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want to lose weight for summer hols

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by beckie99, May 4, 2009.

  1. Actually, I have mild IBS which fruit and veg happens to flare up some I can only have a reduced amount per week. Hence why I weigh more than I should. I love fruit and veg and would happily live off it if I could.
  2. Saturday's diet and fitness :
    Breakfast : None [​IMG] (Got up slightly too late for brekkie!)
    Lunch : Brown roll with wafer thin ham, lettuce and branston chilli relish, half a cup a soup - 'twas horrible!
    Dinner : Tesco light choices chicken breast in tomato sauce with rice and green beans
    Fitness : 15 mins on cross trainer on set programme and then quick mile on treadmill and lots of dancing like an idiot last night!
    But... as I mention I went out last night. Didn't do too badly - x2 glasses of rose x3 bacardi and diet coke x2 jagerbombs(?) (Shall never be having those again[​IMG])
  3. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    Juju - are you not drinking caffeine because you want to get pregnant? I honestly don't think it makes a difference! I was on honeymoon literally just before I got pregnant, and I was drinking lots of coffee, rum, wine, cocktails etc etc and it didn't make any difference for me!
    Full fat fizzy drinks have loads of calories and sugar in them, so I think it's worth drinking a diet version. I suppose you could drink decaff coffee though as bars often serve that and that's quite low calorie if you have it without sugar.
    Hopefully I will be joining you on here soon, although my baby is now one day overdue so i am just playing a waiting game while I get more and more whale-like by the day!
    Definitely go with measuring yourselves possibly even instead of weighing yourselves. When I lost weight I lost 9 inches off my waist, 8 inches off my hips and 8 inches off each thigh. It's really good to hold the tape measure around you and physically see how much has gone.
  4. Ouch, IBS is nasty - poor you.
    I'm starving today and don't know what is wrong with me! How long will i be able to hold out for is the question!?
  5. Yes Chica, trying to do what they advise but getting a bit sick of getting nowhere anyway. So frustrating.
    I bet you just wish the little person would just arrive now. Very excited for you. Good luck xx
  6. What are they then?
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    What? Non-diet drinks obviously.
  8. Yup, not the nicest thing in the world [​IMG] but slowly learning what triggers it and avoiding it as much as it humanly possible; but obviously for health reasons I need some fruit and veg!
    Breakfast: Rice krispies & semi skimmed milk
    Lunch: Brown roll with cheese triangle, wafer thin ham, lettuce and cucumber. Ryvita sunbites
    Dinner: Roast Beef!
  9. Fat in a fizzy drink? Yuk!!
  10. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    My sister refers to 'normal' coke as 'fat coke'. She still drinks it though! If we're out together and I ask for diet coke, she asks for 'fat coke'.
  11. I call it fat coke too!
  12. does anyone here do circuit classes, i really fancy going as I get bored easily and they chop and change so much. only prob is I really don't want to go alone but just need to build up confidence (and strap up beer belly!) wonder if its just for really fit people or can anyone go?
    you lot are super motivators. Ive got a family 'do' in a few weeks and my stick thin relatives will be there so thats my motivation for now!!!

  13. Maybe it's time for us girls to embrace our bellies!
  14. you wouldnt if it looked like mine!!![​IMG]
    went spinning the other day, sweated like a pig but felt fab afterwards, it was so great to be able to go at my own pace and take the resistance off and sit down when needed.
  15. whoops! Smithers; just realised I assumed you are a girl!
  16. no apology needed -i try to be gender neutral as much as poss anyway. ive booked the circuits for mid week - I'll let you all know how they go, the lady assured me i can go at my own pace - gulp!
  17. that's great! am a bit scaredy cat when it comes to doing things like exercise on my own, so well done!
    ps have never stepped in a gym for a work-out!
  18. sorry rach, it must be really hard having to avoid different foods!
    I stick to the colour rule. If it is colourful food you can eat as much of it as you want! White is pretty much a no go.
  19. That's why I say 'folks' rather than 'ladies'!

    So, I can eat a big pile of Smarties tonight, eh PFF?!
    I was not good yesterday, but as I am still down two pounds this Monday - have been the same weight each Monday for WEEEEKS! - so am still pleased. Was working today so took a 'good' lunch and no money. Then had greek salad and a tiny bit of pasta (which is what the others had) and (so far) only fizzy water to drink. Noticed the loss again today when I put a skirt on that I hadn't worn for a while - trouble is, now my tights show abover the waist band!! (not complaining though!)
    I'm glad we are all motivation and an inspiration for you, and each other, Smithers. That's what helps, I find. Keep on at that beer belly! As for excercise, I find it really hard to do it just for the sake of it - hate it - so generally keep to digging the allotment (not this weekend though!) and cycling. Wish I had the will power, but I don't.
    Keep at it folks!!
  20. got my dance class tomorrow, folks!
    then a spot of gardening on wednesday, weather-permitting.

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