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Want to move and teach in New Zealand - how??

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by wolls, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. I've just checked out your site with all the links and it looks great with all the info you have. Just thought that under the PPTA section you could also add an NZEI link for the primary teachers out there.

    Cheers Lilly
  2. lily77cat

    I have just read your post again, and want to point out one or two things to you. The overseas section of this website is full of people asking for advice. It's also full of people freely giving their advice and opinions, and in the main, you will find that replies are well intended, polite and helpful - whether you agree with them is, or course, up to you. I must admit that i find your posting rather rude. In NZ, Kiwis would say to DJL21 "good on ya" for having a go with the book, and "blatantly advertising it". I looked at the link, and it looks great - I wish that I had access to a resource like that 6 years ago. I am sorry that you didn't like my recommendation - I was trying to help. BTW, I share my copy with expat and Kiwi friends and they all love it, it's a great laugh. If you do end up in NZ, you would be advised to drop the use of the word "stupid' - here in NZ, it is highly offensive, and in a school context would result in a queue of angry parents at your classroom door!
  3. Cheers lillyJane,
    It?s on there now, sorry about the omission.
    I was a bit apprehensive about posting something like this. I will keep adding to it until someone develops something better. Its a great day here in Southland, the sun's out, its friday and it will soon be the summer holidays.
  4. Hey,

    Now worries at all. I am a Kiwi and after living in Asia for a few years am back here living in AKL and teaching primary, so I just thought that I would suggest that go on since it is the one that I know. That kind of site is perfect for anyone who is thinking of coming over here and I would imagine is a huge help to them. It's a shame that not all countries have something similar. Well done. And it's great to read that you are enjoying your time living here. Some people seem to do a lot of NZ bashing which I think is such a shame.

    Cheers Lilly
  5. Hey everyone.

    Had some worrying advice from a consultant in NZ today, she said...

    "Strangely, primary teachers have been recently added to the Immediate Skills Shortage List suggesting there is a shortage. However, we have found that it is quite difficult to place primary teachers from overseas because there are usually plenty of applicants within NZ for the positions that come up."

    Any feedback on this one way or the other would be appreciated.
  6. I can only speak from my own personal experiences but I would suggest to people wanting to come to teach in NZ that they don't come to an LTR position.

    I've been here for nearly 5 years and have taught for a total of two years after first having an LTR position. I've just got the post this morning and opened yet another "sorry your application was unsuccesful" letter.

    I'm developing theories as to why I can't get a permanent job - despite knocking on doors, asking to look around schools when jobs come up and doing relief work. I've not been picky about where I want to work either.

    I love being here, the lifestyle is great but the constant frustration of not getting a position is driving me crazy! I love teaching and I am missing it. It's peak job season here at the moment, but if nothing comes up for 2008, I may have head back to the Northern Hemisphere.

    Good luck to anyone looking to come to NZ, it is fantastic here, just seriously think about my first paragraph.
  7. petejon

    "If you do end up in NZ, you would be advised to drop the use of the word "stupid' - here in NZ, it is highly offensive, and in a school context would result in a queue of angry parents at your classroom door!"

    whats that all about!!!
    considering i directed "I stupidly" at myself I dont know why you are slagging me off!

    and if you noticed i said some nice things about kiwis and i thought the author did not!

    and i can assure you that if "stupid" was directed at any of my students i would expect parents coming in as well so i think you are slightly ill informed that your "context" of stupid would only result in that outcome in new zealand!
  8. I find it interesting that you think I was "slagging you off", which is a bit extreme. I was trying to point out that I found your posting rather rude with respect to my well intended recommendation regarding Emigrate with Caution and DJL's efforts to market their book, and I was mildly offended by your attitude. So, sorry that you feel you need to take it this way.

    The "stupid" reference - I am sorry for this, I misjudged you and assumed that it might be a word that you might use in class or other places as well as against yourself which was wrong of me. Again (without justifying it) the context of this comes from expat friends who have said "dont be stupid" , or "that was a stupid thing to do" in a lightly humoured way in class and got into a fair bit of trouble about the phrase.

    Hope this clarifies things, sorry for any upset...
  9. Thanks for the advice Bishbosh. I will bear it in mind when I'm feeling desperate and applying for anything and everything.....

