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Want to move and teach in New Zealand - how??

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by wolls, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Learn to ******** read then *******.
    Sorry, just using your language, as your lack of intelligence would suggest anything else would be wasted. Read the post - it is not my quote.

  2. polly.glot

    polly.glot New commenter

    Back home in NZ after many years in the UK. Sure, it's much more expensive than it used to be in terms of living costs, and there are some aspects - such as irritating advertisements -that grate; but oh, how I love the friendly faces, the cheerful greetings from people I have never met, the gorgeous, fresh food that tastes REAL, the sunshine and blue sky, the fresh green bush and the peaceful, star-bright nights by the lake, where the darkness wraps you like black velvet. I love my students, who are so clever and polite and keep me on my toes intellectually with their voracious curiosity. This is Home, and I am truly happy.
  3. Oh yes, the sun and blue sky, and no ozone to protect you. NZ has the highest rates of skin cancer in the world.
  4. polly.glot

    polly.glot New commenter

    .......and the 50 SPF lotion, the shady hat and keeping in the shade during the heat of the day.
  5. Of course, and all those teenagers on the beach are that sensible - if they were, the figures would not be so high. Look, I am not saying NZ is bad, all I am saying is that people should be aware. Is it wrong to tell people who are coming over with kids that they need to be extremely careful? I actually think it is criminal not to tell them.
    New Zealand, probably the most toxic travel destination in the world, is the largest user of sodium fluoroacetate anywhere. Environmentalists report that NZ government agencies are increasingly using large scale indiscriminate aerial applications to cut costs. New Zealand releases about two and a half tons of compound 1080 into its environment each year, about 90% of the global use. [Enough poison to kill the entire population of New Zealand 15 times over, if administered orally!]
    I have no qualms with people wanting to come to New Zealand, as the brochures depict a paradise so why wouldn't they. But when my fellow Brits are going to be risking themselves and their children to unseen hazards, don't you think it is better that people know? Why is it so wrong to warn people of danger. I am very perplexed by that attitude.

  6. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Did read your post, and yes I am aware that you didn't say/ type it orginally. It's just the way that quoting some-one else works on most forums, and it attaches your user name to it. And, if you are going to quote someone and they swear- or in this instance use asterix as grawlix-, then respondents to your post may also use grawlix, in this case it was intended as a light-hearted response. You should accept that by re-posting someone else's comments under your user name, it can make it appear as though you agree/ endorse/ support or in some way condone that person's opinion. Furthermore, I have no way of knowing whether the original poster of the comment is actually you, and you are merely ego-posting 'cos you thought you were being clever and wanted to share.
    It was intended as a light hearted comment to highlight the apparent daft nature of the original complaint. Especially as you don't get decent Indian food in the UK, but an anglicized version of Indian cuisine, and it is only fairly recently that Indian food has changed from being 'scalding lumps of gristle for macho drunks*' to 'cuisine' in the UK. Don't forget also that even Indian food has changed dramatically in the last few hundred years, with the introduction of chili, capsicums, tomatoes and potatoes from S. America by the Portuguese. The curries I have sampled in NZ haven't compared well to some of the curry houses I used to frequent regularly, but compare well to some of the places I tried once. Incidentally, and purely co-incidentally, we actually had a pretty good curry not so long back in Hanmer Springs, that compared very well to most other curries I have had anywhere. (And no, I'm not just saying that.. it was actually a good curry)
    The actual list of complaints you re-posted, and working purely from memory, there was nothing I read there that is exclusive to NZ, (Note: this is based on my memory, I could go and check it but meh...) and many of the issues raised could and do apply equally well to the UK. Especially the bit of Birmingham I lived and worked in some years ago...
    Some time ago, I read a report in the Weekend Press about some of the reasons that <strike>Poms</strike> British immigrants gave for not staying - I think the statistic is about 25% leave-, among those reasons, one person said that he was fed up with getting up at three am to watch the football. Which I thought was a little bit weak. No decent Indian food is also a little weak I think, but without a link to the whole forum, without the context of the comment you have re-posted and without any knowledge of the original poster it is difficult to even say whether not that point is'tongue in cheek'. I know my comment was. Maybe instead of questioning my intelligence, you could re-boot your sense of humour... (Ooo petty name calling on an internet forum, that'll annoy Mrs S when I tell her all about it a great length...)
    There are cons with living in NZ, but I don't think they out-weigh the pros*. Maybe I am just happier in myself so see the world through rose tinted spectacles.
    Finally, it isn't all blue skies here on the West Coast y'know..... it does rain a bit.
    * Mis-quoted from Terry Pratchett book.. 'Jingo' I think.
    * Including, but not limited to, decent coffee, no tabloid newspapers, penguins, wekas, keas, beaches with little or no rubbish all over them, mountains, good work life balance, friendly people, chance to watch the RWC and penguins.

