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Want to move and teach in New Zealand - how??

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by wolls, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Hi If the world ends - Did you have any difficulties with your application? I'm not quite 50 and am worried that my age will count against me, as I also went into teaching late.
    We visited the country in 1996 with a view to emigrating and I had my qualifications registered at that time - fortunately I am still on the system. What are the other stumbling blocks - besides getting a job that is?

  2. Hi Onatop
    I've had no problems at all going through the process, though it is a lengthy and costly one. Last October I got my qualifications assessed by NZQA and then got teacher registered by the NZTC. Then put in an E of I in January and got accepted last Month. We've now got 4 months to prove everything we've said on the E of I. We are hoping to get out at the end of the year, with the view of starting for the new term in 2009.
    I will probably try and get a job before we go, but if not I think I have 6 months to find one when we are out there. That is my main worry, my age will stand against me, but I am a maths teacher so hopefully there will be vacancies.
    Unlike others on this thread, we are going to lett our house for a year, as I don't want to burn all our bridges. Though grown up and behind us, we will be leaving a couple of our children, which will be the hardest wrench, though our eldest son lives in NZ.
    We've been out twice and it's a beautiful country and certainly a place where we would like to retire.
    Good luck all with the process!
  3. okey dokey, getting rather confused!
    had all our stuff sent back from nz house,. didnt include the original police certificate ! doh!
    but they also say they are confused under which visa we are applying. i am piggy backing off other halfs as partner visa but the other halfs visa needs to be general work or work to residence?
    we have appklied for residence and are awaiting our forms (been selected from pool). so which is it? if its work to residence isnt that a 2 year wait?
    you can apply straight away with job offers etc cant you?
    any help would be great as we would really like to sent it all off again tomorrow!
    i wish it was all simple!
    oh and another thing while i'm here, who did you all get to make certified copies of your certificates etc? i rang up a solicitors and he said it would be £10 a copy!!!!
    and i have 15 forms and need x2 of each!
    any other ideas? will police do it? or magistrates?
  4. I am currently doing my PGCE in the UK and will finish it on June 5 this year. I am then moving to New Zealand with my other half for her job. As I won't have done my NQT year can anybody tell me if they think I will be properly qualified? I know that I have to get my qualifications assessed by NZ but I just want to know now before I start applying whether I will actaully be qualified as a teacher - even in the UK's eyes?

  5. Hi I went to New Zealand to teach, after sending all my paperwork off and obtaing a teaching licence. Once there I had a lot of problems getting the pay i was quoted. Luckily I had an excellent head and he paid the difference. Please be very careful. Also the education system can leave a lot to be desired. I found it to generally be behind Europe by two years. Also New Zealand, although a beautiful place to visit is quite quiet and not a lot to do in the evenings.

    I enjoyed the experience but it was not what i expected and have returned to work in Spain
  6. New Zealand is like anywhere else and has heaps to do. As for the education system it depends what sector your talking about. Primary is a great opportunity for teachers as it allows you to be creative and an individual, which is often very different to the UK.
  7. To If the world ends
    Thanks for your reply and all the information. I've calculated my points at 135. Just as a matter of interest did you manage to accrue 140?
  8. Hi Onatop
    Without a job, my points total was 120, so as above 100 we went for it. With 140 points or more you get automatic selection from the pool, we were selected as we had more than 100 points but also 15 points for my work experience. The selection is done every 2 weeks and the criteria may change slightly each time. If you go on the immigration website you can look at previous selections to give you an idea of numbers selected, but i think it has only been the selection after Christmas which only selected those with 140 points or more.
    So go for it!

    Lilly, not sure on which criteria you are getting out there, but we've gone down the skilled migrant route, as a secondary school teacher. Like i said though quite a lengthy process it has been pretty straight forward, i think the hardest thing will be getting a job because of my age! But I know there are quite a few different routes which can be confusing. The TeachNZ website is pretty useful for advice.
    Hope this all helps!
  9. If the world ends,

    I was responding to Valerie Hesse's message about the education system in NZ leaving a lot to be desired and how quiet NZ is.

