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want to lose weight for summer hols

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by beckie99, May 4, 2009.

  1. Weighed in and .....
    I've lost <u>4lb</u>!!!! [​IMG]
    Really pleased with that. I know that the weight loss should plateau a bit now but this has given me the incentive to keep going!
    Off to do a victory dance now and look like a fool - but no-one can see, I've lost 4lb so I don't care!!! [​IMG]
  2. hee hee hee hehehe hee! sorry!
    You did really well, ellie. How long have you lived in your current area for? I have been here since September and still find it strange sometimes.
    I had a very bad week over half term and am embarrassed to reveal how much I have actually gained [​IMG] but I am focusing on the positives - it will come off again! I'm doing lots of exercise at the moment although I do seem to get awfully hungry!
  3. Oh and rachel - incredible! Another week like that and it is over half a stone!
  4. Hehe,I was hoping no one would notice that!
    I've been in the Southampton area for two months, I don't know ANYone, it's so strange for me as I've always lived in places with lots of people around me. I'm still teaching at the same school but that is 45 mins away and all my friends live another half an hour in the opposite direction. Never mind, maybe I'll make some friends at this class!
    Don't worry about half term, it's what they were made for, and it will all come off again, definitely so stay positive [​IMG] I find that's the problem with exercise too, I need to eat twice as much!

  5. If you want to lose weight, make friends and save yourself some money - just get an allotment. I spent about three hours digging and, all in all, about an hour chatting this morning! And we have some lovely food to eat!
    Well done you - keep it up!
  6. That must feel really strange!
    I just hope my excess weight comes off quickly. I want to wear summer dresses in a 12!
  7. Congrats teachenglishrach.
    I'm just about to go and get weighed.
    Have had orange juice, branflakes and milk
    mango chilli crisps (low fat)
    4 crackerbreads with extra light soft cheese
    2 packs of special k mini things
    and a stick of rock from one of the children[​IMG]
    Also hoped hubby would have cooked when I got in but is doing something for his mum and so will probably have convenience food after WW. LOL
    Going out for a meal tomorrow too [​IMG]
    I did really well before wedding but am so fed up with a number of things am just resorting to food and life gets in the way.
  8. Good Luck with the weigh in!
    Read in a magazine that if you go out for food then don't be afraid to ask for it without sauce, or with veg instead of chips/potatoes etc... any half decent place should be willing to do this (and if they're not tell you have a serious allergy to said ingredient - it works a treat [​IMG]).
    Let us know how you get on.
  9. Here's today's diet & fitness:
    Breakfast : Rice krispies and semi skimmed milk
    Lunch : WW bagel with cheese triangle & shredded wafer thin ham, lemon WW yoghurt & cereal bar
    Dinner : Chicken wrapped in proscuitto ham with gruyere cheese and veg, strawberries topped with vanilla yoghurt
    Snacks : Cereal bar and Fruit Gums
    Fitness : 15 minutes on cross trainer before it got too hot!
    Hope everyone else is getting on ok.

  10. Well, here's my yesterday:
    B - tea, 1/2 grapefruit
    L - 1oz low fat cheddar,1/2 oz stilton, 1/2oz camembert and 2 multigrain Ryevita - and large handful of sprouts
    D - late as couldn't eat anything as went to the dentist and had an injection - bowl of ruby chard + 1oz feta, bowl of spring greens + 1oz feta (leftovers really, I hate waste) -
    S - 1 rhubarb slice (just to see what they're like!), 1 glass of wine (damn husband for ruining my 'nothing but fizzy water today'!)
    excercise: watering plants and 3 hours digging + cycling to the dentist and back (about 25 minutes) (I hate exercise and can't do it just for the sake of it)
    lost another lb today!!
    Keep at it folks - we'll get there if we keep this up!
  11. Crikey Cals! You seem to be doing a lot of digging! More than welcome to come and sort my garden out if you like - the water company have just dug it up (kind of them!) and then decided that they didn't actually need to dig up my garden; it should have been the neighbours!
    Jujubear - how did your weigh in go?

