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Wanted - overseas teacher input for new TES articles

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by mathamy79, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. Would be interested. I currently teach in the USA.
  2. Thanks Mathamy; will message you offline if that works for you...
  3. The kudos of having your pearls shared with other teachers, Happy Pixie, and your name writ bold in the TES !
  4. Sorry. not quite sure I understand - a profit making organisation wants people to contribute for no fee to increase readership and therefore boost profits? Do you not think that's slightly immoral and unethical?
    Just making sure I've got it right, wouldn't want to wrongly think badly of a company after all.
  5. I'm not quite sure if any of the regular contributors to the international forum would want their names 'writ(ten) bold' for all to see who they really are. Are you referring to their pseudonyms?
  6. SMT dude

    SMT dude New commenter

    ie: you understand all too clearly, and want to make your vehement disapproval equally apparent.
    A sarcastic trope which I always advise our adolescent ToKers to avoid as it is one of the hallmarks of the overbearingly self-persuaded.
    Sledgehammers for nuts, these two words, even with 'slightly' prefixed. Open a bottle of something bubbly and festive and 'lighten up', pixie. And a very merry Yuletide to you.
    Isn't that what we do anyway?
    Granted, 30% of the posts here feature therapeutic ranting and posturing by people like me, a pastime only marginally more sane than talking to oneself in the mirror while dressed only in a pointy Santa Claus hat with a big white bobble.
    Another 30% consists of in-jokes, banter and penfriend-chat, plus of course the zealous pursuit of a cyberphantasm named (inter alia) Clovis.
    But that leaves a fair number of posts offering useful advice, free of charge. I've even written one or two myself.
    Why do we do it? Well, believe it or not there is a gratuitous urge to be helpful, in the same way that we sometimes stay after school to listen to the woes of a colleague who is not coping and offer two cents worth of counsel, or miss out on lunchtime to support the learning of a 'slower' student, without billing anyone for overtime.
    Like most day-to-day minor altruism this involves a feelgood aspect or a greater-glory-of-wise-condescending-me factor, I concede.
    But for a more material motive, the occasions when I catch myself being serious on here probably have to do with a commitment to international schools at their best and a desire not to let this forum become a mini-*** full of cynics and malcontents, which would deter the punters.
    Those of us who will be recruiting in the New Year, hope that this corner of the www occasionally reassures readers that there are many proper schools and worthwhile experiences to be encountered 'overseas'. Every time someone asks a sensible question on here and gets a friendly practical answer, positive or otherwise, the cause of the Good International School is served.
    So I see nothing at all unethical about the original request, but merely note that it's probably a bad time of year to be making it - and personally I'm happier trying to write specific answers to specific questions than attempting a compendium to deal with every conceivable FAQ.The great TheoGriff possesses that gift, for example, but I do not.
    Had we but world enough and time, the many thousands of posts here do add up to a 'vade mecum' for the international applicant, but you certainly have to sort the wheat from the chaff.
    Stunningly lovely day here in Ruritania, like a perfect Indian-Summer September day in England, makes me wonder why the ladies and I are packing our bags to fly away for Christmas.
    We'll be recruitng in March...
  7. serverservant

    serverservant New commenter

    im interested
  8. I am interested if you wish to contact me. 30 + years in the Middle East
  9. siren622

    siren622 New commenter

    I'm interested too
  10. Hello Helen,

    Would you like a sort of blog / diary type entry. I'm moving to South East Asia and I'd be interested in writing about it. But, I prefer to keep it anonymous in terms of the school, place and make my writing more general. I'm just not sure how much the school would appreciate me writing about them without their permission. I've already know that my new Head reads this forum!

  11. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    Perfectly good question. Perfectly adequate response by Helen. HappyPixies's counter was spot on. SMT's post I agree with the sentiment but will add that this a forum and that is a periodical. And there's the rub. They won't get many takers. So whadda we learn from id?
  12. the hippo

    the hippo Lead commenter Community helper

    I have had one TES article publlished and provided lots of ideas for another, but never received a penny for my efforts. Ho hum. Well, I suppose that this is the season of goodwill (even to the TES moderators?)
    Seriously, folks, at the moment there are an awful lot of unemployed teachers in the UK who might be thinking of teaching in an international school. Therefore one could argue that those of us who are so fortunate as to have overseas jobs ought to try to be a bit more helpful and altruistic, although of course it is most unlikely that anyone will ever take seriously the mindless ramblings of a smelly old pachyderm.
  13. Mainwaring

    Mainwaring Lead commenter

    Helen, this is well worth considering. Any competent editor could do it.
    BTW: I was paid (promptly if not lavishly) for my only TES blog contribution some years back but clearly these are straitened times.
  14. I would happily contribute my 7 years of accumulated wisdom if you have a postage stamp you need filling.
    I'm with the dude and the Hippo on the debate about renumeration - I feel we get a lot for free from theTES online.
    Job adverts, forums and resources and that the last two of these are based on goodwill from fellow contributors.

    All the best for the New Year to our forum members
  15. You mean that we should increase the number of people we will be competing with for jobs?
  16. That could be any of us!
  17. joy


    Hi, I am a Scottish Primary teacher and I'm teaching in Dubai. I've taught in Kuwait and also the USA. I'll help out if you still need someone to answer questions :)
  18. Hi Joy,
    Thanks, that's a great offer! Would be interested in knowing your general tips about the dos and don'ts of teaching overseas, especially dealing with visa paperwork; acclimatising in the first week or so in school and in a new country; handling different staffroom etiquette and school ethos - plus any other tips your have! Will PM you also


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