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Want to move and teach in New Zealand - how??

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by wolls, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. Nope - no email as yet Sweetiefiend. I have emailed 3 different times now - once to the helpdesk who said they'd pass it on to the right department and twice to the overseas people. I am emailing the right people aren't I?!
  2. The department who will be assessing your application to NZQA is the Qualification Recognition Service. You can contact them via email using this link:

    They have got the correct email addy for you, haven't they??
  3. That's the email I've used twice - and in both I've used my only email and put it in the email. I had a reply from the help desk saying they'd passed it on, so if they can reply, then I'm assuming the other can.
    I might have to ring - even though I hate phones!!
  4. hiya
    all good stuff on this thread. just one thing though, when did you all apply for EOI? and get selected? and receive forms to appy for residency? because we were selected from the pool in december and have heard nothing since??? just a bit concerned now if we should have recieved forms to fill in?
    going down the vias route as cant wait any longer so have all the stuff they need like medicals already done.
    any advice would be great thanks
  5. EOI selected from the pool at beginning of December - received Invitation to Apply residency forms in the middle of January. Now got only 4 months from date on the ITA letter to get everything done! BUT we may be looking to sell house at negative equity. Have been shopping around estate agents and think the one who visited today looks the best around here. Next move for us is to actually get the bloody house ont eh market and then cross our fingers!

  6. I GOT AN EMAIL!!!! Well 2 actually!
    I now have the name of my assessor and she is going to let me know what the hold up is.
    Feeling happier now!
    I know it's frustrating at the moment that everything takes so long, it's part of the 'laid back' charm I'm looking forward to in NZ. But it doesn't make it any easier now!!
    I'm a happy bunny again!
  7. Yay! You can look forward to receiving your ITA now... and all those lovely expensive forms!
  8. can anyone help please
    i am going over on my other halfs visa and i need to get form 1146 signed by a "person authorised to take statutory declarations".
    but i cant find anywhere that tells us who that is?
  9. As earlier poster kittengirl said, be aware that wages in NZ will not give you a good standard of living. Ten years ago, teachers went out there and managed to buy property and have a decent standard of living. A friend of mine who worked there and is now back in the UK told me all this and he also said that he met people there who were disappointed with their lives because of the meagre wages (my friend not included as he was renting a house out in th UK and making good money from it)
    Teaching couples excepted; it is pretty hard for a single teacher.
    All I am saying is it is a long way to go and be disappointed. Personally, I would not move anywhere where I would be worse off. Experience has taught me this, I spent two years in Milan, Italy, and it was a struggle. Lovely country but what is the point if you are struggling to enjoy a decent lifestyle?
  10. Struggling here too though!! We're going for a simpler lifestyle cos fed up of the pressure here and don't want the kids to be sidetracked by materialism - OH finds it hard to resist spenidng money as there's far too much choice and pressure to spend here. There's nowhere here to take the kids yet the public areas in NZ are so well-cared for - that's another bonus. We've accepted that we won't be well off in NZ but have got to the point where we'll probably never be well off unless we win a good amount on the lottery... unless my parents die first, of course! I honestly don't want a well-off lifestyle though, just a fulfilling one. Horses for courses though and it really depends on what lifestyle you're used to, expect in the next ten years and hope for.

    The only advice I would give is to visit any country you are thinking of living in for any length of time - other people's opinions, TV programmes, brochures and the net can only tell you so much. We just felt like we had finally come 'home' while we were there last year and didn't want to leave.
  11. Lily, don't know but I'm sure you could find out on the NZ immigration website:

  12. Do you know what Sweetiefiend, we could be the same person!! The reasons you've given for leaving this country are exactly the same as mine. Relaxed living, better environment for the kids - even though we won't be well off. I'd rather be poor in NZ than here - at least I'll be happier.
    I know there are lots of people who will be thinking I'm seeing everything through rose-tinted glasses, but I'm really not. I know it's going to be tough - but I just have to go....
  13. Have you been there yet Julie? Where do you fancy moving to? We're hoping to move somewhere close to friends in Rodney District of Auckland.

