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WANTED - Food Technology teacher

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Gos, Dec 7, 2006.

  1. Gos


    We have the vacancy for a food technology teacher at our school. The post is available immediately and is a temporary full time post, with the possibility of becoming permanent.
    We are a successful school in Stoke on Trent with Business and Enterprise status. The school is one of the first in the country to be rebuilt under the BSF scheme. We are due to move into the new building in December 2007 - so exciting times ahead!
    If you are interested in finding out more details please email me at pgosnay@sgfl.org.uk
  2. Gos


    anyone interested?
  3. will they be requiring a Technician too??
  4. No Dray! You're on my shortlist if my wonderful technician should ever leave!!
  5. I am looking for a new post preferably to teach Catering and Food Tech but unfortunately you are a bit far North.... do you know of any in Oxfordshire or Devon area.
  6. There are a number of schools I know in the Oxfordshire area who may well be looking for a Food teacher this Sept. (One school I know has a Food teacher who is going to retire) Are you looking for the Oxford city or would the county do?
  7. Gos


    The position for a Food / Catering teacher has now become permanent from September 2007. The health and social care aspect of the post has now been dropped! We are in the process of advertising and selection so if you are interested contact me now.
  8. Gos


    Application forms and further information are now available for this vacant post.
    Please contact me if you are interested!
  9. i know ive asked this before, but seriously, will there be a posting for Food Technician??..
  10. Gos


    As much as I would like to say yes - unfortunately the answer is NO!!!!
  11. OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Hey Gos and Dray ,

    As we have a shortage of food teccie teachers , could your school consider Dray as unqualified teacher with a view of training on the GTP..

    Dray , if you come to london and work for London Borough of Newham we would sure take you on .. Jeez my food tecnikkis are working as a unqualified teacher and teaching my KEY stage 3 and my key stage 4 catering ,, this sept , we are putting one thru RTP and the other GTP...
  13. well theres a thought, thanks for the positive input there mr oliver,,,,,,id love to do something like that as im a real strong believer in the food that kids are shoving in them selves is turning them into ,,,,well, you know.....
    there aint enough space on the page, he he... think about it mr gos!!

  14. Hey Dray ,

    Talk to your current school about putting you through the GTP OR RTP??

    Jeez wish you lived in London , as I sure need someone like yourself within my department..

    Good Luck
  15. i will do that,,,,,,,,,, thanks for the vote of confidence,,,,,,,ill certainly ask them but the school has a bit of an obstacle to climb at the mo,,,,,,,, and it will be a case of, we have no money.
    id love to earn a bit more,,,,,
  16. Are you still on the lookout for a food tech teacher? qualified with experience?
  17. Gos


  18. hi just sent an email, do you still want health and social care? I can offer that too.
  19. Anyone tell what an RTP is? I have friend who is a qualified chef, food tech technician and wants to teach, but doesn't have the qualifications for the GTP.

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