  12. Stayed the same which is a relief as have not been healthy at all. Mind you I wore jeans last week but not this week. They were very thin jeans though!!
    Have been 'good' so far but going out for 3 courses tonight (special offer) for a birthday. Will try not to pig out.
    Well done Cals
  13. Have you actually worked out the calories in that Sumlushlass?!!
    We have aquired an extra half allotment, Rach, and it's mostly cooch grass - we have a lot of stuff to put in yet (people keep giving us stuff!) and as my husband's working and I'm not [​IMG] I thought I would make myself useful, get a bit of exercise (I saw what last year's digging did to his beer belly last year) and get to polish my halo! Just done another 1 1/2 hours - got knackered though! I was also trying to get back in his good books for accidentally ripping out his oca, thinking it was a weed! We only have two left now!
    Drinking fizzy water at the moment and will have same lunch as yesterday. Will avoid cooking tonight as I'm out, so make myself something 'good' when I get back. Still got muffin top, but it's shrinking slowly.

  14. hey guys, thanks for advice on the cals in alcohol i'll give you my usual day and you can give me your advice -
    brekkie - 2 slices wholemeal bread low fat spread and marmite
    lunch - whatever is going on at schoolfrom beans on toast to cheese toastie
    dinner - stir fry and berries with yoghurt and cinnamon
    snack - a low fat hot chocolate or a bottle or two or white wine! depending upon the day!
    I'm so glad this strand is on here - its so easy to gain weight and so hard to lose it, it sounds easy - eat less eat more but by goodness it is soooooo not that easy!!!!
    good luck to all xxx
  15. i meant eat less move more - d'oh
  16. Well, add 80 calories for each glass (ie a sixth of a bottle) and it'll give you an idea of how much you're doing wine-wise, Smithers!
    I was very good yesterday - I had a leftover soya-meaty chunks thing that was in the fridge last night - not sure how many calories, but put down 500 - that should cover it. Also had a glass of wine (but only to keep him company, you understand!) and one piece of chocolate.
    Our scales are weird - kept getting on and off them this morning and they varied between one pound less than yesterday and 3 more! Plumped for the same as yesterday in the end. String/thong things not digging in as much as they were!
    Keep at it folks - try not to eat those school dinners!
  17. You should get out there with a fork! You'll get it done, save yourself some money and use up some calories!
  18. Evening Ladies!
    Portion size has made a big difference to me; now I'm doing WW onling I am weighing everything so realising I was eating far too much. Also seem to have much more of a sweet tooth than I thought as well!
    Here's my diet and fitness today :
    Breakfast : Rice krispies and semi skimmed milk
    Lunch : Marmite on toast with ryvita sunbites and cereal bar
    Dinner : Chicken Tikka Massala (Made with Morrisons low fat sauce - 3 points for half a jar)
    Fitness : Took Cals advice and been pottering/digging in the garden [​IMG]
    Bit gutted though as my OH was meant to be coming down this weekend (he's in Northampton and I'm back in Cornwall for uni holidays) but now he can't because he hasn't finished whatever thing he's doing for work [​IMG] nearly succumbed to make pastys for tea and then have some chocolate but then thought ..... hmmm, maybe its a good thing he's not coming a) can eat healthy by not going out eating and drinking b) when I see next in six weeks time my weight loss will be more visable and he might, just might, remember in his male brain to give me a compliment!
    Here's hoping anyway!
  19. Keep on going Notascientist and definitely weigh everything - to start
    with anyway - you'll be surprised at how much more you eat than you
    think you do! And the smaller plate thing works too. Keep a little note
    book with a page for each day. And add things up during the day if you
    can because a major downfall of more than 50% of dieters is,
    apparently, 'forgetting' quite a lot of things. Do it while it's fresh
    in your memory - I keep my note book on the kitchen table and add to it
    whilst eating - and a graph - go OCD about it!
    Keep up with that digging, Rach. I find it easier to diet when husband isn't to be catered for - fewer temptations. And you're right - the next time he sees you you WILL be slimmer - get trying on those Holy Grail Clothes!
    Disaster for me - was really good all day yesterday and then my husband's mate came round and we sat in the garden and sank two bottles of wine between us and I then cheesed out (although it was low calorie cheese!) - and am up a pound today - ****!
    Weekend's here - going to a celebratory picnic tomorrow, so could be a problem. But will try!
  20. Right. No job today, so off to do a bit more digging (there's still stacks to do!)
    Keep being strong folks! Think of those lovely summer dresses and bikinis, not to mention those OHs who will appreciate the 'new you' - and, of course, the savings on not having to go up a dress size!

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