I always think how unlucky people could be if they spent thousands on the wedding day and happened to be in the middle of a nasty cold or something worse!
    My wedding was in a church.....off the peg dress, no bridesmaids, 4 guests and we walked to the pub after for a meal off the menu. Some costs but definitely under £1,000 (rings, dress, shoes, flowers, make up, registrar, church, meal, taxi, overnight in motel)
    Both part of big families so held a party a month later to which all were invited. We provided the food and they bought their own drinks.
    Honeymoon was 5 days in Ireland.
    So glad it was a simple and easy day which I enjoyed and that we spent our money wisely so started married life in credit, not debt.
  16. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    I'd guess you are too big to get married on a budgie.
  17. OP - you could have your wedding vow ceremony, with guests, then have a meal for close family/friends, and then later, have the reception in a hired space with music, etc. I suspect the bulk of the cost would be feeding all the guests, so if you didn't have to do that then you'd save a lot of money.
    Partner and me are planning our wedding, and I would really like to sneak off for the ceremony, then come back and have a big party. He's not so keen on that idea as he has a lot of family/surrogate family who would be mightily p*ssed off to miss it, so...
  18. People's weddings. Probably the most boring subject in the universe. Even big fat ones.
  19. Well **** off then.
  20. Are you cross because you weren't invited huevos?

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