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Wanted stimmt! 1,2,3 and GCSE

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by astone33, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. astone33

    astone33 New commenter

    Morgen! Anyone have any copies of German textbooks Stimmt! 1,2,3, or GCSE for sale? Vielen Dank.
  2. knickers72

    knickers72 New commenter

    We might have 1 and 2 for you. Our school is stopping German so still using the GCSE books for a couple of years, but the others are redundant, unless I can talk them round! How many are you after?
  3. astone33

    astone33 New commenter

    That would be amazing. Minimum 30 of each i think, but maybe more depending on how much you want for them. I'd have to check with my head of department after half term, I feel your pain with schools getting rid of German, so short sighted. I was made redundant 3 years ago because my school got rid of it, but happily it all worked out well for me!
  4. astone33

    astone33 New commenter

    Actually, if you haven't got 30, any would be of use! Vielen Dank!!

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