    We've got our medicals soon (they are really expensive!) and I was looking at the long list of evidence we've gotta supply to NZIS. Did you know you've gotta send them photos and other evidence that you and hubby have been in a long relationship, as well as evidence that you have been a couple for the last 12 months! It's rare to find me in a photo with hubby cos I hate having my pic taken. We'll have to do some 'posed' ones. LOL.

  14. Hello....I arrived in New Zealand two and a half years ago. I am a British Primary School teacher with 6 years experience. I have only been teaching part time here for the last six months as my children are both under five. Getting our residency and my teaching registration was quite frustrating, it can take quite a while. I got my job through an agency (Oasis Education) as a foot in the door. It was only a six month contract but when that finished the Principal of the school employed me without the agency. I have applied for lots of jobs around Auckland and have had one interview. My Principal told me that schools are reluctant to employ Brits, they prefer NZ trained teachers. But, if you keep applying you will get something. New Zealand is very different to the UK in many ways, but it is a good place to be. My children have a good life, we are not well off but we are happy. Teaching is very different here too, I have seen new techniques which I now use myself. It took a while to settle here and adjust to it all but my husband and I both feel the same-we made the right move. Good luck to you.
  15. oooh
    getting sooooooo excited now!!
    had medicals (yep they are extremely expensive!)
    sent off forms for visas, awaiting forms after being selected from pool for residency.
    got job, other half got job, booked flights, booked animals on flights, sent off forms for qualifications
    so alls left to do is finish the bl*ody house and put it on the market and wait!
    oh and hand in notice and get teaching licence but not doing that just yet!
    i am sooooo excited and just want to tell everyone but we are keeping it quiet cos of jobs and house etc.
    anyone else getting excited??
  16. This is all very exciting, we are in a similar situation as well! What are you guys doing about your pensions? I'm in my early 50's and as i went into teaching quite late, I have about 15 years of the teacher's pension. Will i get a lump sum and a pension when I'm 60, calculated on my wage before i leave? I think you can continue paying into the state pension. Do you know if there is a teacher's pension scheme in NZ?
  17. Hi Iftheworldends

    I too was wondering about my pension - and I looked on the teacher's pension website, registered and looked at my predicted pension and then sent them an email asking what would happen if / when I emigrate.

    All payments you make are preserved and are index linked - so when you reach retirement age you don't get the equivalent of £2.50!

    I also emailed them and the advise was to either keep the pension or (quote)
    'The only other option open to you is to transfer your pension credit to another pension scheme. If you transfer it to an overseas pension scheme it has to be Qualified Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme. I suggest you contact an Independant Financial Adviser when you emigrate to New Zealand, who will hopefully inform you of the tax regulations over there.'

    Does that help?
  18. Hi Lilly77cat
    My goodness - you're nearly ready to go! (I am so jealous!)
    When is it you're off?
    I'm not even applying for anything until we sell the house as we have to sell it in order to go. Hopefully yours will sell quicker than mine.
    Good luck with everything!
  19. We're in the same boat as Julie - no house sale = no NZ! Even when we do sell it, we'll probably end up going with no money at all!

    We're aiming to go over in Jan 2009 so that kids and I start at a new school at the start of a new school year. I was hoping to get a CV ready for when we attend the April Expo in Leeds to pass on to potential employers - well, that's the plan anyway!

    Are you going in the summer Lily??
  20. i dont really know how we got this far really :)
    been talking about going for so long and then we went to expo and other half got job and i got job in the same week! then it was all panic to sort everything else out and break the news to family! everyone rather shocked that we were suddenly going!
    there is soooo much to sort out i really am having to be mega organised!
    what everyone has said goes for us aswell, we might not be any better off over there but we will definitely be happier and we might aswell be skint somewhere nice rather than here and being taxed to death!!
    i think we will all get there in the end! just having to be patient a little and try and get one thing done at a time. When you go for jobs i was told that nz like mega long CVs with loads of stuff in and also pictures on the front.

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