  10. Sorry to hear that your experience has been like that Bishbosh. Where abouts are you teaching? I know there certainly are people who come over and secure permanent positions. Do you have residency? I would assume so after being here nearly 5 years. I can only imagine that it may be the area you are applying.

    Good luck.
  11. I am currently in the process of emigrating and i have gone through an agency called meridian education. I have found the fees to be a lot lower and because it specialises in allowing teachers to emigrate i have so far found the process alot simpler. Check out their website i think its based in bristol. Hopefully we will be going in january.
  12. Hi
    I have been teaching in NZ for a year after recieving PR last November. New Zealand is an awesome country and I now love teaching!(fed up of it all in the UK). The school I am in is great, teachers are friendly and motivated. There are tons of positions and the best place to look is the ed gazette they have a great website and it's very easy to use.
    If you can get a job before you head out here it would be good as it saves hastle with the visa process.
    We were amazed when we first arrived as my partners head master picked us up from the airport, arranged somewhere for us to stay and sorted out a car!
    Yes the money isn't that great but the lifestyle is awesome! We still live comfortably and instead of heading to Bluewater etc we head to the beach, or go snorkeling etc

    If you are coming here with the expectation of earning loads then you are probably picking the wrong country but if you are after awesome scenery, amazing beaches, friendly people then it's the right one!
    We live in Auckland and love it, yes there are some rough parts but that's the same as anywhere. Some of the supposed rough parts look and feel alot safer than some cities in the UK.
    We certainly have no desire to return.
    My one word of caution is to be careful not to read to much into it. We spent so long trawling through the internet and reading peoples posts that we were always unsure of what to do. As long as you take on board the main things to consider: wages, house prices etc then the rest you can think about for yourself. It's easy to worry about other peoples opinions.
    The best way to do it is to see for yourself, try it and see how it goes and if it doesn't work out then atleast you tried!
    Good luck and if you need any help with the visa process let me know!
  13. wolls

    wolls New commenter

    tanialnz, Thank you so much for your wonderful reply. It sounds like just the place I want to be! Cheers.
  14. Tanialnz - you've written exactly what I wanted to hear! I'm at the start of the process - I am waiting for the proof of my employment to be sent to me by an education authority - as neither of my previous schools exist anymore!
    Did you and your husband both find jobs before you got to NZ? I'm getting mixed information from - you'll get a job easy, to you won't even get an interview until you are in the country. (Very confusing!)
    Also are you primary or secondary - and do you know if it makes a difference??
  15. Hi, I had an interview in the UK and so did my partner so we both had jobs to come out to. Quite a few schools actually travel to the UK to recruit staff as the Cambridge CIE exams are being offered in several schools. We are both secondary teachers but have friends in middle school and primary that had a similar experience. If you are primary, check out the ed gazette as there are always tons of jobs.
    One big part of my interview was basically explaining why I wanted to come to NZ and what I felt I could offer the country/school etc.
    I had a friend who had a telephone interview for middle school and her headmaster was awesome too, helping them out with everything they needed.
    Just let me know if I can help out in any other areas, what schools are like etc
  16. Thanks Tania - it's reassuring to know that there's a chance I can get a job whilst still in the UK.
    Could you let me know how you got a police check - do I simply go to my local police station and ask them to check me out?! (So to speak!!) Not sure what to ask for....
  17. I think we did ours online? I can't really remember! I think you can pop into your local branch they might be able to tell you what forms you need?
  18. Went online and found the form - it's now sent off (another box ticked in my list of things to do). Getting frustrated now - waiting for confirmation of past employments and references, then I can send everything off to NZQA. I'm so impatient!!!

    Scarily, the house is going up for sale tomorrow....
  19. Everything has been sent off!! Yippeeeeee!

    Had confirmation that it has arrived safely in NZ - now just waiting.... again......

    Can't wait to start applying for jobs!
  20. Sometimes it's difficult to know what and when to do things! I got my qualifications assessed by NZQA and have got teacher registration, subject to confirmation. All these take time so i recommend you get all that done first.
    So over Xams completed the EOI online with 120 points but no job offer. The way the slections have been going, this should have been ok but last week only those with jobs or job offers were selected! If no luck by March I think I'm going to have to find a job as this will then give me enough points for automatic selection. But was hoping to go out and look around at the schools first. Been on holiday twice out there and have family in Auckland and Wellington, it's a beautiful country.

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