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Want to move and teach in New Zealand - how??

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by wolls, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    I had a look at the website in question. I read around it a little bit and looked at some older posts as well.
    I don't think the site is accurate, balanced or, in places even rational. I wouldn't give credence to anything it states. I feel slightly soiled that I even dignified it by reading some of it. There are two general things that give me this opinion. 1) The website mentions a Zionist conspiracy to hide the truth. I associate this with the delusional ramblings of far-right, paranoid nutters.2) Although there are responses to post on the blog, most of them seem to have been hidden and a scathing reply written by 'Moderator K', but I can't see the original comment. I can see when it was posted, but not what was said. So, I infer from that that anyone who disagrees with what is on the blog has their comment removed and then insulted by 'Moderator K'.
    There are many, many weird and wonderful opinions on-line. The internet has been a fantastic tool for freedom of speech. There is a down side to that however.
    Basically <u>either</u> someone is, for whatever reason, making up scare stories and posting them on-line, <u>or </u>the NZ media and government as well as Google are engaged in a massive cover up.
    Ever heard of Occam's Razor?
    I don't think I'm going to convince you of this andrewrockcliffe sadly.
    Incidentally, the point I think sidinz is making is that although some tourists do get mugged etc, more often is is 'misadventure' that does for them. Walking too close to a glacier for example, skydiving plane crash, heart attack whilst swimming with dolphins for example.
  2. Sigh. I can quite see why you believe in that blog. Logic is clearly not your strong suit.
    Sigh. I said that the figures were made up, yes. However I did not say that no foreigner had ever been killed in NZ. There have been a handful of well-publicised cases of tourists being murdered and each time it has been a national scandal. But the bulk of tourists killed in NZ are for other reasons, like getting lost while tramping (there is more often a search and rescue operation called for visitors than for locals), driving on the wrong side of the road and causing crashes which take innocent NZers with them, driving themselves and their loved ones off the road, going swimming in dangerous waters and drowning etc., etc. Then there are the ones who die undertaking dangerous activities, such as rafting. While all safety measures are taken, this is not a risk-free sport and people do die doing it. You accept the risks when you buy your ticket. There have also been incidences of permanent residents killing their own family members.
    Verbal violence? I think I have been very restrained, given your mudslinging, blanket accusations and quoting of irrational and libellous material. I have called your critical thinking abilities into question, but then, you have given me ample reason to do so.
  3. Oh dear just want to get back to the whole point of the thread.... we've all made the decision to move to NZ knowing the pros and cons and want some advice on the best way to do so.
    My original post was misconstrued. I simply said anyone looking for negatives should leave this thread immediately meaning... this thread is for people who have already looked into the negatives and have made the decision to go and are looking for advice pure and simple.If they want to research the negatives of NZ then they should go to another thread!! perhaps someone should make one entitled Moving to NZ - the pros and cons... and people like Mr Rockcliffe can quote whomever he likes and people can make a decision for themselves. I believe this is very important!
    and yes 8 months in NZ on a working holiday visa means I was wearing rose tinted specs, however I did work for minimum wage, paid taxes, rent and bills. If I'm lucky enough to get a job offer one day I look forward to moving to NZ.
  4. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Now, there was someone who was a music teacher looking for work... I can't remember who though. That person should go to the Education Gazette website and set the search filters to 'Music' and 'South Island'. I know of a school that is currently looking for someone to start asap. *I think*....
  5. That was me!! already had a look. Thanks very much :)
  6. Agree that this thread is starting to get off topic - which is a
    MASSIVE shame, as it has been very helpful to many many people, as well
    as just an enjoyable read. Will echo the 'can you go elsewhere' if you
    want start a negative conversation about NZ, yes people need to know it
    isn't milk and honey, but to be realistic, if they think that then
    nothing you say will change their mind, they are already are slightly
    off beat - leave this thread to do what it has done for ages and offer
    advice and friendship, and start another thread that warns of the possible dangers in various places around the world (which actually sounds like quite a good idea for a thread - not just NZ, but all of the countries of the world, could be helpful for lots of reasons).
    I was wondering if anyone knew if NZQA has reciprocial agreements with any of the Oz states teaching boards? I was assessed by NZQA a few years back, and now am ummering and ahing about a possible move to Oz, so wondered if this counted for anything (not a huge problem if it doesn't, but obviously one less problem and one less expense - if you don't ask you don't get - and the Oz site seems to be down perm. so I can't ask them directly.