  7. Well said Mr S.
    Anyone wishing to move anywhere in the world needs to research the idea thoroughly before making a decision and it is <u>vital</u> to visit the place prior to moving as well. Leaving and going back to the UK for "weak" reasons such as cuisine, sport and UV rays is just plain silly and a complete waste of your time, your families time and the time of the kiwi government for allowing you to enter the country on a permanent basis anyway. Which is why you should always visit the country first to find out about these things. The UK is the UK and no one should move to another country expecting anything similar....The beer, food, people and culture are not going to be like England because low and behold ITS NOT ENGLAND!!! and nor should it be.
    Yes NZ has many cons but for us, personally, the pros far outweigh these. Having spent 8 months over there we are aware of the reality and will still find it hard to adjust as anyone would.
    Now lets get back to the whole point of this thread, which is, helping people with the right advice on <u>how</u> to move to NZ as it's a complicated and messy process. This thread is for those who want to go and have made the decision to do so (after going through the pros and cons). Anyone looking for negatives is not serious about the move anyhow and should leave the thread immediately.

  8. "Anyone looking for negatives is not serious about the move anyhow and should leave the thread immediately"
    Utterly unbelieveable.

  9. 8 months is hardly long enough to form a real impression of what its like to live in a country, not only are you still in the honeymoon period but you're also living every day knowing that your stay is time limited. I don't see how you could have ever moved out of holiday mode.
    "Anyone looking for negatives is not serious about the move anyhow and should leave the thread immediately" what are you - the thought police? how dare you say such a thing.
    When you bought the car you drive did you not kick its tyres and peer under the bonnet looking for signs of wear or accident damage?
    When you bought the property you live in did you arrange for a survey to check for structural intergrity?
    Why do then you suggest that for others to look for negatives is a weakness and demostrates a lack of committment?
    Performing a due dilligence procedure is an essential part of the decision making process before making any life changing decision.
    People like you are well suited to New Zealand.

  10. Isn't that an emigration and settlement agent's website, don't you think they have a vested interest in promoting New Zealand to potential clients?
    Where to go for impartial, unsponsored advice? try one of these, each of them offers a different perspectiv, take your pick

  11. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    We? A royal we?
    And fair enough, doesn't look like an ego re-post.
  12. This is from yesterday:
    "A Hamilton man who shot and killed a Lower Hutt woman as she brushed her teeth at a Conservation Department campground near Turangi last year has been sentenced to 2 and a half years in jail.

    In the High Court at Rotorua this afternoon, Justice Priestly sentenced Andrew Mears, 25, of Hamilton, to two and a half years in jail, as well as $10,000 reparation for the death of Lower Hutt teacher Rosemary Ives, 25.

    Mears pleaded guilty to manslaughter at Taupo District Court in December.

    Mears had been illegally spotlighting deer with friends from the back of a ute near the Kaimanawa Forest Park campground on October 22. He had mistakenly identified the headlight worn by Miss Ives as the eyes of a deer and shot her in the head at a distance between 15 and 26 metres"

  13. Chrissi T

    Chrissi T New commenter

    I too am unsure as to why this thread is turning into a thread being negative about NZ. I haven't moved there yet, and am totally up for weighing up the pros and cons. However the point of the thread is as the name suggests 'I want to live and move to NZ. How?'. Can the negative people post on their own thread please.
  14. Chrissi T