    As I said, New Zealand is has heaps to do. And the primary education sector is a great opportunity for teachers as it allows you to be creative and an individual, which is often very different to the UK. I can't comment on secondary though.
  10. I've sent all my information off to the NZQA and NZTC. The NZTC have been great and got back to me straight away to say they have received my forms. I know from the courier tracking system that the NZQA have recieved my package. How long has it taken for everyone else to receive an email from them to say they have received their application? How long should I leave it before getting in touch with them??

    Am getting so excited now. Just bought tickets for the Expo in Leeds which looks like it will be really useful.
  11. Sorry for the confusion LillyJane, I was responding to Lily77cat. I should have used the full name.
  12. Millie_Louise, i had confirmation from NZQA about 2-3 weeks after sending them. But the process of assessing the qualifications took about 3 months.
  13. who did you all get to make certified copies of your certificates etc? i rang up a solicitors and he said it would be £10 a copy!!!!
    and i have 15 forms and need x2 of each!
    any other ideas? will police do it? or magistrates?
  14. Millie Lousie

    I sent my forms to both places just as you did - and as with you, the TC got straight back to me saying things were being processed.
    NZQA have taken AGES! (Read earlier in this thread). I have just had an email last week from my assessor telling me what the hold up is - but only after sending NZQA numerous emails enquiring about my application. So far it has been 2 months and they still haven't started assessing it as they are waiting for my uni to verify that I did go to uni. So it's taking some time....
  15. Lily77cat

    I got a tip from someone who had been through the process - I put a text box in the bottom corner of a document on word and put the required wording (Certified true copy of the original document) and under it put 'Signed' / 'Name' / 'Title'. I then printed this out and then photocopied each document on to paper with the box in the corner. Then I got my head teacher to fill in the box on each document by hand and finally I stamped each document next to the box with the school stamp.

    Everything has been ok!

    Hope that helps. Julie
  16. Hi there, I have been reading this thread with great interest. I am moving out in October and am just about to send everything off to NZQA (had to wait for ever for a reference from my Head!). Am still unsure whether to fast track this as some of you don't seem to be having much luck with this - any comments?
    Just would like to know whether anyone has managed to secure a job from the UK and if so how did you go about it - like everyone I would love to have the security of having a job before leaving!!!!
    Forever hopeful!
  17. From how I understand it, the fast tracking starts from when NZQA have received all verifications - so... in my case, although they've had everything since mid Jan, my Uni have dragged their feet in verifying that I did the course I stated on the forms, so my assessment hasn't actually started yet. Once my Uni have replied to NZQA, the process will start and then it will be done quickly.

    I hope!
  18. Thanks juliesteele, hopefully my Uni will get their act together slightly quicker!!!
    When are you planning to go? and is everything now going ok?
    Have you managed to secure a job - this is my biggest worry to be honest!
    I am a NZ so visa's aren't a problem (although have to deal with this for my husband),but as an early years teacher I have been told that I will not be qualified to teach kindergarten (our nursery) in NZ only primary which I have little to no experience in so am worried about finding a job!!
    We are heading out to Auckland in October and at this point I seem to be overwhelmed with paper work not to mention the sale of our flat.
    Really looking forward to going home after beening in the UK for 17 years but also nervous that we will be flat broke and have to come back as burning our bridges a bit!!!!
  19. wolls

    wolls New commenter

    After starting this post back in October I am still no further along! I am going to NZ in 2 weeks time for a holiday to see if if I am going to make the life-changing committment. Has anyone any suggestions as to where to visit during my stay etc? We have booked a hotel in the centre of Auckland for our duration but have hired a car so can travel?? Any suggestions?x
  20. Can I ask if anyone is using a migration service? Can anyone recommend a good one. Thanks

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