  7. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter


    The VIT does, I believe. You can search for the Trans-Tasman Mutual Recogniton Act for more info.
  8. Happy days! (Guess which state I have in my sights? You have done your job well here Christopher [​IMG] )
    (Also, doesn't matter if it doesn't, just one less job (and great expense) :) )
  9. Christopher  Curtis

    Christopher Curtis Occasional commenter

  10. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Is that so there will be more jobs on the West Island for you.
    Yes. Stupid Oz. <Insert light-hearted emoticon here>

    Good luck with the job hunt Happypixie...
  11. [​IMG] How could you think me so shallow!! Am I that transparent? hehe
    Thanks for the luck, know I will need it, if I could make it a little hotter in NZ, and not have had my run in with Auckland I might have been able to pursuade the OH that kiwi was the way to go, but he's having none of it unfortunately :(
  12. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Timaru hit 40 degrees the other day. How much hotter do you need it? Auckland shmauckland. Come to the Mainland.... Heck, it is even sunny here on the West Coast at the moment. best of luck wherever you decide to go.
  13. Wow, what happened to the thread? Glad it's returned to normal service.
    Seven and a half months into our permanent residency here (no holiday honeymoon period for us!) and still loving it. Had lots of ups and downs but definitely the right move for us. My kids are clearly happier and surprisingly more confident here than they were in the UK.
    Back to helping people with jobs, visas and all that mallarkey...
    I got a permanent job before I arrived here through Oasis Recruitment. I had met their Secondary Consultant, Martin Strang, at the NZ Expo in Leeds about 18 months before and had a good chat with him. He'd stayed in contact and it definitely worked for me as he was able to recommend me to a school who had advertised a job. He actually rang me about the vacancy before I saw the Edgazette Ad and helped arrange the telephone interview with the school. He was also really helpful when we first arrived and even visited the school just before our summer to ask me whether I was settled and happy!! As others have said on here, the job market is pretty competitive at the moment, so every little helps...

  14. pomunder

    pomunder New commenter

  15. Hey everyone!
    It's been a long time since I've been on here and have spent the last half hour or so catching up - with numerous bouts of O.M.G.ing (and worse!) - but it looks like things are back to normal, so I'll say no more on the matter... yeah right!! I think the thing to remember is that living in NZ is the same as living in any other country in the world, in as much as you still have to work hard, your kids will still argue and fight, your car will still break down etc. And yes, people do die here, and unfortunately not always from natural causes - but wherever you go in the world, there will be the minority of sick people.
    BUT - from our point of view, we're still very glad that we made the move. It's 2 and a half years now and there's nothing we would change. We've now bought a house (with a pool, no less!!), I've had a promotion at work (syndicate leader) and the kids are so happy and settled here. My daughter has been made house captain and school leader at school, all 3 are enjoying the freedom of being here and the chance to be children for longer. (Although my son is almost 15, which means he'll be driving soon... scary thought!!)
    For those of you in the process, or thinking of starting the process of getting here, then of course do your research - weigh up your reasons for wanting to move here - and only you can decide if it's right for you. Everyone is different, wants different things and has different expectations - but I'm sure you all know that anyway. We came for the children and for a better quality of life for us as a family - and luckily for us, it's all gone to plan.
    Keep at it everyone!!
    J x
  16. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Halfway through the term. Sort of... BUMP
  17. We are looking for a Head of English and as a South Auckland school with a Pom Principal and lots of pom teachers we are 'pom'-friendly. However we are getting no English applicants anymore. Has the market got better in the UK or is immigration making life hard now?
  18. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    I've just had a wee look at the immigration website and EOI going forward is 100 points and secondary teaching is still an 'Absolute Skills Shortage'. Don't know why you aren't getting English applicants. Perhaps they're all enjoying life under the Con-dems too much. Anyone reading this thinking about doing it, should give it a go.... You only live once. Unless you're James Bond. Speaking of which, now I no longer live in Timaru I can no longer tell people I live in an extinct volcano on a small island in the South Pacific. Which is a shame. Greymouth is nice though. I'll take some pictures soon and post them up.
  19. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Incidentally, I've just had a really nice curry for tea. Which I made myself, so it probably doesn't count...
  20. I too am enjoying a well earned few days off to catch up with things after completing my first term of teaching in NZ [​IMG] I have been too busy with work to read this since the beg of term and am glad I wasn't on during the negative time.
    All the best to everyone

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