    Chrissi T New commenter

    ps finally managed to get a PGCE transcript out of my uni (after them claiming they didn't exist). So am ready to send everything off to NZQA! Finally!
  15. mrswallow

    mrswallow Occasional commenter

    Another step on the process Chrissi T, I remember waiting for transcripts for what felt like ages due to people being on holiday. In the meantime, I should really stop feeding internet trolls with axes to grind and stick to trying to offer advice where I can. (Although any advice I offer comes with the usual caveats about accuracy and correctness. I'll *try* and make any conditionals as clear as possible..)
    Back at school and getting into the swing of things now.. it is nice to be back in the mainstream and in a staffroom again.
    The ABs were supposed to visit yesterday, but due to poor weather conditions were unable to land. There were a few disappointed ABs fans here, which I suppose is practise for October...[​IMG]

  16. Before letting my students into the workshop for the first time, they are given a long safety talk, pointing out the possible dangers and putting systems in place to make sure they remain safe. We are adults on this forum, though some of the name calling would suggest otherwise, but the same fundamentals apply.
    Between July 2000 and January 2011, there have been 2015 deaths of foreign students, immigrants and tourists, along with over 10,000 serious injuries. Some of these incidents have been accidental, but many are murders, rapes and muggings. There are a further 450 people missing. To put that figure into perspective, every 3 days, 2 tourists / immigrants are killed. This information, for obvious reasons, is not widely known and even my Kiwi wife did not know the extent of the problem.
    What do you suggest I do with that information? Ignore it? What would you do? This is a forum thread about people who are considering, or who have decided to come to New Zealand &ndash; if 1 person reading this takes extra precautions, and is not killed as a result &ndash; then this has been more than worthwhile. Why do people want me to be quiet about this &ndash; what are their motives? What is their agenda? That should be the concern of people reading this forum. I have suffered much abuse on this forum, some of which had to be deleted by TES - why?
    I live and work in New Zealand, have some great Kiwi friends, and intend to stay in the country for now. If you want to come over here, be very vigilant, try and not travel alone, keep your wits about you , and you should be ok. Alternatively, ignore everything written, and run the risk of becoming another statistic. It is up to you.

  17. wairua

    wairua New commenter

    Where on earth have you got this "information" from?
  18. You. Can't. Be. Serious.
    You are honestly quoting that website? I am either seriously doubting your intelligence or awarding you troll of the year award.
    The website itself states that the figures are CALCULATED and ASSUME under-reporting of deaths. Yeah right. In a country where every death and murder makes the front page because there are still so few of them (compared to other countries like the US and the UK).
    You are also upholding the site's naming these killings and murders of foreigners in NZ when that is the case in the minority of the cases. Many of these are accidents where visitors did something stupid.
    You don't like NZ. We get it. But surely you have ground your axe completely away by now? Give it a rest.
    No country is perfect, we admit that. But there is no way that NZ is the hell-on-earth that you're determined to paint it as and quoting spurious statistics won't change that.
    Maybe next time you'll do your homework before moving someone. You're like a little boy throwing a tantrum because things did not go his way, or a little girl who has had a row with her best friend and is trying to turn all her other friends off her, too.
    Grow up.
  19. My arguments and posts have been measured and informative.
    The anger and tantrums appears to be coming from others, who use the usual Kiwi way of dealing with critisism - devalue the person critisising, call them names, and tell them to go away.
    You say the figures are erroneous, then justify the figures by saying "the visitors did something stupid". Make your mind up. The reason I did not know about these things, is because there were not people like me warning others! Oh, and the fact that much information is suppressed by NZ authorities and even Google. Surely everyone knows how wonderful NZ is - so why do you have to keep advertising the fact - stop grinding your axe - someone as insignificant as myself can't possibly affect your reputation? I tell you this though, the word is getting out, and pretty soon NZ is going to have to answer these questions to a global community - and rightly so. Maybe then they will do something about the problems here.
    We live in a democracy, and just because you do not like what people are saying does not give you the right to resort to verbal violence. But I would hope that some people reading this will have the sense to realise that, and gain a true picture of the sort of person, and types of attitude you may have to deal with out here. Thank you for giving others that insight.
    Due to the fact that I have had threats of physical violence from certain parties, I can no longer use my real name on this site. Then again, I am sort of over the general amount of abuse I have recieved so will probably not bother any more. Well done to those that have what they wanted, though I am not quite sure what you have achieved, other than denial.


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